white silver needle tea

White Silver Needle Tea or silver needle white tea is unique and expensive Chinese tea variety which is considered the best among all white tea varieties.

In Chinese, it’s called Bai Hao Yin Zhen. It is made from the young unopened buds of Camellia Sinensis plants. These young needle shaped buds are covered with silvery hairs and thus it got the name of silver needle white tea or white hair silver needle tea.

Origin of White Silver Needle Tea

This tea is first originated in Fuding and Zengzhe regions of Fujian province, China. Nowadays, apart from China, it is also harvested and cultivated in India and Sri Lanka

White Silver Needle Tea Processing

This tea is made through minimal processing. Only three steps are involved in the entire process – plucking, withering and drying.


Unopened buds of broadleaf variety tea plants (Camellia Sinensis) are selectively and carefully hand-picked so that the needle shaped buds are not damaged in the manufacturing process.


After plucking, these buds undergo natural withering process where tea buds are kept under sun up to 3 days for natural wilting. Ideal time for withering is sunny morning when the sun is high enough to dry the remaining moisture content on the fresh plucked buds.

Sometimes, indoor withering under artificial warmth is also happened in case of bad weather. But best silver needle white tea comes from natural withering process only.


Drying process immediately starts after completion of withering stage. Here, withered buds are bake-dried at low temperature. After this step, white silver needle tea becomes ready to be packed for selling.

Taste, Flavor and Aroma

Brewed white silver needle tea produces bright tea liquor with the color of light honey.
It provides smooth sweet delicate taste and distinct flavor with vegetal and floral hints. It provides tantalizing sweet aftertaste without any astringency.

Steeping Notes of White Silver Needle Tea

  • Put 1 tsp (3-4 gram) silver needle loose leaf tea into one 200 ml teacup or teapot.
  • Pour boiled water at 95C into the cup (quantity of water – 200ml or 6.5 oz)
  • Steep it for 2-3 minutes and wait until the tea leaves unfurled completely in the cup.

Now your silver needle tea is ready to sip.

Health Benefits of White Silver Needle Tea

White hairs silver needle tea is said to have highest level of antioxidants than other tea varieties. It also contains vitamins and minerals.

It has many health benefits because of its rich nutritional values.

Works as Anti-aging agent

The presence of the free radicals accelerates the aging process. But you can prevent it by regular intake of white silver needle tea or apply white tea extracts on your skin.

The high level of polyphenol in white tea helps to neutralize the free radicals and thus white tea works as an anti-aging treatment.

Good Skin and Hair Health

The presence of high level of antioxidants in white tea is the only key to our skin, and thus white tea always proves to be so beneficial for our skin treatment.

According to the experts of the University of Maryland Medical Center, antioxidants contain anti-inflammatory properties which help to wash out the toxic materials from our skin.

Also, it helps to strengthen the connectivity tissues and also helps in reducing different skin allergies and dandruff. Antioxidants help in treating hair falls and any other kind of hair disorders.

Good for Cardio Health

Antioxidants of this tea help to lowers bad cholesterol level and regulate blood vessels. It also prevents blood clots that are responsible for heart attack and protects heart tissues from sudden damage.

In this way, regular intake of this tea improves cardio health.

Promotes Digestions

It has the ability to relieve stomach acidity by aiding in proper digestion and also detoxifies digestive system of the body.

Promotes Weight Loss

Regular consumption of silver needle white helps you to get rid of unwanted body fats by aiding in proper digestion and detoxification of digestive system.

It keeps up your motivation level for proper work-out in order to get weight loss as it has caffeine, a central nervous system stimulant.

Good Mouth and Teeth Health

This tea aids in improving teeth health and removes bad breath from mouth. It has the capacity to kill bacteria that is responsible for deteriorating the health of gums and teeth.

Improves Body Metabolism

Antioxidants like catechins and flavonoids, presences in silver needle tea help in improving body immune system, improves metabolism and kills germs and bacteria.

Regular consumption of this tea is really helpful for improving metabolism which in turn promotes general well being of body and mind.

Want to learn more about white tea skin care and anti-aging properties, read on and discover everything.

Side Effects of White Silver Needle Tea

Caffeine Content

Concentration of more caffeine content is the down side of silver needle white tea. Many tea marketers claim that white silver needle tea contains less caffeine. But it’s not true.

It’s scientifically proved that young buds and tender leaves of Camellia Sinensis contain more caffeine content than older leaves.

So, white hair silver needle tea also contains more caffeine contents than other tea varieties as it’s made from young unopened buds only.

If you are pregnant and if you have intolerance towards caffeine then you should keep yourself from regular consumption of this tea.

Fluoride content in White Hair Silver Needle Tea

Small amount of fluoride is good for preventing tooth decay. But high amount of fluoride is always harmful and it may give you negative impact if you are suffering from thyroid problem.

But the good thing is young buds and tender leaves contain less fluoride contents than older leaves. So, silver needle white tea has less fluoride contents than other tea varieties.

Storing of White Silver Needle Tea

Storing is a crucial factor if you want to keep your silver needle white fresh for long time. Otherwise, taste, flavor and aroma will get changed and deteriorated.

Always keep your silver needle white tea in a stabilized environment. That means to keep away from extremely dry and wet environment. Keep it away from moisture and also from direct sunlight

Try to store white silver needle tea in a cool dark place. Keep it away from strong odors and other pollutants which can alter the flavor and aroma of white silver needle tea.

So, it is advisable to use air-tight container to store white silver needle tea.

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