oolong tea health benefit

Oolong tea health benefit is not a single benefit for our general good health. It offers multiple benefits for our body and mind. Just keep reading to find out 7 great health benefits of Oolong Tea.

What is Oolong tea?

Oolong is not considered in any of the category of green tea and black tea. It has its own formation which contains several similarities of green and black tea.  At the time of oxidization, oolong can be switched to green tea if it is oxidized less whereas if the oolong tea is oxidized highly, it may be similar to black tea. The level of oxidization can take place according to the making of tea and can be differentiated easily with 8% or 80% oxidization.

Oolong tea is aromatic, and the taste can vary from light to full bodied, floral to grassy, depending on the rate of oxidation. The color is also varied in the case of raw tea leaves and brewed tea leaves from light green to golden brown. Despite difference in color and flavor, oolong tea contains a good ratio of nutrients like green and white tea. These nutrients work very well in our body system by improving some chronic diseases like heart diseases, inflammation, control cholesterol and diabetics. Moreover, it improves our skin, hair and aids in weight lose.

oolong tea health benefit

Oolong Tea Health Benefit- 7 Reasons to Drink Oolong Tea

Let us see how oolong tea helps us to keep our body and mind healthy. The 7 important oolong tea health benefits-


Oolong tea has a certain proportion of caffeine in it and it has antibacterial properties. If we consume oolong tea for a certain period, it would cause an alkaline effect on the digestive system and prevent acid formation and fight against ulcer. It also regulates our metabolism rate and helps to normalize irregular bowl movement.


Another Oolong tea health benefit is it works very well to evacuate free radicals from our body and thus boost up detoxification. The polyphones present in this tea is the main reagent that takes active part to remove the free radicals and stimulates the other free radicals, So intake a daily dose of Oolong tea can enrich our health with the following benefits. These ares—

  • Cancer — Oolong tea has polyphenols, which is anti-cancerous.
  • Diabetes— Regulates the fluctuation of sugar level in blood,
  • Tooth decay— it has antioxidants that prevent the plaque to deposit. Hence provides optimal oral health on drinking daily.
  • Atopic dermatitis— the antioxidants damage the free radicals and prevent bacteria from growing.
  • Lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases—it controls the cholesterol, hence reduces the risk of heart diseases.


Oolong tea contains a good combination of caffeine and polyphenols, which inhibits the fat burning process by boosting up metabolism and decreasing the fat absorption rate in our body. This is resulted in definite weight loss.

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Another oolong tea health benefit is the regular intake of Oolong tea proves to be beneficial for our bone structure. Various analyses on Oolong tea compounds have revealed the good effect on Bone mineral density. As a result, we can avoid osteoporosis, decaying of teeth and can get a stronger bone. It is the antioxidants which stimulate to retain the bones minerals from food substances.


To stay healthy we have to keep our mind stress free. Oolong tea is a great stress buster. The caffeine and the natural polyphone present in oolong tea refresh our mind and brain. If we drink oolong tea during the day, it will help you to focus and concentrate on your work.


The extract of oolong tea is very fruitful to stop hair loss and to improve hair texture. As oolong tea is a derivative from the flower, stem and leaves, it has all the herbal properties to ensure healthy hair. If we consume it on a daily basis, it can stop hair loss by improving metabolism. Applying on outer scalp makes hair to shine. If you rinse your hair with the extract of oolong tea, your hair will get a silky and smooth look. This is another great oolong tea health benefit for hair-care.

oolong tea health benefit



Oolong tea health benefit is really great as it offers multiple benefits ranging from teeth to skin. You might be wonder to know the magical properties of Oolong tea on our skin. Drinking a cup of oolong tea for a long time improves your liver health and damage the free radicals which create acne, pimple itching, etc.

Moreover, the habit of taking Oolong tea in a moderate quantity would stop the ageing factor which creates wrinkles, under eye lines, etc.  It also prevents the process of pigmentation, sunburn and gives your skin a younger look. One of the most important properties of Oolong tea is, it activates skin cells to re-growth by flushing out dead skin cells.

The vitamin A, C and E and the other antioxidants slow down the process of oxidation especially during day time when our skin exposed to sun rays and thus slows down the rate of exfoliation. It enhances the elasticity of the skin. Hence our skin looks younger.

The medicinal components available in green and white tea are also available in oolong tea. So, drinking oolong tea regularly helps our body become healthier.


To brew up a cup of oolong tea, you have to follow the steps:

  • Take required cups of water and let it boil. Make it cool a little.
  • Pour one teaspoon of fresh tea leaves into the cup. (Per 8 ounce/1teaspoon).
  • Pour the boiled water directly onto the tea leaves.
  • Allow the tea leaves to steep for few seconds.
  • Drain out the tea with a strainer.
  • Your cup of Oolong tea is ready to sip.

Finally, it is recommended to take maximum 2 cups of oolong tea daily in order to get the oolong tea health benefit regarding heath, skin and hair. Excessive use of anything is not good for health. So, balanced habit of drinking oolong tea is to be cultivated though you are avid lover of oolong tea.



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Note: The results of the tea will vary from individual to individual depending upon diet, exercise and composition of the body. This article is not written by health care professional and written for general informational and educational purposes only. And this is not to be taken as medical recommendation or advice.

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