Yunnan Longrun  Puerh Tea Cake

Yunnan longrun Puerh Tea Cake Brand Info

yunnan longrun puerh tea cake

Tea Origin: Produced in Yunnan, China

Tea Type: Aged Puerh Tea

Tea Style: Ripe/cooked/shu/fermented Puerh Tea Cake

Weight of the Puerh Tea Cake: 375 gm

Processing Year: 2010

Brewed Puerh Tea Color: Bright red-brown

Seller: Yunnan Longrun Puerh tea

Pu-erh Tea Brewing Instructions

Water Quantity: 220 ml

Temperature of Water: 100°C

Tea Quantity: 4 gm of Yunnan Longrun Puerh Tea Cake

Steeping Time: 3 minute for first batch, increase the time for subsequent batches

First rinse raw puerh teas, put the tea in a cup and pour boiled water; wait for 10 seconds and pour the water out from the cup. Then again pour hot water boiled at above said temperature. Cover the cup and let it steep for 3 minute for the first batch. Then strain it and have with some crunchy nuts. Increase the steeping time for subsequent brewing.

[Same tea can be used for 5 infusions subsequently]


Taste, Flavor and Aroma Profile of the Yunnan Longrun Puerh Tea Cake

The liquor color of the brewed fermented pu-erh tea is bright red-brown and provides unique flavors with a smooth sweet taste and mellow aftertaste. The taste and aroma are very distinct and appealing.

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This traditional superb quality fermented puerh tea is made from the 100 years old large leaf variety Camellia Sinensis Plants that grown in Yunnan Province. Plucked leaves go through a unique fermentation process and the fermented leaves are blended with some spring buds of Arbor tea trees that are grown wildly in Lin Cang, Yunnan.

This Fermented Puerh Tea Cake can be kept for decades and the taste and aroma of the tea will become more distinct and depth along with age.

Apart from its unique manufacturing technique, this tea contains many medicinal properties and the Chinese people have using Pu-erh tea cake for the centuries.

Definitely a great puer tea brand to try.

Yunnan Longrun Puerh Tea Cake- Bali


Tea Quality


Taste, Flavor & Aroma


Whole day tea


Tea Authenticity


Packaging Quality



  • Made in Yunnan, China
  • Fermented finest quality aged puerh tea
  • Blended with spring buds of 100 years old Arbor Tea Tree
  • Processed through unique and complex natural manufacturing process
  • Contains great amount of polyphenols and other medicinal properties
  • Great taste, distinct flavor and subtle aroma
  • Provides many health benefits and this tea has been used in Chinese traditional medicinal system from the ancient times
  • Quality packaging and competitive price


  • Not known whether USDA organic certified or not