top 10 green tea brands

Before going to discuss top 10 green tea brands of the world, let me tell you the nutritional value of green tea which makes green tea as the healthiest beverage of the world.

Nutritional value of green tea

top 10 green tea brands

As green tea leaves contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so it works most effectively to improve skin health, hair health and overall immune system as well.

Catechins: it is an astringent component and helps in controlling body fat, blood cholesterol. It reduces the risk of cancer, protects tooth from decaying, etc. The catechins in green tea work well in the neurons to protect human brain cells and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Caffeine: It is the bitterness compound and because of this the taste of tea is slightly bitter, and it enhances alertness and stamina.

Theanine: It is the natural flavoring agent of tea. It causes flavor in tea, and it promotes a relaxation feeling, controls blood pressure, etc.

Minerals like Potassium, Manganese, Phosphorus and calcium regulate different biological factor which is important for the smooth operation of the body system.

Vitamin E is highly anti-oxidant, and other Vitamins (C, B12, and B1) are responsible for maintaining healthy skin, mucus membrane, nervous system and beta–carotene is responsible for powerful vision.

Fluorine content of green tea helps to prevent the tooth from decaying.

So from every aspect, the nutritional value of green tea (loose leaf)  is very high.

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Top 10 green tea brands [loose-leaf]

We have compiled the list of 10 great loose leaf green tea brands in order to make your tea selection wise and convenient for your green tea drinking journey.

1. Positively Tea Pinhead Gunpowder Green Tea

top 10 green tea brands

While brewing this loose leaf green tea, they open and make a flavorful tea. It is grown in a protected region at nearly 400 feet above sea level. You can enjoy this beverage at any time of the day with or without meals. It has a delicious taste which leaves a lingering aftertaste. From hundreds of years, this tea has been growing in the Da Zhang Shan province of Jiangxi near Wuyuan. From the growing to the final packaging process, every process is organic and high-quality.


  • Made in China green tea brand
  • Finest quality Chinese tea
  • 100% natural and organic Chinese green tea brand
  • Certified by BCS OKO- Garanite GMBH, QAI and Fair-trade
  • An antioxidant rich product
  • Contains Caffeine, a central nervous system stimulant
  • Good packaging and competitive product price



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2. Twinings Gunpowder Green Tea

top 10 green tea brands

Twinings Gunpowder Green Tea is one of the best loose green teas available in the market. Twinings tea has over 300 years of experience in this industry and they have a huge variety of teas and products. The product has many health benefits and it has zero calories. It can help you lose weight and it is the best companion for people who are on a strict diet.


  • Made in China green tea product
  • 100% pure and natural Chinese Gunpowder tea brand
  • Unique texture, unique taste, flavor and aroma
  • It contains high level of antioxidants
  • It contains caffeine, a central nervous system stimulant
  • Best green tea brand with low calorie contents
  • Good packaging and competitive price



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3. Numi Organic Gunpowder Green Tea

top 10 green tea brands

This loose leaf green tea makes a golden colored tea while brewing that is smooth and well-rounded. It is 100% organic certified. The Numi Organic Tea company manufactures the purest form of green tea which is premium quality. The price is competitive as per other brands that offer the same product. It does not add flavoring oils to enhance the taste as they believe in natural ingredients and flavor only.


  • Made in China green tea product
  • Certified by USDA organic
  • 100% natural and original Chinese loose leaf green tea
  • GMO free, Gluten free and carbon free tea brand
  • No added artificial flavor
  • It contains high level of antioxidants
  • Contains caffeine, a nervous system stimulant
  • Good packaging and affordable rate



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4. Tealyra Gen Mai Cha Supreme

top 10 green tea brands

For the people who love tea with brown rice taste, this product is best for them. It has low caffeine levels that make it perfect for kids too. It has a distinct taste and it is lighter than other green teas. It has a nice aroma along with a smooth taste that has a tantalizing aftertaste. It is one of the best Japanese green teas available in the global market at a very cheap price.


  • A classic Japanese green tea product blended with roasted brown rice
  • 100% natural and original Japanese premium green tea
  • It is the Japanese common man drink suitable for everyone from child to older person
  • It offers mild sweet taste which is not so astringent with a roasted flavor of brown rice
  • Suitable to drink throughout the day
  • Affordable price



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5. Frontier Earl Grey Green Tea

top 10 green tea brands

This loose green tea is a must buy product if you love the flavor of chamomile in the tea. It is nutritious as it has several herbs and essential oils that add to its nutrition level. It is a perfect start to a busy day as it will keep your body light and fresh. It can be consumed all day and it is sold across the world. It is affordable as compared to other similar products of different brands.


  • It is a blended green tea product which contains organic Chinese black tea, Assam green tea and bergamot oil.
  • USDA organic certified product
  • It is delicate in taste and aromatic in flavor
  • It has no bitterness at all
  • Contains caffeine
  • It contains low calorie and is a great alternative to other green teas
  • Competitive price



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6. Harney & Sons Genmaicha Green Tea

top 10 green tea brands

This product is definitely different from other green teas due to its ingredients and aroma. It also tastes distinct but it is tasty as well. If you like to try new kinds of green tea then put this product on your checklist because it is worth giving a try. The smoky flavor will tantalize your senses. It is a unique tea experience for tea lovers.


  • Made in Japan loose leaf green tea brand
  • 100% unique and delicious green tea from the fields of Japan
  • Contains crispy rice kernels (roasted brown rice)
  • It contains Caffeine that works as energy booster and mind refresher
  • It can be combined with milk and sugar or you can drink it just with water
  • Highly nutritious and offers pleasant aroma
  • Good packaging and inexpensive tea brand



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7. Vahdam Himalayan Organic Green Tea

top 10 green tea brands

This organic green tea leaves from the Himalayas has endless health benefits and it is filled with antioxidants that make it the best green tea. It is a complete detox package. It has natural flavonoids that are good for health. With a delicate and sweet aroma, this tea can revive all your senses. You can also consume it if you have a cold and flu. It has a calming effect on the body.


  • Made in India loose leaf green tea
  • 100% organic, pure and natural tea brand
  • It contains moderate level of caffeine and high amounts of antioxidants
  • A natural detox tea completely made from Camellia Sinensis leaves
  • It offers smooth taste with mellow and delicious floral flavor
  • It is the world’s first vertically integrated brand of green tea
  • 100% money back offer if you don’t like the product
  • Affordable price



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8. Teavivre Orgonic Superfine Dragon Well Longjing Green Tea

top 10 green tea brands

If you are looking for an aromatherapy while drinking tea then this product is best for you. It has amazing France and aroma that can revitalize your senses like taste, smell, etc. It is a good quality green tea from China that is one of the finest ea available in China. It has several nutrients and antioxidants that benefit health. It helps in digestion and it fastens the process of weight loss.


  • Made in China loose leaf Dragon Well green tea
  • 100% natural and pure Chinese tea brand
  • Certified by USDA organic and Eurofins
  • A spring tea brand produced from the tea leaves harvested in Spring Season
  • No added artificial flavors
  • It offers mind blowing floral aroma with a hint of chestnut fragrance and a lingering aftertaste
  • This tea brand has a shelf life of 18 months
  • Good packaging and affordable price



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9. Two Leaves and a Bud Organic Sencha Green tea

top 10 green tea brands

This product is a blend of delicious ingredients like Italian red-orange peel and Japanese green tea. It has a mild citrus taste too. Forget the normal and classic green tea and taste this unique green tea that will enhance your tea drinking experience. It also has sunflower petals that give it a floral taste. It will tantalize your tastebuds and it has a refreshing effect on your body, mind, and soul.


  • Made in Japan loose leaf sencha green tea
  • It is USDA organic certified, Non-GMO certified and KSA certified
  • It contains sunflower petals and orange peel which added unique taste and flavor
  • This tea offers robust taste and vegetal flavor along with a smooth aftertaste
  • The product comes with a cylinder shaped container that keeps the green tea fresh
  • Contains moderate level of caffeine and high level of antioxidants
  • Affordable product price



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10. Golden Tips Cinnamon Cardamom Green Tea

top 10 green tea brands

Golden Tips Cinnamon Cardamom Green Tea is one of the best blended loose leaf green tea products from India. It offers great taste and flavor profile. It is an ideal tea brand which gives you original green tea health benefits along with cinnamon and cardamom health benefits and the taste of Indian Masala Chai.

Ingredients- cinnamon is a healthiest spice which has the medicinal power to reduce blood sugar level and risk of heart disease. And Cardamom is another healthiest spice that has many medicinal benefits and is used to treat irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal gas problem, constipation and liver problems


  • Made in India blended green tea loose leaf brand
  • 100% natural and original green tea brand from India
  • Blended with Cinnamon and Cardamom
  • It works as Hydrating Drink and boosts stamina and reduces stress
  • Contains high level of antioxidants and moderate level of cafeeine
  • It provides sweet and smooth taste with great floral aroma and a hint of earthly flavor
  • Good packaging and forgettable product price



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All the brands reviewed above are self-tested and several reviews of many customers have been considered before making the final list.

Choosing the right tea type and tea blend is really a tiresome work as there are thousands of tea products available in the market. That’s why we have prepared this list of top 10 green tea brands which also contains some great blended green tea products.

Hope, this list will bring convenience to you in choosing the right loose leaf green tea variety. Try some brands and feel the difference.

Why should we prefer loose leaf green tea over tea bags?

Now let’s discuss about why loose leaf tea is better than tea bags.

Everyone knows that loose leaf teas are more natural in its taste, flavor and aroma than tea bags.

Tea bags were originally made of either sewn fabric bags or dried plant material. Heat sealed paper fiber bags were used in later years. In modern times, although paper fiber bags are still around, many modern manufacturers have switched to synthetic material in the quest to save big bucks in manufacturing while staying popular.

Finally, each time you dip that gorgeous and convenient tea bag into boiling water to prepare your favorite cup of tea you’re also releasing toxins into that cup.

While nylon and PET bags have a very high melting point and are technically safer, any synthetic tea bag is dangerous. In essence, the shinier bags and the ones made of mesh are more dangerous than their simpler-looking counterparts.

And although many paper fiber bags seem innocent enough, they are often adulterated with other materials or sealants that make them not more than 70-80% biodegradable!

best silver needle white tea

Impact of tea bags on health

If you are using tea bags which are at least 20% non-biodegradable then look at the impact of these chemicals on your body as they are released into your cup of tea.

Many paper tea bags contain chemicals and pesticides such as epichlorhydrine which get activated in hot water. The impact on your immune system and overall health is immense.

If you are using tea bags which have a small percentage of plastic, then that amount of plastic begin to break down in hot water. The more you steep a plastic-contaminated tea bag into hot water, the more chemicals are released and ultimately get into your body.

The health hazards of these chemicals are immense, and they even act as potent endocrine disruptors. If you take care to say ‘no’ to harmful plastic bags and containers, why would you want to load your body with chemicals in what should be your morning cup of bliss?

If you think you can be careful with the tea bags you choose and go with purely paper bags, think again, because many bags are chlorine-bleached. The whiter the bag the more likely it has been bleached. Do you really want to ingest chlorine with your tea?

Or, consider the fact that many tea industries are heavy users of pesticides. There is no way that most tea is washed before it is packed in tea bags. So with each cup of tea, you’re actually ingesting a lethal combination of chemicals and pesticides that ultimately take their toll on you in the long run!

This is the reality. So think twice, thrice or as many times as you can.

But, it’s your decision which can save your life or ruin your life.

Your options- loose leaf green tea or tea bags

Going back to nature is the best way to stay healthy, and this is proven again with tea bags. Although these neat little bags offer convenience, studies have proven that loose leaf tea is more beneficial.

If you’ll open one of those little tea bags and examine their contents you’ll be surprised. Most tea bags are filled with tea dust or fanning, which are nothing but the small tea leaf particles that remain at the bottom of a tea bed once the leaves are dried.

Although infusion from these particles is quicker, they lack depth and flavor in comparison with loose leaf tea. If you’re someone who loves your cup of tea, choose loose leaf tea that is full of flavor and aroma.

A good tea should have sufficient place for flavor release. As you brew your tea, you should be able to see the leaves expand and this is possible only when you opt for loose leaf tea.

Seriously, will you ever be able to see your tea expand in bags, especially with the tiny amount of space in each bag?

While it may be fine to have a bag of tea on and off, especially if you’re careful with the type of bag, only loose leaf tea is ideal for using regularly.

Right from the time you brew your loose leaf tea and watch the leaves unfurl, down to when you savor every sip, you’ll be part of the journey down the mountains of these leaves.

If you are really thinking to start the habit of green tea drinking then always go for loose leaf green tea. If you mistakenly choose green tea bags then you are going to drink contaminated green tea which will deteriorate your overall health in the long run.

Final Verdict: Loose leaf tea is healthier than tea bags

If you have caffeine intolerance then you can have decaffeinated green tea for getting green tea good effects on your overall health. Check it out – 15 best decaffeinated green tea brands for healthy living.

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