sow mei tea

Sow mei tea is a special variety of white tea with a resemblance of Oolong tea.

What is Sow mei tea?

Sow mei tea is a white tea brand made from buds and 2-3 mature leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant.sow mei tea

So, it contains fewer leaf buds than other topmost white tea varieties.

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Sow mei tea is also least oxidized tea. It gives a dark color and bold taste and flavor as it contains mature and larger leaves, unlike other white tea brands.

Its other names are – Shou Mei Wang, Cha Wang Shou Mei, Shu Mee, Longevity Eyebrow King, and Longevity Eyebrow.

Sow mei tea was first harvested and produced in Fuding Country of Fujian province. Now it’s widely harvested and produced in Fujian and Guangxi provinces of China

Taste, Color, Flavor, and Aroma of Sow mei tea

Sow mei is a big, full-bodied, and wonderful white tea brand with a light red color of the liquor. This tea has a light sweet taste with similar flavor and aroma of Oolong tea with no floral or grassy undertones.

Show mei tea grades

Like moonlight white tea, sow mei tea has also two varieties- loose-leaf and compressed.

Sow mei tea is a low-grade white tea with lots of twigs, stems, black, and red tea leaf. Unlike other topmost white teas, it contains mature leaves which are simply withered and dried.

So, the price of Sow mei is comparatively low than other white tea brands.

Caffeine content of Sow mei tea

Sow mei tea contains less caffeine as it’s made from mature leaves. Scientifically, mature leaves contain less caffeine than the unfurled buds and leaves.

So, its caffeine content is less than silver needle and white peony tea brands.

Sow mei tea health benefits

Like other tea brands, sow mei tea is also rich in pharmacological compounds like polyphenols, different types of vitamins, minerals, and fluorine.

Have a look at the important health benefits of sow mei.

  • Sow mei tea is rich in Catechins. So it helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases, controls high blood pressure and blood sugar. It has the ability to reduce bad cholesterol and improves blood circulations in the body.
  • Regular intake of Sow mei can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
  • Caffeine content in Sow mei tea enhances stamina of human body and alertness of mind.
  • The fluorine content of Show mei is very useful for preventing the tooth from decaying.
  • Minerals like Phosphorus, Potassium, and Calcium of Show mei regulate other biological factors of the human body for smooth operation.
  • Vitamins (E, C, B12, and B1) which are present in Sow mei tea help to maintain good skin health, nervous system, and mucous membrane.

Apart from these main benefits, there are lots of other health-related benefits including weight loss and detoxifying body toxins.

The nutritional value of Sow mei white tea is very high from every aspect.

Side effects of Sow mei tea

Now have a look at side effects

Excess intake of sow mei may cause anemia as it reduces the rate of iron consumption from food.

Also, excess intake of this may create diarrhea as sow mei tea contains caffeine, magnesium, and potassium.

Sow mei tea has a laxative effect. Excessive use may stimulate the colon muscles which in turn intensifies bowl movement.

Excessive intake of this tea may create thyroid problem as it contains a high level of fluoride.

It’s well known that excessive use of any good thing may have side effect too.

How many cups of Sow mei per day

As per many research studies on tea health benefits, a normal person can have 3-4 cups per day for good health benefits.

Best Sow me tea brands

Now let me discuss best sow mei white tea brands available online to buy.


sow mei tea
Product: Premium Aged Organic Shou Mei Tea Cake
Seller: FuJian GuanTong Food Co Ltd


  • Organic certified
  • Premium aged tea
  • Compressed tea
  • It gives delicate fresh taste with sweet fragrance
  • It’s a product of Fuding Country, the birthplace of white tea

sow mei tea

Product: Shu Mee White Tea
Seller: Starwest Botanicals


  • cGMP compliant product
  • Loose-leaf Sow mei tea
  • Caffeinated product
  • Shu Mee white tea contains more polyphenols than green tea
  • It gives light red color while brewing and provides light sweet taste without grassy undertones.

sow mei tea

Product: Shou Mei White Tea
Seller: The Tea Farm


  • Original loose leaf shou mei white tea from China
  • Caffeinated product
  • It’s a strong flavored white tea brand with all necessary ingredients.

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Drinking Style:

Sow mei can be brewed in two styles- hot or iced
One can add milk, honey, and sugar based on individual liking.

Steeping Notes:

Have a look at the steeping notes in order to prepare your tea wisely.

Hot Sow mei Tea

Bring the water to a boiling point of 212°F. Add 1 Tsp sow mei tea per 8oz cup. Steep it for 2-3 minutes.

Iced Sow mei tea

Add 2 Tsp sow mei in a glass Jug. Pour 250 ml hot water in the jug which is boiled at 212°F. Steep it for 6-8 minutes. After that, strain the tea into a second glass. Add ice cubes and sugar as per your desired level.

Bottom Line

Sow mei tea is a great and unique white tea brand for the tea lovers who love strong flavored white tea with similar aroma profile of Oolong tea.

It is the best tea product for those who like to have less caffeine without compromising other benefits.

Happy drinking!!


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