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Big Red Robe Tea- The Best and Most Costliest Tea Brand of The World

Big Red Robe Tea– Its other names are Da Hong Pao tea and Wuyi Rock Tea or Wuyi Cliff Tea.  It’s the best variety of oolong tea that is produced from the leaves of rock tea plants (Tea plants grown in the Wuyi Rock Mountains) which are grown in Wuyi Mountain range of Fujian Province, China. This oolong tea is heavily oxidized and a superior dark oolong tea variety. The Story of Big Red Robe Tea As per an old Chinese tale, the mother of one Ming Dynasty Emperor was cured from prolonged illness by using the tea made from the leaves of one special tea plant variety grown in… Read More

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Best Oolong Tea Weight Loss Brands of 2018: Buyer’s Guide

Before going to know the best oolong tea weight loss brands, let’s have a discussion on the relationship between oolong tea and weight loss. Nowadays, there are so many discussions on weight loss and oolong tea (wulong tea) and even many claims that oolong tea offers great effect on weight loss. Does oolong tea really help weight loss? Or, it’s just one myth. All the varieties of actual tea are produced from the same plant Camellia Sinensis.  On the other hand, the weight loss or wellness teas which are not produced from this plant are not actually tea. Normally we call them as herbal teas. The processing style makes all… Read More

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