Brought to our notice by the early Dutch settlers of South Africa, Rooibos was known to be the supplement of the most expensive imported black tea in the 1700s. With the due notice of the industry, development of Rooibos took place in the years that followed. It emerged as the food flavoring agent, cosmetic product additive, and a beverage, of course.

The importance that Rooibos Red tea has received in the area of health is owing to its medicinal properties. Rich in Vitamin C, low in tannins and free from caffeine, the tea has aced beating major health issues with its magical properties.

Intake of Rooibos Red Tea boosts the immune system, fights heart diseases, and reduces cancer and other serious health concerns. Other rooibos red tea benefits involve skin care and bones strengthening.

Just have a look at some other aspects of Rooibos red tea before going to Rooibos red tea benefits.

What is Rooibos Red tea?

rooibos red tea benefits



The history of the fragrant and aromatic native herb of South Africa- Rooibos, dates back to 300 years down the lane, is popularly known by the titles “red bush tea” and “African red tea” in the herbal tea industry.

The plant is reaped, dried and brewed into a strong reddish- brown herbal fusion. That is why the redness in the name is justified.

Pharmacological components of Rooibos Red tea

Rooibos red tea is rich in essential minerals such as calcium, fluoride, manganese, ascorbic acid, and magnesium. Known to improve iron absorption, the herb is naturally rich in copper, potassium, and iron.

The susceptibility to the toxic effects that our body is exposed due to ageing skin, internal organs and skin are invariably dealt by the regular intake of rooibos red tea.

Where it is grown?

The Rooibos red tea plant blooms in the dry, mountainous region with notable rainfall. The herb comes from the ancient lineage of Aspalathus Linearis shrub grown in the slopes of the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa). The tea is highly rich in health benefits and the tastefulness adds to the popularity of the herb.

12 amazing Rooibos red tea benefits:

Rooibos red tea benefits on our skin, body and overall health are noteworthy. There are some great things that you should really know about rooibos red tea, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Below is the conclusive list of great rooibos red tea benefits derived from using this tea.

Have a look and see how the rooibos red tea is your rescuer.

  1. Prevents Cardiovascular Disorders:

With the fast-paced routine life, our heart is exposed to various complicated issues and worrying about the consumption regime is actually natural. A great range of natural solutions are available to maintain heart health but Rooibos Red Tea tops the list due to its natural healing properties. It protects the heart from various disorders such as against heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

The antioxidant- Quercetin, present in rooibos tea is known to maintain heart health as the anti-inflammatory properties of the antioxidant help in boosting the good cholesterol and suppressing bad cholesterol.

  1. Naturally treats Blood Sugar Level:

Irrespective of the extra care that we all take to prevent Diabetes, the blood sugar level is still a cause of worry for many individuals around the globe. The importance of antioxidant named aspalathin is unavoidable when we are taking of blood sugar level as it encourages insulin production, assists the muscles in absorbing glucose. The process effectively helps in preventing Type II Diabetes. The Diabetes level patients should add it to their daily routine in order to deal with the substantial fluctuation of blood sugar level.

  1. Treats Hypertension:

As we grow old, the environment and responsibilities take a toll on the health and physical wellness. As a result of this, our body shows symptoms of disharmony. Hypertension is one way in which our body shows the impact of the surrounding stress and anxiety.

Red Rooibos tea reduces the stress level and the vasodilator in the red rooibos tea relaxes the muscles thus resulting in maintain the right blood pressure in the body.

  1. Keeps Teeth and Bones Healthy:

With a list full of good restaurants in the town and menu full of good food and beverages, it is almost impossible to not give it a try. By consuming all the food rich in calcium, we run the risk of getting osteoporosis and arthritis.

Maintaining good health of teeth and bones requires the intake of minerals namely- manganese, fluoride, and calcium. Manganese activates the production of enzymes and hormones required to darn damaged bones and construct new cells. The Red rooibos tea is abundant in minerals that foster the bone health and prolong tooth enamel density.

  1. Riskless Intake for Kidney Stones Patients

A patient with Kidney stones has to be cautious about the intake of various beverages including tea and coffee, as they contain oxalic acid which is harmful to kidney stone patients. Oxalic acid- a type of salt crystal is a major reason that can lead to the stone formation and hence its intake is discouraged by doctors.

On the other hand, intake of Rooibos red tea does not have any bad effect on patient’s health. Therefore, no suggestive maximum limit as to the amount of red tea intake is prescribed by the doctors to the Kidney Stone patients.

  1. Discourages Premature Aging

Who wants to look like 40 at the age of 30?

Of course no one.

Thanks to the rich antioxidants present in the rooibos red tea for fighting the free radicals. It prevents the chances of getting dementia and Alzheimer and keep your nervous system and brain ageless. Aging is no longer a worry for people who drink red tea. Not only this, rooibos red tea has the medicinal properties that boost the immune system. Feel the energy within and get a better focus on everything in life.

  1. Remedial Treatment of Allergies

It is almost impossible to not get allergic to something as our bodies are exposed to the vulnerability in one way or the other. But, how we deal with it is what lies in our hands.

Allergies like asthma, bronchitis, hayfever, and eczema are common and so is its treatment. Direct application of Rooibos red tea to the skin effectively cures swelling and itchiness. And, drinking red tea can fasten the recovery procedure for the affected patient. As the anti-inflammatory properties of the tea help muscles fight back the vulnerability that the human body is exposed to.

  1. Prevents Diarrhea:

Diarrhea is another common health issue that adversely affects the human body. To prevent it, it is important to decrease the extremely active gastrointestinal track. The antispasmodic properties of rooibos red tea comfort the stomach cramps and abdominal pain.  Resulting in showing a positive impact on the body. This is how rooibos red tea benefits the person likely to be affected by Diarrhea.

  1. Treats Insomnia:

Are you high on coffee? Do you stay awake late at night even when you want to sleep, as your daily routine has taken a toll on your sound sleep? All this is due to high intake of caffeine that causes your body to lose sleep, cause stress and deteriorates your overall health. Sleep deprivation is one major bad impact of caffeine on the body.

However, adding a cup of rooibos red tea can substantially increase your chances of getting a good sleep and decrease the effect of caffeine on your body as red tea is free from caffeine and hence rooibos red tea benefits can be evidently seen as soon you add it to your daily routine.

  1. Healthy Hair:

Maintaining hair health is not an easy task as your hair demand attention too. And considering that the hair care routine requires time, the easiest way to supply all the necessary minerals to your hair need will be a good diet plan. Important minerals – zinc, calcium, copper and potassium supply all the nutrients that promote hair growth and strengthen the hair fibers. Rooibos red tea nourishes your hair naturally by supplying all these rich minerals to your hair. Grab your cup of delicious red tea and get going with your day ahead.

  1. Foster Healthy Skin:

Healthy skin is the reflection of good health. But, acne, sunburns, pimples, rashes ruins the skin health. And, we use a whole lot of remedies to get rid of it all. Here is the simplest way to keep your skin alive and awesome.

Rooibos red tea takes care of your skin with having to invest minimal of time. Zinc and Alpha Hydroxy Acid present in Red tea soothes the skin, alleviates acne and reduces the wrinkles. Rooibos red tea benefits the skin internally as well as internally. So, you can consume it and apply it to your face at the same time, without having to worry about any of the adverse effects.

  1. Colic Treatment:

As the tea comes from Africa, you would not like to skip what African mother has to say about the herb. The mothers use rooibos red tea as effective syrup to ease the colic suffered by the children. In no time, the tea heals the suffering caused to the children and soothes the stomach pain. If you have a child at home and they encounter colic pain, just make this sweetened syrup and see the instant effect.

Steeping Notes:

Much has been said about the magical and medicinal abilities of the herb to treat so many critical health issues. Here is the note to help you brew the red tea in just the right way. Unlike other tea leaves that contain tannins, red tea is naturally sweet in taste and hence does not have the limitation of less brewing time as the sweet taste is retained even when brewed for a long time.

rooibos red tea benefitsYou can brew the Rooibos tea hot or cold, as you like it.

To brew iced Rooibos tea:
  • Take an infuser and add 2 tablespoons of loose leaves.
  • Pour boiling water over the leaves and let it cool for about 10 minutes.
  • Add honey or natural sweetener (optional)
  • Enjoy with some ice cubes.
To brew hot Rooibos tea:

If you like your tea hot, you can follow the below-mentioned steeping steps:

  • Add 1 teaspoon of rooibos leaves in an infuser.
  • Take one cup of water to the mug and place the infuser in the mug.
  • Steep 5-15 minutes, to get just the right flavor.
  • Add natural sweetener or honey to tea and treat your taste buds.

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This write-up is for education and information purposes only. It is not a medical advice. The writer is not responsible for any health complicacy arising out of the excessive use of Rooibos red tea.

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