fresh turmeric tea recipe

The basic facts of fresh turmeric tea recipe

India has world’s lowest rates of Alzheimer’s disease. Why?

India is a vast country which huge population. And Indians use turmeric as a spice in their dishes. Turmeric has wonderful medicinal properties, which helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

India’s favorite culinary spice turmeric has many benefits to offer. I was ignorant about this earlier and I thought that only Green and White tea have health benefits.

After doing many researches on various teas finally I got to know the real secrets about turmeric.

And it’s really awesome !

What is turmeric tea?

fresh turmeric tea recipe

The brevarge which is prepared using turmeric powder or root and some other herbs is called turmeric tea.

Turmeric tea is also known as ‘Golden Tea’, ‘Golden Milk’, or ‘Golden Liquid’. It’s also a very inexpensive tea that you can prepare at home with your garden grew turmeric roots.

Interestingly, the benefits which you are going to have from fresh turmeric tea recipe are incomparable. Turmeric is a well-known spice around the world for its anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties.

It has been used in Asian dishes for thousands of years.  Turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic and Siddha practices for the treatment of various internal disorders like throat infections, indigestion, or the common cold.

It is also beneficial for skin sores and wounds treatment.

Why should drink fresh turmeric tea?

fresh turmeric tea recipeFresh turmeric tea recipe is very easy to prepare. It offers a wide range of benefits that no other beverages can provide. Fresh turmeric tea supports our digestion system. It boosts the immune system and gives protection from some high-risk diseases.

It has the ability to relieve pain and inflammation without any side effect. Anyone can drink turmeric tea as turmeric tea does not contain caffeine.

So, we can say it as common man drink !

Before going to discuss the Fresh turmeric tea recipe and the ingredients let’s have a look at some important benefits that turmeric tea offers.

Fresh Turmeric Tea Recipe Benefits That No One Else Knows About

It prevents Alzheimer’s disease

As per some medicinal researchers, the curcumin a compound found in Turmeric helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It reduces amyloyds and the synaptic marker loss which are linked to Alzheimer’s development.

Reduces arthritis symptoms

Turmeric tea has strong anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help to reduce inflammation and swelling in people with arthritis. Studies show that the curcumin found in turmeric is very effective and helpful in reducing pain and inflammation.

It helps prevent cancer

The antioxidants and the curcumin of turmeric work well to prevent cancer. The National Cancer Institute has recognized curcumin as an anti-cancer component of turmeric.

Natural Fat Burner

Turmeric tea works as detox tea for weight loss. It helps body metabolism to burn extra fats of the body.

Maintains ulcerative colitis remission

Ulcerative colitis causes ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract. As per the study of the University of Maryland Medical center, turmeric helps to maintain ulcerative colitis remission.

Boosts the immune system

Antioxidants present in turmeric help to maintain the immune system. Even regular consumption of turmeric tea helps to boosts immune system in people with this disorder.

Cardio health and cholesterol

Regular intake of fresh turmeric tea makes cardio health better. Bad cholesterol or (LDL) in the human body increases the risk of serious heart diseases and stroke. The curcumin component of turmeric reduces bad cholesterol and lowers the total cholesterol of human body.

Can help treat uveitis

Inflammation of the iris causes Uveitis. Curcumin of turmeric works as corticosteroids and lowers the risk of inflammation of the iris that causes Uveitis.

Improve skin health

Turmeric has many skin care benefits. Regular use of turmeric as skin care mask or consumption of turmeric tea prevents skin diseases and skin inflammation.

Reduce depression

Regular intake of turmeric tea helps the brain to faction well. It reduces depression level of human being. Turmeric has been used as a staple in the traditional Chinese medicine to treat persons with depression.

Natural painkiller

It works as a natural painkiller and reduces chronic pain. Turmeric also works as a headache remedy.

Other health benefits

It has natural antiseptic qualities.

Regular consumption of turmeric tea can reduce blood sugar level.

It also protects the liver from various ailments.

There are many other benefits of consuming fresh turmeric tea regularly at a moderate rate.

Just have a look at the below-mentioned chart that reveals all the healthy components of turmeric for the general good health of humankind.

fresh turmeric tea recipe

Ingredients of turmeric tea

Fresh turmeric tea recipe consists of simple ingredients that are easily available in every store. Some ingredients are necessary but some can be used for additional benefits and for good taste.

Water, turmeric powder, tea bag, salt are the essential ingredients for making fresh turmeric tea for good health. Lemon juice, honey, sliced oranges are additional things for better taste and serve.fresh turmeric tea recipe

  • 2 cups water
  • 2 teaspoon ground turmeric (or 1-inch turmeric root)
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (or 2-3 cinnamon sticks)
  • 1-inch fresh ginger root, minced
  • 1 lemongrass tea bag
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 6 peppercorns, optional
  • To serve (additional): sliced oranges, honey, juice of 1 lemon, 1 teaspoon coconut oil
How to prepare fresh turmeric tea recipe at home?

Simple turmeric tea

It is very easy to prepare fresh turmeric tea recipe at home.fresh turmeric tea recipe

First, fill up the saucepan with two cups of plain water and bring water to a boiling point of 185°F.

Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder, 2 or 3 cinnamon sticks, and a half teaspoon of a minced ginger root.

Again boil it for 10 minutes. Strain the turmeric tea and add some honey or pinch of salt (as per your choice). Then your fresh turmeric tea is ready to drink.

Optional additives:

You can also add lemongrass tea bag, peppercorns, sliced organs lemon juice and coconut oil.

These are optional and depend upon your choice.

Turmeric Tea Recipe (Golden Milk)

Take 2 cups of milk (dairy milk, or almond milk, or pecan milk, or coconut milk) instead of water , 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder (or you can smash fresh turmeric root), 2 cinnamon sticks, pinch of black pepper, small piece of fresh ginger root, 1 teaspoon of honey.

Mix all these ingredients in a whisking bowl. Then heat the bowl for 5 minutes at a medium range. Your golden milk is ready to drink.

Why is fresh turmeric tea considered as the best tea to prevent inflammation?

Before explaining how fresh turmeric tea recipe reduces inflammation in our body, let me discuss a bit about inflammation.

Inflammation is the natural process which protects us against infections and diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, and bronchitis.

As per WebMD, “Inflammation is a process by which the body’s white blood cells and substances they produce protect us from infection with foreign organisms, such as bacteria and viruses……………….

Some, but not all, types of arthritis are the results of misdirected inflammation”

Anti-inflammatory turmeric

Turmeric contains a significant amount of curcumin. Curcumin has precious and significant anti-inflammatory properties. It has more than 12 elements that are very active against misguided inflammation, pain, and swelling.

Turmeric is a strong natural herb that affects prostaglandins metabolism. Turmeric affects on enzymes and as a result, an Arachidonic acid, an omega-6 unsaturated fatty acid, generates in the body for some extent.

Eicosanoids level usually causes misguided inflammation in our body. Constant use of turmeric reduces the production of Eicosanoids that result in reducing chronic systemic inflammation in our body.

What others say?

Dr.Minerva, Director of Integrative Medicine, New York, recommends 1000 milligrams of turmeric in each day.

Some doctors recommend 400-600 milligrams, three times in a day to the patients suffering from joint inflammation.

Turmeric has been used for reduction of inflammation for centuries.

Recent laboratory taste of turmeric effects on rats has become positive. So, now it is using on the human being for curing many diseases.

We can compare curcumin with hydrocortisone phenylbutazone that is commonly used to avoid or reduce swelling.

Most importantly, turmeric has no side effects like other drugs. In Asian countries, turmeric is used in cooking but if you suffer from some health problems please do not use without consulting with your doctor.

As an overdose of turmeric can cause stomach upset and lower blood sugar level to great extent.

Things You Should Know About Fresh turmeric tea recipe before starting consumption

As per natural law, anything good has some positive as well as negative effects.

No doubt, turmeric has a lot of benefits but like others things, it also has some side effects too.

The normal dose of turmeric tea cannot cause serious health problems but a constant overdose can cause some serious diseases.

Everyone knows turmeric tea proves helpful for digestive system but an overdose can create digestive problems.

There are some others diseases that can immerge due to overuse of turmeric tea.

Have a look at the side effects that can immerge due to overuse of turmeric.

  • Increase risk of bleeding
  • Stomach issues and gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Raise Gallbladder Contractions
  • Risk of kidney stones
  • Excessive intake can create diarrhea and nausea
  • It may cause allergic reactions
  • Lead to infertility
  • Causes iron deficiency

fresh turmeric tea recipe

How many cups per day?

It’s always recommended to have fresh turmeric tea at a moderate rate. Always avoid excessive use. In normal, try to drink only one cup of fresh turmeric tea in each day.

Consuming one cup per day will not bring any side effects. It will boost your overall body metabolism.

FAQs regarding fresh turmeric tea recipe

Fresh turmeric tea recipe has been gaining popularity throughout the world recently. Here are some basic FAQs regarding consumption and use of fresh turmeric tea recipe.

What type of milk should I use for fresh turmeric tea recipe?

You can use milks like dairy milk, almond milk, pecan milk, coconut milk for better taste.

Even, you can make fresh turmeric tea with plain water. But use some additives like butter, coconut oil or honey for good taste and better absorption.

Where do I get Turmeric?

You can grow turmeric in your garden and use fresh turmeric roots to prepare your fresh turmeric tea recipe. Or you can buy it from Amazon USA or Amazon India. But try to purchase organic turmeric powder. For best quality organic dry turmeric roots and powder you can check out here.

If you are from India, then check out best organic turmeric powder here.

What If I don’t like to add Pepper?

Yes, you can drink fresh turmeric tea without adding Pepper. Black pepper contains piperine compound which increases health benefits of turmeric.

What if I don’t like Honey/ sugar cubes?

Usually, honey transforms strong turmeric flavor into mellow and makes the turmeric tea sweet. It is not necessary to add honey if you can bear the strong flavor of turmeric tea. For sweetening purpose you can use sugar-free sugar stevia.

Stevia has also many benefits. People with high blood sugar level can use stevia in any recipes as it’s sugre-free. Indian readers please check out organic stevia here.

I don’t like turmeric tea so can I have turmeric another way?

Definitely, you can use organic turmeric powder in your dishes. Add some turmeric powder in vegetable curry or meat and fish dishes that are prepared to have as food.

I have some health problems/I’m pregnant/nursing, can I drink Turmeric Tea?

In case of turmeric tea, it is highly recommended a proper consultation with your Doctor before consuming turmeric tea as it may have some counter effects with certain medicines.

However, you can use turmeric powder in cooking your favorite dish with no side effects as people from Asian countries have been using turmeric powder in dishes since time immemorial.

Can Child drink turmeric tea?

In normal condition, a child can have food prepared with turmeric powder. They can even consume little amount of turmeric tea also. It’s better to consult with the pediatrician if you have any doubts over turmeric tea.

Can I prepare turmeric tea for 3-4 days at one go and keep it in the refrigerator?

Definitely, you can prepare 2-3 liters of fresh turmeric tea and keep it in your refrigerator for subsequent uses. Just remember to reheat the turmeric tea before you consume.

Which one should I use- Fresh turmeric roots or turmeric powder?

You can use both powder and fresh roots. It does depend upon your choice. Personally, I use fresh roots grown in my garden. In case of fresh roots, take one finger of turmeric roots and smash it before adding water.

In case of powder, try to purchase organic turmeric powder. Use 1 teaspoon of powder for one cup of turmeric tea recipe.

Bottom Line

Turmeric is a wonderful herb with many benefits. So, prepare fresh turmeric tea recipe at home. It’s not a costly affair.

Drink turmeric tea ! Stay fit and healthy !



This write-up is for education and information purposes only. It is not a medical advice. The writer is not responsible for any health complicacy arising out of the excessive use of turmeric tea.

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