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Dieters Tea Weight Loss Brands of 2018: Buyer’s Guide contains 12 best dieters teas for weight loss all around from the world and it also contains the bnefits of best diet tea brands.

An irony existent in the today’s time is “one half of the world is starving and the other half is constantly trying to lose weight.” It is amazing that how human weight has become the centre of “tension” rather than the centre of “attention”.

People are constantly worried about weight issues and don’t know exactly what to do. The prime reason for obesity nowadays is none other than the sedentary lifestyle. The 12-14 hours desk job, getting car rides, using elevators and online shopping all add up to those love handles and flab.

Dieters tea weight loss brands have been introduced in the market to help people in their weight loss journey. A cup of tea that can not only soothe your mind and soul but also aid in weight loss is nothing less than an elixir of today’s time.

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What is dieters tea weight loss?

Dieters tea for weight loss brands are said to be rich in potassium, magnesium and act as a laxative and diuretic. They help your wight loss journey and also help to cleanse the system completely. And improve the digestive system. It contains ingredients like Senna, Aloe, Chinese mallow and other organic elements that work on the digestive tract of the system.

The scientific backing for diet teas is a bit sketchy but the ingredient Senna(that is common in all the teas) is FDI approved. Senna improves metabolism, cure constipation and curbs unhealthy food cravings.  Dieters tea can be taken in moderation on a daily basis for good results.

Some key points to keep in mind while starting to consume Dieters tea weight loss brand

When trying out a dieters tea for weight loss brand the quantity that you consume should be kept the minimum. You can increase the amount gradually.  It is important to understand your body and how your system reacts after consuming a cup of tea. Dieters tea is said to cleanse the system but if taken in excessive quantities one can experience terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea.

So, whenever starting a dieters tea irrespective of the brand you use,  follow the direction thoroughly and do not gulp down a lot of it in just one go. Keep experimenting and see what suits you the best. In case of IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) consulting a doctor will be a good idea. Pregnant and nursing women and people with any sickness should avoid using it.

What are the Benefits of dieters tea weight loss brands?

Though dieters teas are mainly for weight loss purpose, still there are several benefits associated with Dieters tea, let us throw some light on what are they and how they can help:-

Weight Loss: The first and foremost benefit of consuming the best dieters tea is weight loss. They are also famous as slimming tea brands and can help to shed those extra kilos without many adverse changes. They have polyphenols which prevent the formation of excess triglycerides that are also responsible for fat around the waist. The Senna that is one of the most important elements of these teas cleanses the system and eliminates the toxins from the body. It also prevents fat absorption, acts as a hunger suppressant altogether assisting in achieving the weight loss goals.

Boosts Metabolism: Dieters tea for weight loss brand when consumed on a day-to-day basis can help to boost metabolism. Metabolism is a game changer when talking about weight loss. A person with good metabolism is sure to lose oodles of weight.  It averts the conversion of carbohydrate and sugar compounds to fat.  Dieters tea for weight loss brands can also help to reduce the abdominal flab with the help of catechins. The Senna in these teas acts as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. The diuretic effect of caffeine(if any) also helps to lose the water weight. It breaks down fatty substances and makes it much easier for digestion.

Heart diseases: Regular intake of dieters tea assists in lowering the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It also lowers the cholesterol levels in the body and maintains a healthy heart. The polyphenols work as a barrier and do not allow absorption of dietary fat and preventing heart attack and stroke.

Oral health: Weight loss dieters tea brand has catechins and polyphenols that prevent tooth decay and bacterial infestation. These ingredients kill the bacteria that are responsible for bad breath, tooth decay and bleeding gums. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid adding any sweeteners to your teas like honey or sugar-free or sugar. It may take away these benefits.

Prevents ageing: It reduces the signs of ageing and makes you look younger. The antioxidants and amino acids present in dieters tea are great for skin and keep the wrinkles at the bay. They also help to prevent the formation of free radicals that are the key players in ageing.

Boosts immunity: There are several natural compounds in dieters tea weight loss brand that help to prevent you from diseases and getting sick. It boosts the immunity and fights against the disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Bone health: The anti-inflammatory properties of dietary teas also strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. It increases the activity of bones and prevents them against fractures and breakages.

Cancer prevention: The one thing that makes dieters tea so much in demand is the presence of catechins. These are flavonoids a type of antioxidant that prevents cell mutation, degeneration of cells and also zero down the production of tumours.

Glucose tolerance: There are several benefits associated with dieters tea weight loss brand and one of them is the reduction of the amount of insulin. This results in improving the glucose tolerance.

12 best dieters tea weight loss & tea cleanse brands of 2018

In order to make your search easy, I have compiled this list of 12 best dieters tea weight loss brands so that you can choose that top most brand which can fulfill your requirements.

Deieters Tea Weight Loss Brand No. 1

Super Dieter’s Tea- Peppermint By Laci Le Beau 

dieters tea weight loss

This tea is free from caffeine and comes in a pack of 4.  It consists of mint, a large number of herbs, spices and other natural products that gives it an interesting flavor. It aids in weight loss if taken in right amount with sufficient exercise and the right diet. It shouldn’t be taken for more than 10 days and not be given to kids under 12 years old.

Ingredients:  Senna, orange peel, peppermint leaves, stevia powder, Japanese honeysuckle flower, eleuthero root and some more.

The Good: It is a great intestinal cleanser and will surely help to lose weight.

The Bad:

  • Some people may complain of cramps and motions as it has a great effect on your intestines.
  • Need regular exercise and good diet for expected results. You cannot just depend on drinking it and see the results which are what most people expect.
  • People with diarrhea or having issues like loose stools shouldn’t be taking It as it contains senna powder. Senna is a natural laxative and may worsen the diarrhea conditions.

Final Verdict:

If you are someone who is into regular exercising and looking for a healthy drinking option in place of caffeine and tea then this is a good pick. For people who are expecting results just by drinking dietary teas will be sufficiently disappointed. Tea connoisseurs who love to experiment with different varieties of tea and appreciate the flavors can also give it a try.

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Deieters Tea Weight Loss Brand No. 2

Super Dieter’s Tea, All Natural Botanicals by Laci Le Beau

dieters tea weight loss

It is free from caffeine and is made with some of the best herbs and spices put together. When taken with low-calorie foods and exercise it reaps great results.  People can consume it for weight loss and replace it with their regular beverages. It is available in three packs of 15, 30 and 60.  It should be avoided by pregnant and lactating women. The taste is absolutely fine and not gross compared to its counterparts.

Ingredients: Senna, Stevia powder, Orange Peel (Citrus Reticulata), Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), Spearmint Leaf (Mentha Spicata), Marshmallow (Althaea Officinalis)), Japanese Honeysuckle Flower (Lonicera Japonica) and some more

The Good:

  • A great daily cleanser. Just stay at home after drinking it so that you are always near to the restroom.
  • If taken in right amounts and follow the directions alertly no cramps or gas issues.
  • Great for people who are on low carb diet as it keeps them energetic and refreshed.

The Bad:

  • Being a cleanser you need to be near the loo. Try not leaving the house at least for few hours after having tea.
  • On contrary, some may not even hit the loo after having it. People do complain that it had no effect at all.
  • Will take around 8 hours to work if taken just a half cup. It is best if consumed in the night.

Final Verdict:

It is good for people who want to lose weight.  If weight loss is not your concern but having good bowel motions is what you are looking for then in such cases it will do the trick. There are several more flavors available that can be tried and enjoyed.

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Dieters Tea Weight Loss Brand No 3

Trim –Maxx Herbal Dieter’s Tea, Cinnamon by Body Breakthrough

dieters tea weight loss

This dieters tea weight loss brand by Body Breakthrough is caffeine free, good in taste and completely organic with no harsh chemicals.  It facilitates the cleaning of the toxins, aids in weight loss and keeps you energized throughout the day. It can be taken by both men and women. It should be taken during bedtime for the best results.

A cup of this tea is good enough. It is great for people who have problems with bowel movement and are not regular. One bag can be used thrice meaning to say that one tea bag makes three cups of tea. The commonly available box in this market comes with 30 tea bags that can last up to 2-3 months.  If you have diarrhea or start suffering from loose stools after having it does not continue the usage. Pregnant women or people with some medication should always consult a physician before starting its consumption.

Ingredients: (Pentaphyllum), Locust Plant (Cassia Angustifolia), Gynostemma Lycci Berry Leaf and Cinnamon.

The Good:

  • Cinnamon flavor of this tea make it tastes good
  • If taken according to the direction it will work great. Make the bowel movement regular and can cure people with intestinal issues.
  • Can be used on day to day basis.
  • Worth the money

The Bad:

  • May run to the bathroom several times
  • Will take around 7-8 hours for the full result. This can be ignored as most of the dieter’s tea take this much of time.
  • Should be avoided in morning.

Final Verdict:

People who are suffering from chronic constipation or having an intestinal issue for several years may switch to this tea for good results. The colon cleansing action of this tea is pretty good and people can rely on it for a long period of time. The price is pretty less as compared to other counterparts.

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Dieters Tea Weight Loss Brand No. 4

Super Dieter’s Tea- Cranberry twist By Laci Le Beau

dieters tea weight loss

The super dieters tea with cranberry twist help you to lose weight and make your body free from toxins by cleansing the system. It is a great tea for occasional constipation and can be consumed for 10 days on a day to day basis. The steep time for this tea should be as per the direction because the stronger the tea the greater is the number of times you run to the washroom. It comes in a packaging of 60 tea bags and goes a long way.  They have many other flavours you can get anyone that pleases your palette the most.

Ingredients:  Cranberry Twist with other natural flavors Orange Peel (Citrus sinensis), Citric Acid, Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabraa), Chrysanthemum Flower (Chrysanthemum morifolium), Marshmallow Root (Althaea Officinalis),  Eleuthero Root (Eleutherococcus senticosus), , Hibiscus Flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa),  Japanese Honeysuckle Flower (Lonicera japonica), Papaya Leaf (Carica papaya).

The Good:

  • Good for occasional constipation
  • Can be used by people who are just looking for something that can cleanse their system from time to time.
  • It tastes good and has a soothing and calming effect too.
  • Good for making the lazy digestive system work.

The Bad:

  • If looking for a drink that can be taken on a regular basis then it might not fit the bill. It is advised for just 10 days not more than that. Not for people who are into heavy workout and diet and looking for making them regular.

Final Verdict:

Dieters teas are mostly used by people who are on diet or who plan to lose weight. This tea is not a very good choice for people on a diet and wants to be regular. It can be taken on an occasional basis in case of constipation or consume it as a detox drink.

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Dieters Tea Weight Loss Brand No. 5

Dieter’s Tea for Men and Women by Cali Girl

dieters tea weight loss

The Senna leaf helps you to have a regular bowel movement. This ingredient forms the base of almost all the dieters tea weight loss brands.  This is a great tea to regularize your bowel movements and cure your chronic constipation. A green colored box with 12 tea bags is what you get in a normal packaging. Steep it in a hot water just a minute or two for a good effect.

The tea takes around 4-6 hours to work and once it gets processed you will be running to the loo till your system is completely clean. It is caffeine free and it is basically the senna that takes you to the washroom each time. Taken in moderation and not on regular basis can aid in weight loss.

The Good:

  • A great detoxifier. People who suffer from bloating and constipation during their diet regime can completely rely on this. It should be taken 2-3 times a week and get your body completely cleansed.
  • It is cheap and works well.

The Bad:

  • Cannot be taken on a regular basis.
  • If the tea is taken in good amount or better say you left then tea bag way too long to steep in the water, then you may suffer from excessive stomach pain and cramps.
  • Not much pleasing to the mouth palette. The taste and the smell may not be appreciated by everyone.

Final Verdict:

It is a good buy as it is cheap and works just fine, but not recommended for people having a sensitive stomach.   If you are on a diet and looking for a detoxifying tea that can help to cleanse the system from time to time then it can be bought.  One needs to be extra careful with the direction of usage because if not taken in right amount it may cause excessive cramps.

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Dieters Tea Weight Loss Brand No. 6

California Extra Strength Dieter’s tea by Jt’s Cart

dieters tea weight loss

This tea comes in green color package with 20 tea bags and is completely herbal with no caffeine. The bowel movements can be made regularized and people suffering any type of intestinal issues can use it for cleansing their system. As with all other dieters tea one need to check the amount that will work fine for them. The tea bag should be left in the water for just a minute and not more than that for the complete cleanup. The usage direction can be found on the packaging itself.

The Good:

  • The taste is good.
  • If taken in the right amount and quantities it can be your go-to drink.

The Bad:

  • Expensive: With so many options in the market it may be somewhat expensive as you can get similar results from so many other options.
  • Cramps may be felt when the tea starts to work.

Final Verdict:

It is a good pick but with so many other options in the market you won’t like to spend that much of money. The same results can be achieved with less expensive dieters tea. Go for it only if you are looking for some experiment and would like to taste something new. You should drink lots and lots of water whenever drinking dieters tea as it tends to flush even the water out of your system.

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Dieters Tea Weight Loss Brand No. 7

China Slim Dieter’s Delight Tea by China Slim

dieters tea weight loss

One of the most popular diet teas is China slim Dieter’s delight tea. It comes in an attractive green color packaging with 72 tea bags that will go a very long way.  This unisex tea provides extra strength and has no caffeine and is absolutely natural. It should be taken for not more than 10 days. The first time users should just start with the least possible amount and gradually increase the quantity.

It takes around 6-8 hours to work. The taste can be enhanced with honey and lemon juice. It can be taken for weight loss but needs to be accompanied by proper diet and exercise. One needs to be extra careful when buying this tea and follow the instructions very carefully before starting using it.

The Good:

  • The right amount of China slim dieters tea cleanses the system completely.
  • Good value for money as this jumbo pack goes a long way and let you save quite a few bucks.

The Bad:

  • Some people may observe excessive cramping and abdominal pains.
  • Will take around 6-12 hours for good results.
  • Make you run to the restroom a lot of times.
  • If taken in excessive quantity then horrendous pain can occur.

Final Verdict:  You can rely on this tea for effective weight loss and the complete detoxification of the body. The price that you pay is pretty less and you get more than you expect.

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Dieters Tea Weight Loss Brand No. 8

Ultimate Acai Dieter’s & Cleansing Tea by Only Natural

dieters tea weight loss

The taste of Ultimate Acai dieter’s tea has a dominant flavor of Acai berry and Senna. After drinking you will be left with a tart taste in your mouth due to Senna especially for the first-timers. This tea doesn’t make you run to the loo all day long rather it just helps you with your morning stools. It reduces water retention and fat absorption thus preventing excess fat gain. If you are suffering from constipation or haemorrhoids this can be really helpful. Consume it during bedtime for the best results.

Ingredients:  Acai fruit, senna, alfalfa, green tea (caffeine free), dandelion and organic flavours.

The Good:

  • It doesn’t make you run to the loo all day long like some of the common dieters tea. It will just limit your bowel movement once or twice a day.
  • Good for weight loss and can help you lose few pounds if combined with right diet and exercise.
  • Your colon is deeply cleaned of chemicals and toxins.

The Bad:

  • A bit pricey as compared to others in the market.
  • It might be a bit strong for some people.
  • It is more of a laxative than a dieters tea.

Final Verdict:

When talking about the best dieters tea in the market the mind gets confused for finding the right product. This tea is a good pick and can work well if you have constipation issues. Acai tea is loaded with limited and mild amounts of lubricants that do not overdo your bowel movements and just limit them to once or twice in a day. If this is what you are looking for, then Acai tea is the one that you should be buying.

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Dieters Tea Weight Loss Brand No. 9

Body Slim Dieter Tea by Uncle Lee’s Tea  


dieters tea weight loss

This tea is based on the ancient science of Chinese herbs and is based on the book “Detailed Outlines on Chinese herbs”. It consists of the mixture of premium herbs and spices. This formula is tested and has been proven to give the best results. The tea is free from caffeine and the best part is people do not face any cramping or abdominal pains.  This tea, when taken in the right amount and with a perfect balance of fruits, vegetables and exercise will give the best results.  It needs to be taken in the night before bedtime.

Ingredients: Cassia Augustifolia (Senna Leaves, Chicory Root, Licorice Root, Honeysuckle, Ginseng (Chinese Ginseng), Chrysanthemum, ), Black Berry Leaves, Orange Peel.

The Good:

  • Do not cause cramping which is quite common among most of the dieters tea
  • Natural laxative
  • A great choice for people who love to enjoy the natural flavors of tea and spices.
  • Helps to regulate the bowel movements without any pain and abnormalities.
  • It will aid in weight loss.

The Bad:

  • Can be a bit pricey for some people who have been using other inexpensive options.
  • The taste may not be appealing to few.

Final Verdict:

This ancient tea let you experience the natural taste and flavors that are not adulterated. People with sensitive taste may not be very impressed by the raw flavors.  If you are in search of a herbal tea that can make you regular and help with smoothening of the stools then this will do the trick.  Aids in weight loss and is one of the best dieters tea for the dieters.

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Dieters Tea Weight Loss Brand No. 10

Dieters’ Drink Extra Strength by American Ultra

dieters tea weight loss

This dieters tea by American ultra is 100 % natural and organic. It is blended with premium quality of herbs and spices. These herbs and spices are tested for their inherent qualities so that the best results are attained.  It is free of any caffeine, additive or preservatives.  The primary ingredient of this tea is Senna leaf so you may need rush to the restroom more than once.  It cleanses out the system completely. It is advisable to consult a physician before starting the use. All the dieters and herbal teas should be accompanied with lots of water as they can make your body dehydrated in some cases.

Note:  Pregnant and nursing women, old aged people, individuals with any intestinal condition or any sickness should not use this tea. In case of experiencing diarrhoea, loose stools or excessive abdominal cramps immediately stop the usage. It is not a medicine and does not cure, prevent any disease.

The Good:

  • It cleanses the system completely.
  • It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Tested and completely natural
  • No caffeine

The Bad:

  • Abdominal pain may be experienced.
  • It makes you run to the restroom several times a day during the initial start.
  • It can be used moderately and not on a daily basis.

Final Verdict:

When considering the cost and the number of tea bags that you get it is a fair deal. One can surely give it a try once or twice and if it doesn’t work then it won’t hurt a lot. If you are looking for a tea for occasional cleansing then this is a good option to go for. It should be taken moderately and not on regular basis.

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Dieters Tea Weight Loss Brand No. 11

Extra Strength Dieters’ ll True Slim Tea By Bamboo

dieters tea weight loss

It is an FDA approved delicious all oriental herbal tea.  This tea which helps to prevent bloating, aids in weight loss, removes excess fat deposits and boosts the metabolic rate.  It cleanses out the system completely and helps to make you regular. A great drinking option for people on diet or facing some sort of bowel movement issues.  It can be taken once or twice in a day after meals. You will have to use the restroom more often than the normal days.

This dieters tea work differently for different people so one needs to adjust the amount they want to consume. A cup of tea or two will work fine but one should start with minimum quantity as directed on the packaging.  It is recommended that one should stop its use in case of any abnormal reactions or activities in the body.

Ingredients: Malva Verticellata and other natural oriental herbs

The Good:

  • It is caffeine free and purely herbal
  • Pricing is reasonable as compared to other counterparts
  • Available in extra strength and regular strength whatever suits you the best
  • It has been formulated by the famous herbalist Li-si-zhen
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Good to taste

The Bad:

  • Details about this tea are very limited. You will have to buy it to check it for yourself.
  • The ingredients list is also very less so one cannot tell the exact products that are being used.

Final Verdict:

This tea can be bought as it won’t hurt your pocket. If you have already tried a lot of teas and have not found the perfect one still then going for Extra Strength Dieters’ ll True Slim Tea By Bamboo is not at all a bad idea.  All people have different bodies and they react differently to different things so maybe this works for you.  It can help you with your weight loss goals.

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Dieters Tea Weight Loss Brand No. 12

Dieters Green Tea by Triple Leaf Tea

dieters tea weight loss

It is a completely herbal and natural

Rink infused with decaffeinated green tea. It consists of Senna a Chinese herb that works as a natural laxative and cleanses out the system.  It helps to regularize the bowel movements that may be hampered due to dieting, constipation and other. It aids in weight loss and can help people in the occasional cleaning of the toxins out of their system. It is delicious in taste and can be called decaf green tea. The tea is not bitter and is pretty soothing and smooth. You can drink it hot or cold during or after bedtime.

Ingredients:  Proprietary Blend of Herbs: Senna , Whorled Mallow Leaf (Malva Verticillata), Loquat Leaf (Eriobotrya Japonica), Chinese Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza Uralensis), Senna Angustifolia Leaf and Stem, Naturally Decaffeinated Green Tea Leaf (Camellia Sinensis),

The Good:

  • This tea tastes great and the infused green tea let you fulfill the caffeine cravings.
  • Works as a detox drink and cleanses the system inside out and let you feel clean, light from the inside as well as the outside.
  • A diet with this tea is made easier
  • It can be used daily.
  • The price is also affordable when compared with so many options in the market.

The Bad:

  • It may or may not work for everybody. (This implies for almost all the options in the markets)
  • Being rich in Senna you may have to run to the restroom quite often.

Final Verdict:

If you want a green tea and caffeine replacement then this will be the best pick.  As it doesn’t taste bitter and has a soothing effect that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Weight can be managed to some extent but again depending solely on it for weight loss will not do anything. The right diet and exercise with dieters green tea by triple leaf can surely help you in losing some pounds. It is a recommended buy for its price, taste and effects.

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All the above mentioned 12 best dieters tea for weight loss brands are the best herbal tea brands which really help to get weight loss and body cleansing. If you have sound health then you cany try these brands for burning your extra fats and also get a cleanse body for good physical and mental health.


Note:  The results of these dieters tea weight loss brand will vary from individual to individual depending upon diet, exercise and composition of the body. This article is not written by health care professional and written for general informational and educational purposes only. And this is not to be taken as medical recommendation or advice.

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