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It seems everyone knows about green tea and its amazing health benefits. Before going to know how green tea works as natural cure for adrenal fatigue, let’s talk something in details about ‘adrenal fatigue’.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal Fatigue is a set of symptoms that occurs when adrenal glands, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands work poorly natural cure for drenal fatigueor below the optimal level. In other words, it is a stressed state of mind that affects the entire body.

According to health science, in our body, adrenal glands produce a number of hormones that are essential to human being. When one suffers from adrenal fatigue, the number of these hormones decreases and the level of stress increases.

Today, around 80% of people in the world are affected by adrenal fatigue. It is such a common disease that almost everyone goes through adrenal fatigue at some point in his/her life whether for a short span of time or for a long period.

What are the causes of Adrenal Fatigue?

At the moment, the pivot of the causes of Adrenal Fatigue is our lifestyle abounded with stress and anxiety. Stress is one of the major causes of adrenal fatigue. Whether it’s a personal or professional reason for stress, it affects the body as well as mind critically. Diet and insufficient sleep are other prominent causes for adrenal fatigue.

Our regular diet is not healthy. We all know this. We just eat what our heart craves for, which is eventually harmful tonatural cure for adrenal fatigue the body. Research shows, in the modern era, people consume sugar more than ever in many forms. Sugar is a major contributing factor towards adrenal fatigue. It causes tiredness and lowers down the adrenal glands.

Apart from that, not taking a healthy and deep sleep of 8 hours daily means you are inviting a rapid adrenal fatigue. Due to insufficient sleep, adrenal fatigue grows very fast in our body and reaches to the extreme level. The irresistible chemicals and pollutants in our surrounding also disrupt adrenal function. If you live in such ambiance for a long period, it will affect adrenal glands, immune system, and digestion.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue:


  • Trouble of getting out of bed despite having sufficient sleep and unable to fall asleep even after being tired.
  • Poor sleep and sleep breakage in every 1-2 hour.
  • Stress and depression all the day long.
  • Feeling drowsy and lazy in the morning even after full night sleep.          natural cure for adrenal fatigue
  • Unable to concentrate and trouble finishing the task.
  • Lack of stamina, energy, and enthusiasm.
  • Poor diet, general weakness and feeling dizziness while standing up.
  • Consistent low blood pressure and low thyroid function.
  • Dry skin more than usual and unstoppable hair loss.
  • Craving for fatty and salty food.Never dying longing for sugar and caffeine.
  • Cold hands, feet and dark circle under the eyes.
  • Feeling drained every time especially in the morning and muscle pain for unknown reasons.
  • Lack of menstrual period.
  • Constant stress on mind and happiness is far away.
  • Constipation and psoriasis for no reason.
  • Complications in getting pregnant

Natural cure for adrenal fatigue

Well, it’s up to you. You can fix constant appointments to your doctor or can take care of it yourself with the help of natural herbs and by improving your daily lifestyle.

Following a well-balanced lifestyle can help you recover from adrenal fatigue quickly. Take care of your diet and sleep. natural cure for adrenal fatigueTake the green vegetables and flood the adrenal glands with vitamin B. Sit alone for some time under the open sky to give yourself soothing and relaxing feeling and stop over thinking.

A sufficient intake of vitamin D, Selenium, Magnesium, and Zinc also improves adrenal function. Life is definitely stressful but it should not be to the point where it is snatching all the happiness from you. Try to eradicate the thing that causes you stress. These are the little things that can be done for natural cure for adrenal fatigue.

Apart from a healthy lifestyle, green tea is also a major cure for adrenal fatigue. A good intake of green tea makes adrenal glands function well.

Green tea as natural cure for adrenal fatigue

It’s no secret that green tea serves many medicinal purposes. We have been witnessing this fact since the thousandsnatural cure for adrenal fatigue of years. Its antioxidant and multi-functional properties make it a great remedy to get over stress, fight with cancer, increase metabolism, and even extend the life span.

Because of its myriad of advantages, it is considered the best cure for adrenal fatigue. Maybe, this is why it is called the healthiest beverage on the earth. According to research, a five cup of green tea reduces the stress level up to 20%. To get rid of adrenal fatigue, first of all, you need to quit sugar, coffee and caffeine.

Green tea serves this need as well. So instead of coffee, start consuming green tea 2 times in a day as it contains less caffeine. Its mild peppermint flavor not only makes you feel better but also helps to calm the frazzled nerves. Matcha green tea is the best tea to deal with adrenal fatigue as one cup of matcha green tea is equivalent to ten cups of general green tea.

Why green tea is considered the best natural cure for adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is a cluster of many minor diseases or you can say it is wholesome a disease in which every part of body doesn’t function well. Green tea is an herb that naturally cures almost every disease. When it comes to adrenal fatigue, other than lowering down the stress level, it also boosts body energy, improves immune & digestion system, enhances brain and urinary performance, maintains body temperature, wipes out tiredness and gives a fresh energy.

Not only this, it also promotes weight loss, brain health and metabolic rate in a person. Green tea also helps you to get rid of mouth odor. According to research, green tea decreases the periodontal diseases and inflammation in oral cavity tissues caused by smoking. It stimulates the entire body and gives a fresh and new energy. Its nutritive phytochemical properties highly promote adrenal glands and make them function properly.

So, it’s best to use green tea as natural cure for adrenal fatigue.

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Adrenal fatigue is a common disease. A doctor can’t treat it. You yourself have to improve your daily lifestyle. It’s all about stress and its impacts on the body. In this case, home remedies turn out to be the best treatment. And if we talk about adrenal fatigue, green tea is undoubtedly the best natural cure for adrenal fatigue.

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Caution: This write-up is only for education and information purpose. It is not medical advice to drink green tea daily in excessive amount. The writer is not responsible for any health problem arising out of excessive use of green tea.




8 Replies to “Natural cure for Adrenal Fatigue: Green Tea”

  1. I enjoyed your article very much, I never realized adrenal fatigue causes so many symptoms until reading your article today. I am a big tea drinker most of the time, I have been slacking on drinking tea for water lately and nutritional supplements.

    After reading your article I am going to get back to drinking green tea once again, it is amazing how powerful herbal teas can be for our health.

    1. Thank you Jeffrey for enjoying my article. Really tea is so much beneficial for our over all good health. Just, we should not use in excessive amount.

  2. Himbru,
    I enjoyed reading this. I suffer from adrenal fatigue and did not know green tea would help with this. I will start watching my diet and drinking green tea in place of soft drinks. You have really opened my eyes. I can’t take the stress out of my life right now with my job and 4 children, but I can control my diet.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Mike,

      Don’t need to worry. Family pressure, job pressure, etc these are always there in life. So never get upset. Just have 3/4 cups green tea, eat enough fruits and go for outing when you get free time and make yourself relax. Also do some work-out like morning walk. See things after 3months of maintaining these above mentioned habits.

      All the best.

  3. Himbru,
    I enjoyed reading this. I suffer from adrenal fatigue and did not know green tea would help with this. I will start watching my diet and drinking green tea in place of soft drinks. You have really opened my eyes. Thank you so much.

  4. I do know that green tea has a lot of health benefits but i did not know that it cures adrenal fatigue. If it does, then great, one more added benefit for consuming green tea. Green tea is healthy drink in the sense that it has very low calories, it is good for the skin, good for weight loss and good for calming nerves and stress. I am a tea drinker myself, more than I drink coffee. But I take decaf tea. So I agree with you, green tea is a healthy beverage.

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