burmese pickeld tea salad

Experience The Burmese Pickled Tea Salad In A Tea Tour To Burma

When anyone thinks of Myanmar or what we commonly call the country – Burma, we think of the legendary Aung Sann Syu Kyi and I personally think about one of my favorite novels, the classic 1926 Bengali novel Pather Dabi written by the Legend Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. We don’t really associate ourselves with the interesting tea culture of Burma, albeit tea plays a big portion in the daily lives of Burmese people and off course the tea culture and the Burmese Pickled Tea Salad are so unique that you can’t compare with any country. Origin of Tea -The Burmese Folklore: An old Burmese tale says that tea was discovered by a king who always had his drinking… Read More

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