drinking green tea benefits

Green tea is the talk of the town right now among the people. Nowadays, people are more conscious about being healthy and prefer drinking green tea for numerous benefits than other beverages. So, in this post, I’m trying to explain drinking green tea benefits, side effects and the prescribed amount of daily intake.

What is green tea?

Well, originally green tea is the type of tea that has been made from Camellia Sinensis buds and leaves without using the process of oxidation and withering which is used to make oolong tea and black tea. Green tea originated first in China. It is presumed that green tea first evolved during the time of 600-900 AD.

Green tea is very rich in beneficial chemical compounds. There are more than 450 chemical compounds have been found in green tea. drinking green tea benefits

The chemical composition of green tea depends on the harvesting time. At the time of the development of the tea shoot, total contents of nitrogen, tannin, caffeine and amino acids get lower.

The phosphorus and potassium contents remain very high in the early plantation in young leaves, while calcium and free sugar contents remain high in the middle and last harvest when leaves are matured.

In the case of the crops, the first crop of tea shows the highest percentage of nitrogen and amino acid, but less quantity of tannin, caffeine and calcium and the percentage of potassium in the case of crops of the different time are almost same.

Drinking Green Tea Benefits for General Health

drinking green tea benefits

To explain green tea health benefits, we must know how each nutrient has made it so much useful for human health.

Green tea consists of many chemical components, which has been proved to be beneficial regarding health. One cup of green tea has innumerable good effects to our body’s overall system in a real sense.

As it is loaded with antioxidants and lots of vitamin and minerals, so it works effectively to improve our skin health, hair health and immune system as well. Now we can have a look at how green tea components work for general good health.

The pharmacological components of green tea


It is an astringent component and helps to control body fat, blood cholesterol. Prevent cancer, tooth decay, etc. The catechins in green tea work well in the neurons to protect human brain cells and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases


It is the bitterness compound, and it enhances alertness and stamina.


It causes flavor in tea, and it promotes a relaxation feeling, controls blood pressure, etc.

Minerals like Potassium, Manganese, Phosphorus and calcium regulates different biological factor which is important for the smooth operation of the body system.

Vitamin E is highly anti-oxidant, and other Vitamins (C, B12, and B1) are responsible for maintaining healthy skin, mucus membrane, nervous system and beta–carotene is responsible for powerful vision.

Fluorine prevents the tooth from decaying.

So from every aspect, the nutritional value of green tea is very high.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits of green tea, kindly have a look on how green tea has many magical effects on our skin, hair, weight loss and the facts how green tea works to prevent cancer.

Green Tea for Skin Health

Now let’s see how it works for the skin.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants which help to detox our body by damaging the free radicals produced by our body system. So if you consume it on a daily basis, you would get a glowing skin forever.

Regular drinking of green tea is also fruitful to prevent our skin from aging. The quantity of polyphenols that present in the green tea slow down the rate of aging symptoms, such as wrinkle, under-eye lines, from appearing on your skin.

Anyone can take the benefit of Green tea either by consuming it as a beverage or by applying it from outside as musk.

Green Tea is a very good skin rejuvenator if you use it at least once in a week as a facial musk. For a facial musk add honey and lemon juice with grounded green tea leaves. Mix all the ingredients well and apply it on to the face. Let it sit and dry for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water.

It also contains vitamin K, which acts superbly to reduce dark circle and under eye lines. It also works great to treat puffy eyes. The antioxidants in Green Tea helps to wither the blood vessel in the under eye area which is the softest portion of our facial skin. Keep two green tea bags in the freezer and let it be cool. Then cover your eye with the bags and relax for 15 minutes.

Using green tea onto your face, you can prevent sunburn, aging lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. The polyphenols and antioxidants help to neutralize harmful free radicals, which is the main cause of skin sagging and creating aging lines on the face. Use some grounded leaves of green tea with yogurt, honey and turmeric powder. Mix it well and apply on face for 15 minutes. This application is helpful to protect your skin from skin cancer.

Green tea is also beneficial to act upon dry skin. Just make a paste with match green tea, few drops of olive oil and warm water. Apply it on the face. You will get a soft and supple skin in no time.

The anti oxidants present in green tea helps to decrease the scar tissue by boosting up blood flow to the relevant tissue.

Consuming Green tea can protect the skin from sun burn by eradicating the free radicals that cause the blackish tan on our skin when it exposed to the ultra violate ray. Sip it or Apply it daily on the outer surface of sun tanned area, it will work magically.

Last but not the least; Green tea has catechins, which is an antibacterial agent that fights against pimple and acne causing bacteria. Catechines also control the hormonal balance in the body.

Now it is a proven fact that sipping a cup of green tea may have a magical effect on your skin. So, we should use green tea for good health of skin.

drinking green tea benefits

Green Tea for Hair Health

The usefulness of green tea as a healthy beverage is well-known to us, but we might be wonder to know another property of it regarding our hair –care. We can get the benefit of green tea nutrients either by drinking or by direct application on outer scalp.

To get a shiny and healthy hair, green tea helps a lot. As green tea has abundant numbers of beneficial chemical compounds like antioxidants and vitamins, folic acid, it helps to grow hair and also prevent hair fall.

According to various research, it has been proved that green tea contains poly phenol (EGCG, epigallocatechin gallate) nourish hair strands and thus stimulates hair follicles to grow.

Green tea is rich of natural catechines, which suppress the production of DHT or DI-Hydro testosterone which causes hair to fall.

Extract of green tea is full of essential components like carotenoids, tocopherols, zinc, etc. which are very active to stop hair loss and to promote hair growth. You have to apply green tea leaves paste on your hair and keep it for half an hour.

Who doesn’t want a silky, lustrous hair texture?

Don’t need to worry, when green tea is there, you can use it to get maximum benefit for your hair. Wash your hair with shampoo with green tea liqueur and see the difference. It works like a conditioner to soft your hair. The astringent present in green tea seal the moisture and thus add shine to hair.

Green tea is the huge source of panthenol which is one of the ingredients of shampoo that we buy from the market. Theanine is also one useful amino acid, present in green tea, works together with panthenol to strengthen hair strands and prevent split end problems.

It is a natural source of vitamin-c that protects our hair and scalp to get damaged from sun rays. It also gives relief to other scalp problems, like itching and dandruff.

Because of these reasons we should use green tea for good health of hair.


Green Tea For Weight Loss

Obesity is a lifestyle disease in Modern day. Less physical activity and habit of taking junk foods are the two most important reasons for obesity.

So if you are putting weight, but no time to hit the gym, then you have to try some natural remedies, one of which is green tea. Green tea is not just a hot drink.

You even don’t know how much health benefit you are gaining from green tea. Many types of research have proved this fact that green tea is effective to lose weight. Let us see how-

drinking green tea benefits

Out of 450 nutrients present in green tea, caffeine and polyphenols like EGCG and anti oxidants like catechins are useful bio active components affect the metabolism rate in our body and burn fat cells.

The substance catechins work to move the fat cells by producing an enzyme called nor-epinephrine. This enzyme inhibits breaking down fat cells.

It has been revealed that green tea extract boosts up the fat burning process, during excursion period. Green tea can burn calorie, even when we are at rest by boosting up metabolism rate.

So, use green tea for weight loss and get a fit body. Also remember to do some kind of exercise daily.

Green tea benefits to combat Cancer

Though Cancer has no answer, yet we can prevent it by introducing some healthy habits in our daily lifestyle. One of them is to consume green tea every day moderately so that we could get the green tea health benefits. Let us see how green tea acts on cancer cells and stop the growth

The presence of EGCG and the antioxidants in green tea react on the cancer cell and stop them from growing further.

The bio active substance presents in green tea; especially EGCG is the main catechins, which is toxic to cancer cells and blocks the enzyme that helps the cancer cell-cycle.

In the presence of the polyphenols, the cancer cell could not reach the enlarged size or divided further. As a result literally, cell-death happens to the cancer cell. Research on EGCG has revealed that it has more potential to act as an antioxidant to combat the cancer cell in comparison with vitamin E or C.

EGCG present in green tea also enhances the other cellular protein levels in our body system that lowers the rate of cancer cell growth.

Some polyphenols that green tea contains are higher in comparison with other tea. Polyphenols are the non-toxic and antioxidant reagent, which works together to prevent cancer.

In Japan, despite high smoking rate, the lung cancer rate is very low. It is being assumed that due to their habit of taking green tea regularly they are in the lower risk zone of getting this deadly disease.

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Side effects of drinking green tea in excessive amount

drinking green tea benefits


Drinking green tea has so many benefits. But, excessive use is also harmful.

Being highly rich in nutritional factors, green tea has some definite side effects regarding its caffeine contents, excessive use may create stomach problems, iron deficiency and diarrhea. Although green tea is safe for daily consumption at a moderate rate, in the case of over consumption it creates some adverse effects in our body. Such as:

Unlike other tea, green tea also contains caffeine, in a low percentage. But both in the case of people with low caffeine tolerance and over consumption, it may cause stomach disorder, anemia, headache, diarrhea, etc.

Green tea reduces the rate of iron consumption from food. Excess intake may cause anemia.

Due to the presence of tannin in green tea, it increases the acidity of the stomach which creates nausea, constipation or stomach ache.

Green tea has caffeine, magnesium and potassium in good quantity, which is the main cause to create diarrhea in the case of excess intake.

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Due to the laxative effect of green tea, it stimulates the colon muscles which made the frequent bowl movement.

Excess intake can cause dizziness and nervous disorder.

Green Tea is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Excess consumption may affect testosterone level.

How many cups of green tea per day

I think, you know the proverb – “too much of a good thing is also harmful”. S, though green tea has health benefits, still over-consumption may cause some adverse reaction which is not desirable.

According to various researches on how much quantity is good for our general health, it is found that three (3) cups per day is fine if you are suffering from high BP, if you have insomnia or if you are pregnant.

For a normal person, two to three cups per day are adequate. Here question may arise that why only three to five cups, whereas green tea has so many good effects on flushing the liver and detoxify our body system. Let us explain:

One cup of (approx 8 oz) green tea contains 24- 45mg. of caffeine. It is lower than a cup of coffee which contains 100mg caffeine per cup. As per various research studies, daily intake of caffeine consumption should not cross 400 mg for an adult.200 mg for a pregnant woman.

The heavy metals like manganese, aluminium which are present in green tea create hemoglobin deficiency, which may result in anemia. So, moderate intake is advisable.

So friend! If you are prone to take black tea or coffee on a daily basis, you may consider having green tea as it will provide hundreds of benefits for your health and body system, but always at a limited rate. The adverse effect is very minimal in comparison with the benefits. So, focus on the positive sides of drinking green tea benefits to get the wonderful result.


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Caution: This write-up is only for education and information purpose as it’s not written by Healthcare Professional. It is not medical advice to drink green tea daily. The writer is not responsible for any health complicity arising out of excessive use of green tea. Consult your Doctor before starting to drink green tea daily.







12 Replies to “Drinking Green Tea Benefits, Side Effects and Amount of Daily Intake”

  1. Hi, thank you for this article. I am really glad I found this article. I have been drinking too much green tea recently. I never knew it actually could be problematic drinking to much. I actually started getting upset stomachs and never knew why, perhaps after reading that tannin can be the cause of this it makes sense. I will cut my dosage back to a few cups rather than the normal 6 or 7. This way I can get the full health benefits. It is quite amazing that there are 450 nutrients in green tea as well. Do you drink it? do you like the loose green tea?

    1. Thanks Freddy,  you should always stick to 3 to 4 cups per day only and don’t have green tea empty stomach. Pl stay tuned for my next post Turkish tea.

  2. Hi,
    This is a very imformative post, i never knew green tea had so many uses,i must admit i do suffer with headaches when i drink green tea i see you have put this as one of your side effects.
    I also suffer with heamocromotosis (too much iron) do you think this will affect me in any way if i was to start drinking it again?.
    Also its good to know how many cups to have a day.
    You have a very good post 🙂

    1. Thank you for nice comment. 

      Tannin content in green tea is very use full for iron reduction from body as well as liver. So, if you drink daily 2/3 cups of green tea then definitely you’ll see some change.  In my opinion, always prefer organic loose leaf green tea and don’t drink in empty stomach. Also try to avoid alcohol and other nutritive supplements as sometimes these create adverse impact with green tea. 

      You may also go for green tea extract tablet but my ultimate advice is consult with  your doctor for proper diagnosis.

      God may help you to overcome this problem soon.

      Thank you again!

  3. I completely share your opinion regarding green tea.
    I do drink green tea regularly but always add either lemon or mint for an enhanced flavor. Although there is some evidence suggesting that green tea can cause weight loss, this has never been the case for me. Nevertheless, I still drink green tea because there is evidence that it has anti-oxidant properties and is good for the skin.

    I have learned additional benefits from this post, including the fact that there are 450 compounds in tea. Who could have guessed that tea had this many compounds? I look forward to reading more from you, especially posts on tea recipes from other cultures. I just checked out your cheese tea recipe and might be trying this tonight. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your nice Comment.
      I’m avid lover of green tea and I do experiment of new things whenever I get free time. Regular drinking reasonable amount of green tea is good. Even you can add honey to your green tea.

      Just stay tuned in. Thank you again to know that you are going to prepare Cheese Tea tonight

  4. It’s encouraging to see that green tea promotes skin health. Many months of drinking coffee has actually caused my complexion to look dull and someone recommend that I convert to green tea instead. Not a big fan of the taste buy will try.

    I am actually more keen to use it as a facial musk. You mentioned about using grounded tea leaves. Which brand are you recommending as I can’t see a specific one on your site? Thanks!

    1. Just follow the steps mentioned in my YouTube video as both white tea and green tea are almost similar in composition and also provide same benefits. Home made white Tea  facial mask 

      If you need ready made facial mask then you look at GREEN TEA FACIAL MASK 

      Thanks for your comment. 

  5. Hi, Himanka. I had sunburn recently and didn’t know green tea can help to eradicate the blackish tan. You have mentioned that we can sip it or apply it on suntanned area daily. I am wondering if just by applying green tea bags on the suntanned area will help or we need to use ground tea leaves. Also, can kids drink green tea? Thank you for a great article!

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