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White peony tea is a unique Chinese white tea variety. It is also known as Pai Mu tan or Bau Mu Dan in Chinese. Silvery unopened buds along with two tender leaves are handpicked to make white peony tea.

The freshly handpicked leaves and the buds are allowed to dry under the sun. This leads to the natural oxidation and further makes this tea aromatic and spectacular.

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White peony tea- where is it grown?

Originally Pai Mu Tan or Bau Mu Dan were grown and harvested in Fujian, Fuding and Zhenghe regions in China.

Nowadays, white peony tea is grown and harvested in all major tea producing countries around the world.

White peony tea processing

white peony teaThe manufacturing process is labor intensive and utmost care is to be taken in every step from plucking to the final process.


First, silvery unfurled bud along with two tender leaves are selected and handpicked carefully so that the bud and tender leaves never get crushed.


Then, handpicked buds and leaves go through a withering process where buds and leaves are dried under the Sun. Indoor withering is also followed after sun drying is over.


In order to kill the green, withered buds and leaves are steamed or pan-fried.


After Fixing, leaves are passed through rollers to slightly break down as this process establishes the shape of white peony tea and also intensifies the flavor.


Drying is the last step of white peony tea manufacturing process. It fixes the final moisture content of tea-leaf, stops fermentation, prevents mold growth and enhances taste and aroma profile by removing grassy undertones.

Normally sun drying, pan heating, and hot air methods are employed based on individual requirement.

White peony tea health benefits

The white peony tea is rich in many pharmacological components like polyphenols, amino acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, catechin, gallic acid, theobromine, and caffeine.

Regular intake of white peony makes cardio-health better. It regulates high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Also, it enhances the immune system.

Regular consumption of this beverage can lower the risk of arthritis and osteoarthritis.

A reasonable amount of caffeine intake is good for body and mind. Caffeine content in white peony tea works as a stimulant and provides body energy as well as enhances alertness of mind.

Components like catechins, vitamins and various minerals of white peony tea provide ample benefits which can help body metabolism to fight against various viruses and bacteria.

It is also helpful for skin and anti-aging. It has the power to remove free radicals from skin and thus it acts like anti-aging agent in our body

White peony also works as detox tea for weight loss and a tea cleanse to remove body toxins. Its antioxidants work well in the human body to burn extra fats by reducing bloating.

Some polyphenols that white peony tea contains are higher in comparison with other tea varieties. Polyphenols are the non-toxic antioxidants, which works together to prevent cancer.

Polyphenols of white peony tea are greater than green tea. And it has a similar amount of other pharmacological components of green tea.

Regular consumption of white peony tea at a moderate rate is definitely safe and good for general well being.

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Side Effects of white peony

White peony tea has some drawbacks though it is highly rich in nutritional factors.

Excessive use may create an iron deficiency, diarrhea, and stomach problem.

Caffeine content of white peony is more than green tea as it’s made from young buds and tender leaves. To some extent caffeine is good, but in some cases, it may create health problems like stomach disorder, anemia, diarrhea, headache, etc.

It may also create the problem of nervous disorder and dizziness.

Excessive intake of white peony may affect testosterone level.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended not to drink white peony tea during pregnancy and lactation.

How many cups per day

In general, it varies person to person. A person with sound health can have 4 cups of white peony tea per day without any side effect.

A person with high blood pressure or insomnia can have 2 cups per day without side effects.

Then, why are there so many reviews regarding health benefits of tea?

You know that! Tea is the healthiest beverage in this earth. It has so many benefits that nobody can compare tea with coffee or other beverages.

I think, you know – “too much of a good thing is also harmful”

So, to get the best result from white peony tea, consume it at a moderate rate without any side effect.

Taste, flavor, and aroma

White peony tea will offer you the best delicate and sweet taste with floral undertones. The floral aroma and earthy flavor will refresh your mind and soul to a great extent.

Steeping notes:

First, bring water to a boiling point of 185°F. Pour hot water in an 8-ounce tea cup. Add 2 tablespoons of white peony tea and steep it for 4 minutes. Strain the tea and have with some crunchy nuts.

Increase the steeping time for subsequent infusions. Two infusions are recommended for the same tea-leaf.

Storing your white peony tea:

Always remember- aged white peony tea is better than newly processed white peony.

So, utmost care is the need of the hour to store white peony tea in a proper manner.

Always try to store white peony in a cool dark place. Keep it away from strong odors and other pollutants which can alter the flavor and aroma of white peony.

If you want to store newly processed white peony tea to make aged one then store it in such a place where the free flow of air is available.

If you are a tea lover or tea collection is your hobby then why to wait for more.

Just have a look at some best white peony tea brands available at cheap rate.

Best white peony tea brands (loose-leaf)
01 out of 05 best white peoney tea brands
white peony tea
white peony tea

Golden Moon Tea – White Peony Tea

Seller: Golden Moon

Product features
  • Loose-leaf white peony
  • USDA certified product
  • Non-GMO product
  • Caffeinated product
  • No artificial added flavor

Taste of this tea is wonderful- light sweet taste with a floral aroma.
The product contains quality whole-leaf tea without any stems. The quality, taste, and aroma improve along with time. Price is also competitive. Read more

02 out of 05 best white peoney tea brands
white peony tea
white peony tea

Organic White Peony Tea

Seller: Positively Tea

Product Features
  • Certified organic white peony tea
  • Made in China
  • Loose leaf
  • Caffeinated product

This tea provides sweet delicate taste with floral undertones. The color of the liquor is pale yellow.

The best thing about this product is leaves are whole, little stems and there is no dust type tea leaf.
The flavor profile is wonderful and great. You can say more flavor than other teas. Read more

03 out of 05 best white peoney tea brands

white peony teaTealyra – White Peony

Seller: Tealyra

Product features
  • Organic certified
  • Made in China
  • Loose Leaf
  • Caffeinated product

It offers a mild and pleasant taste with floral notes. The color of the tea is yellowish. No bitterness at all.
Completely whole leaf tea with little stems. It is not dust type. You can make up to 4 infusions using the same tea-leaf.
It is an original Chinese tea product at a great reasonable price tag. Read more

04 out of 05 best white peoney tea brands

white peony teaTeavivre Organic White Peony (Bai MuDan)

Seller: Teavivre

Product features
  • USDA organic certified
  • Product origin- Fuding Country
  • Aged tea
  • Loose leaf
  • Caffeinated product

It gives a very light sweet taste with a delicate flavor. You’ll get a mix flavor of vegetal and floral. The long-lasting lingering sweet aftertaste will definitely make your mind and soul satisfied.

Price is great. The only drawback is this item does not ship to India. So, if you really want to buy then you have to visit Teavivre website. Read more

05 out of 05 best white peoney tea brands

white peony teaMahamosa “Heaven” White Tea (Pai Mu Tan)

Seller: Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices & Herbs

Product features
  • Loose leaf white peony tea
  • It’s a blended tea with cranberry, safflower, rosebuds, and blue mellow blossoms, cherry and cranberry flavor
  • It has caffeine

This tea is ideal as afternoon or evening tea. It provides delicious and soothing taste with fruity undertones.

Read more

Our No. 1 Pick out of 5 best white peony tea brands

white peony tea





Golden Moon Tea – White Peony Tea

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