moonlight white tea

Moonlight white tea is a unique style of white tea from Yunnan province of China. Its Chinese name is Yue Guang bai cha. It looks similar to silver needle white tea brands from Fujian province of China and Darjeeling of India. But quality and taste are different.

Harvesting style of both teas – moonlight white tea and silver needle white tea is same. Both are made from leaf buds.

moonlight white tea

Differences between Moonlight White tea and Silver Needle White tea

  • Moonlight white tea is produced from a different plant variety – Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica whereas silver needle white tea is produced from Camellia Sinensis var. Sinensis.
  • The withering process to manufacture moonlight white tea generally takes place at night under the full moon as opposed to silver needle white tea. Where withering process takes place at daytime under the sun.

Again, this tea is also called as puer tea as sometimes producers of this tea variety press the leaves and buds into cake or brick like shapes giving the same look like proper puer tea.

So, the debate of whether moonlight white is white tea or puer tea is still going on in the west as well as in China too.

Is moonlight white tea is puer tea?

moonlight white tea

In order to get the clarification, we need to go back to the tea history of China.

The Fujian province of China was the only place which had produced white tea in ancient times. And Fujian province became famous for white tea processing in China as its climate and soil are perfectly suitable for white tea growing and processing under the sun.

Yunnan has been producing puer teas from the starting point of tea cultivation in China. The plant variety which is found in Yunnan province is big leaf variety. At that time the tea producers cultivated these tea plants to make puer tea only and they were also ignorant about white tea.

The methods of white tea cultivation and processing style had spread gradually and the tea producers of Yunnan province started to copy the white tea manufacturing process of Fujian.

At first, the Yunnan tea producers adopted a strategy to pick leaf buds in the morning before 9 o’clock as the leaf buds get lots of dew from the moisture which in turn used to give high quality and fresh white tea.

Later on, they shifted the schedule of plucking and processing leaf buds from early morning to full moonlight. They also used some manufacturing techniques of puer tea in the white tea making process.

At present we usually get two types of moonlight white varieties- loose leaf moonlight white and compressed moonlight white(cake or brick-like shape).

Final Verdict whether moonlight white tea is puer tea or not

moonlight white tea

The compressed moonlight white variety has one similiar characteristic of puer tea- the quality, taste, flavor, and aroma improve along with age.

If you keep compressed moonlight white properly for some years then its quality, taste, flavor, and aroma will not be same like fresh compressed moonlight white tea.

So, we can’t say moonlight white as puer tea. It’s purely a white tea with some puer tea characteristics.
The compressed moonlight white will give you something new yet stronger flavor, aroma and taste than loose leaf counterpart.

So, it’s one of the finest tea brands from Yunnan province with high aromatic and medicinal values.


moonlight white tea

Best moonlight white tea brands – top 5 picks


1. White Moonlight Tea Ancient Arbor Tree

Seller- Zhenghao

Style- Compressed Moonlight White tea

Weight- 200g Cake type compressed tea

This pu’erh style moonlight white tea

  • Caffeinated
  • 2012 make compressed tea
  • It’s an aged moonlight white tea. Taste and aroma profile improve along with age.
  • It offers a brisk taste with sweet floral aroma,
Steeping notes

Pour properly boiled water in a 6-ounce cup. Add 2 Tsp of tea and steep for 5-10 seconds in the first infusion. Increase steeping time for subsequent infusions.

02 Yunnan Organic Moonlight Beauty White


Style- Compressed Moonlight white tea

Product Weight- 357g  Complete Cake

  • It contains caffeine.
  • 2014 make compressed moonlight white tea. Taste and aroma improve along with age.
  • It offers strong taste with a mellow flavor. The liquid is amber color.
  • Organic certified.
Steeping notes:

Add 3-5 grams tea with 150 milliliters properly boil water. Steep it for 2 minutes.

03 Premium Yunnan Organic Moonlight White Buds


Style- Loose leaf Moonlight white tea

Product Weight- 100g

  • It contains caffeine.
  • Loose leaf.
  • Non-organic.
  • Vintage product- 2012 make.
  • Taste is strong with mellow flavor.
Steeping Notes:

Add 2 Tsp per 6-ounce cup. Steep it for 2 minutes.

04 Moonlight White Organic Tea

Seller- Moonlight white tea

Style- Loose leaf moonlight white tea

Product weight- 250g

  • Caffeinated product.
  • Organic certified.
  • 2013 make vintage grade loose leaf.
  • It brews a yellow color and provides a mellow and sweet flavor.

Steeping notes:

Add 2 Tsp per 6-ounce cup. Steep it for 2 minutes in the first infusion. Increase the steeping time for subsequent infusions.

How to store moonlight white tea?

Some basic steps you need to follow in order to make your tea durable.

Always keep your moonlight white tea in a stabilized environment. That means to keep away from extremely dry and wet environment. Keep it away from moisture and also from direct sunlight.

Keep your moonlight white tea in such a way so that the tea usually gets slow airflow. This step will help further development of quality, taste and aroma profile of your moonlight white tea.

You should keep it away from strong smells. If you keep your moonlight white tea along with spices then the aroma and flavor profile of your tea will be degraded over the time.

Be organized and keep your tea in an organized manner. If you are a tea lover then definitely your tea collection would be more containing different varieties. So, keeping your tea in organize way would help you to a great extent in the future in finding out your desired tea from the storage.

You need to write down the harvesting season or the purchase date or manufacturing date on the level of the tea packet. Because moonlight white tea brands have shelf lives and their quality, taste, and aroma profile get improve along with the age. It’ll definitely help you a lot in the future.

I think now you don’t have any problem in storing your tea properly.

Moonlight white is a unique white tea brand which offers two varieties loose leaf and compressed with unique taste and aroma profile. Both varieties have exceptional qualities and improve along with age.

It is thought that moonlight white provides a wide range of health benefits from weight loss to controlling High Blood Pressure.

This tea brand is valued for money product. If you love tea then definitely this product should be in your cart.

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