white matcha tea

Just discover the most healthy White Matcha Tea. It’s completely different from Japanese Green Matcha Tea.

What is white matcha tea?

Are you a tea addict?

Are you scared of the side effects that other tea has?

Then White Matcha tea is your best companion. Grown in the highest elevations of Kenya, this powdered white tea has many benefits beyond your thinking.

You all are aware of the benefits that green tea has on our body.

Then what benefits will this powder made from the richest tea plant grown in Kenya have?

The powder of white matcha is made just using the young unfurled buds and tender leaves. These leaves are then processed and carefully ground using a traditional stone mill technique.

This technique results in the smooth consistency of the tea powder.

Benefits of White matcha tea over the Japanese Green matcha tea

white matcha tea

The specialty of the White Matcha tea is marked by the out-standing weight loss benefits and health benefits that it provides.

The recorded level of anti-oxidant polyphenol in the White Matcha powder tea is much higher than in the other teas and the fruits.

Japan has been marked as the source of Matcha tea for years. The Japanese Matcha is considered as the powerhouse of the anti-oxidants. This tea is grown by the tea farmers in the misty and foggy climate. The tea plants are provided proper shade to enhance the chlorophyll and the level of nutrient in the plants.

The Japanese Matcha has many benefits that improvise the health but the White Matcha grown in Kenya is considered as more bebeficila than Japanese Matcha tea.

The white Matcha powder tea is grown in really special conditions in Kenya. While drinking White Matcha, you ingest the 100% nutrients related to it.

The white Matcha powdered tea has around 137 times more anti-oxidants than the Japanese Matcha tea. One cup of White matcha tea provides nutrients equal to the 5 cups of the Japanese Matcha.

White matcha tea caffeine content and uses in weight loss

Apart from other benefits, White Matcha tea powder is an amazing therapy for weight loss. This tea powder has no or very less calorie amount present. The white matcha tea powder burns fat and enhances the metabolism rate of your body.

As per some survey reports,  the white matcha tea powder burns the calories four times more than the green tea. Like other tea powders, white matcha tea powder does not have adverse effects on your body.

It is a safe alternative for weight loss. According to a survey, the White matcha tea powder enhances the rate of burning calories from 8-10% to about 35-43%. The white matcha tea powder is said to have high caffeine content.

Other Health Benefits of white matcha tea powder

White Powder Matcha Tea has tremendous health benefits. People from across the globe have been drinking white matcha tea and have experienced incredible changes.

The white matcha powder tea is considered as the powerhouse of anti-oxidants. The presence of high levels of anti-oxidants like polyphenols and catechins are known to fight all kind of diseases.

This tea makes your immune system strong. The presence of EGCG catechin makes the white matcha tea powder a powerful cancer fighting anti-oxidant.

Other uses of this catechin is the prevention of artery clogging, enhances weight loss, controls diabetes and fights free radicals in the body preventing ageing of the skin.

The presence of chlorophyll makes the white matcha tea powder even more useful. The presence of chlorophyll enhances the detoxification and digestion.

White matcha tea powder halts the growth of the cancer cells in early stages. The white matcha powder is a healthy and a heavy source of minerals.

The presence of the amino acids enhances the concentration level. White matcha tea powder is known to have a use in meditation. The calmness and memory of the body are improvised by the presence of L-Theanine which is rare amino acids.

White powder matcha tea side effects

Although this tea has lots of uses but the excess use of the white matcha powder tea can prove to have certain side effects. The overuse may trigger problems like headache, insomnia, irritability and diarrhea.

The white matcha powdered tea also contains fluoride and lead that can be proved harmful for the body. Some people also suffer from constipation if the taken in large amount.

The white matcha tea is a kind of green tea and according to the doctors it is not good for the pregnant women and small children. But keeping other benefits in mind, it is really beneficial if taken in small amount.

Flavor, taste and aroma

The taste and aroma of the white matcha powder tea is magnificent. The tea tastes earthly and sweet. The white matcha tea leaves are picked up keeping in the mind the quality and need of the customers. The health benefits that the white powder matcha tea provides are beyond our reach.

Steeping notes

Pour 1 teaspoon white matcha powder in a 6-ounce cup of properly boiled water. Steep it for 2 to 3 minutes before drink.

Storing white matcha tea

White powder matcha tea must be stored in cool places and keep away from moisture, heat and strong aromas. The tea powder must be kept in air tight containers.

Bottom line

White powder matcha tea is the best companion that you can have during your weight loss journey. This magnificent tea has amazing characteristics along with spectacular taste.

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