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In every family, tea is like a regular and most consistent drink that everyone prefers to have. It gives a sublime pleasure which is hardly there in any other beverage.

Now, as health is a matter of consciousness, people love to drink green tea over other types of beverages. Green tea offers all kinds of health benefits that people need, but tea lovers sensitive to caffeine cannot drink it. For them, decaffeinated green tea is the best option as it removes the caffeine and other polyphenols.

Decaf green tea (1) can invariably help in weight loss as it has no calories in it and people who are obedient to maintain a healthy diet can drink it without any second thought.

In this entire write up I’ll take you through a journey about decaffeinated Green Tea and highlight all facets of it.  You will also get to read about different decaf green tea available under the various brands in the form of product reviews. But, for now, let start with the decaffeination process of this healthy drink.

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Decaffeination Process

Ingredients of Decaf Green Tea

Decaf Green Tea Benefits

Decaf Green Tea Side Effects

Which is healthier – Decaf or Regular?

A Final Note on Decaf Green Tea

How is green tea decaffeinated?

The Process

There are five different ways of green tea decaffeination. Tea lovers will find it interesting to know all the processes. Let’s take a quick look at all of them.

1. Natural Decaffeination

It is the most common method used.  The decaffeination process takes place by using a chemical solvent Ethyl Acetate. Over here the tea leaves are immersed in the water to release the caffeine and other compounds available.

The tea leaves are then separated from the water and are brought in close contact with Ethyl Acetate to absorb the caffeine. Again the leaves are re-immersed in the water to absorb the missing nutrients.

2. CO2 Decaffeination

It is also known as supercritical fluid extraction where the tea leaves are soaked in a solution of CO2 to release caffeine. The tea leaves get separated from the solution, and the caffeine is filtered by using charcoal. At the end to infuse the lost nutrients in the tea, the leaves are re-immersed into the solution.

CO2 decaffeination preserves 95% of tea compounds in comparison to others according to experts. But it is seldom available in the market due to high processing cost and light taste.

3. Hot water Decaffeination

At first tea leaves are soaked in water to remove caffeine without affecting the other nutrients. In the end, all the decaffeinated leaves are fried or baked to add flavour to it. Many tea experts believe that hot water decaffeination is the most effective process amongst others.

4. Theanine decaffeination

Theanine decaffeinates tea naturally due to which there remains no such effect of caffeine.  It is an amino acid found in a considerable quantity in tea buds harvested during spring.

5. Green tea supplement

At times supplements can also help in decaffeination.  Teavigo is one of the most suitable supplements that decaffeinates green tea in an effective manner. The only issue with this supplement is that it gives no guarantee of weight loss.

What other ingredients are added in Decaffeinated Green tea?

decaffeinated green tea

Often decaf green tea is blended with different kinds of herbs. Along with the original leaf, the tea companies use different herbs to provide some extra health benefits and a refreshing flavour.

The process of blending takes place with several flowers and fruits, to get a better quality tea. Often the rich aroma and spicy nature of the tea is due to the addition of cinnamon, cloves, white pepper, etc.

Most people are under the impression that blending the herbs may destroy the flavour of the tea, but it is just to add natural energy to the drink and with that boosting qualities to lift up your drowsiness.

Also, different companies blend different herbs to match the USP of their own product.  That is the only reason you find a unique taste with different teas.

Later in the product descriptions of various tea brands, you will get to see different kinds of herbs added to the tea leaf. The compilation of herbs is an exciting method to enhance the tea quality without affecting the originality of the product.

Slowly while reading the entire write up, you will form an idea about the compilation of herbs and much more. For now, take a look at the benefits which is coming next.

6 Decaf Green Tea Advantages

Decaf green tea has several advantages which are not known to people. The following points will highlight the benefits in an illustrative manner to make people buy decaf green tea.

decaffeinated green tea benefits

1. Prevents from gaining weight

The essential advantage of decaf green tea is that it prevents excess weight gain.  Many research studies have revealed that green tea with caffeine might be more helpful for weight loss as it stimulates the metabolism faster, but even decaf tea helps people with weight loss.

In the contemporary years, tea lovers never drink a cup of tea for the sake of taste and flavour but to keep their health intact. As instances of obesity have increased, people are trying to lose weight, and decaf green tea is a perfect drink to control excess weight.

2. Good for Cardio health

Research says that Decaf green tea eliminates the chances of coronary artery diseases. If a person consumes five cups of decaf green tea in a day, then it can lower the chances of cardiovascular disease as the enzyme that destroys the arterial walls gets neutralized.

On the other hand decaffeinated green tea also reduces the triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body.  Don’t just drink decaf green tea for the sake of habits, but learn how well it helps different organs in the body. The tea is not just about taste, but more of good health.

3. Proper control of the blood sugar level

People who are suffering from blood sugar must drink decaf green tea on a regular basis as it helps to enhance the blood sugar control and also the insulin sensitivity. Many research studies have concluded that epigallocatechin 3- gallate which is present in decaf green tea helps to reduce the RNA molecules that produce enzymes to create glucose.

The glucose and the insulin together extract the energy formed from the consumed food.  The consumption of green tea for a year can also improve the insulin sensitivity in the body.

4. Prevents spreading of free radicals

Polyphenols one of the primary antioxidants in decaffeinated green tea fights with free radicals to prevent damage. The free radicals in the body damage the cell, DNA mutation and also lead to cell death.

5. Biggest healer of hypertension

Decaf green tea is presumably the healthiest liquid diet due to its versatility in providing health benefits.  If a person consumes two cups of tea regularly for quite an extensive period, there is a 45% chance of developing no high blood pressure.

6. Helps in the digestion of pregnant women

During pregnancy the food intake capacity of women increases which leads to indigestion. Decaffeinated green tea is the perfect drink which helps to reduce the level of intestinal gas and the inflammation at the gastrointestinal tract. The tea also consists of several antioxidants which stimulate the body cells to function effectively.

Like these, there are several other benefits that the tea provides, and it is advisable for people to consume it for healthy living.


Decaf Tea Side Effects

It’s quite evident that every good thing has a side effect of its own. Though the consumption of decaf green tea is good yet it has some significant drawbacks which people should be aware of as well.

1. It carries caffeine

Drinking decaf green tea due to zero caffeine is a wrong idea. A little amount of caffeine is present in decaf green tea even after decaffeination. Also though the quantity is low, it causes a slight irritation in the body. No decaf green tea is 100% caffeine-free.

2. Presence of antioxidants minerals

Polyphenol is a type of chemical present at a very high concentration in decaf green tea.  This chemical also helps to regulate various health issues like cardiovascular disease, cancer, free radicals and much more. But unfortunately, in the middle of tea decaffeination process around 70% of polyphenols are lost. The loss of polyphenol depends on the decaffeination process where water retains around 90% of it.

decaffeinated green tea side effects

3. Affects the original flavour of the tea

Along with the removal of caffeine, the taste of the tea also gets lost in the decaffeination process. The process of decaffeination also plays a vital role over here.

4. Decaffeination process leaves chemicals

Decaf Green tea gets decaffeinated through various methods like Water, Carbon Dioxide, and Methylene Chloride which leaves behind harmful chemicals on the tea leaves.

5. Constrain the functions of certain medications

Excess consumption of decaf green tea may constrain the functions of certain medicines like adenosine, antibiotics, and some blood thinning medications.

6. Not 100% safe for a pregnant woman without precautions

Decaffeinated Green tea is safe for pregnant women, but there are few precautions to be taken as decaf green tea has side effects which are harmful in such a critical condition.

Caffeine present in a minimal amount reaches the placenta and affects the health of the baby. The body also loses essential nutrients due to excess consumption of caffeine.

Along with drinking decaf green tea, also try to consume other nutritious beverages like milk, fruit juice, and plain water. But for a pregnant woman, every step is crucial, and that is why she must consult a doctor before making decaf green tea as a part of her regular diet.

The decaffeination process is crucial in decaf green teas. The percentage of health value depends on the decaf process that the tea company follows.

The decaf process through water and carbon dioxide are the best as it provides both good health and leaves behind no harmful chemicals. Consumers are not aware of the decaf green tea side effects, but having knowledge about these side effects, makes them conscious buyers.

Which is healthier-  decaf or regular green tea?

There are several write-ups on this comparison study, but the truth never got disclosed. Both green tea and decaf are good for health, but at some points, decaf is better. Let’s see how?

The comparison study is mainly dependant on various research works that gets conducted. The study reveals that the flavanol content of green tea varies between a range of 21.2 to 103.2 milligrams per gram, while the range is much less in decaf green tea which is like 4.6 to 39.

Along with this, the antioxidant value has a vast difference like 728 to 1686 milligrams in regular green tea while 507 to 845 in decaf green teas.

Both regular green tea and decaf green tea are good for health, but it solely depends on a person who is consuming it. Like people who are sensitive to caffeine, cannot drink green tea under any circumstances but are free to drink decaffeinated green tea which also contains caffeine, but only a negligible amount.

Coming back to green tea, it is also a recommended drink by doctors and research suggested that it helps to deal with liver problems.

The comparison study will only highlight the various facets of both the products, but can never declare one to be the best.

There are tea lovers who love to drink green tea and find no other drink better than this, and also there are individuals who prefer decaf over everything.  This preference depends on several things like the taste, brand value, individual health benefits, and some blended materials.

The choice among the two is difficult as both are good in their own way. A person who loves green tea will find it difficult to skip to decaf tea, and vice versa.

One can try any of the two, based on the taste, as both green tea, and decaf green tea are recommended by experts as a part of a healthy nutritious diet.

The Final Note

A habit is always a good one if it adds useful things to your body. Decaffeinated Green Tea is a perfect blend of taste and good health.  People who love to drink tea must try decaf green tea for once in the beginning. The starting may be a little disappointing as the taste may vary, but with time it will be fine, and you will start liking it.

An important thing which you should know that decaf green teas under various brands are not the same, as there is a difference in taste and even colour. So it’s better to fix a brand if you plan to drink decaf green tea as a part of your diet.

If you are addicted to tea, then it is definitely a perfect choice.  It is much better than any other types of tea which may cause imbalances to your health.

But yes if you are under any clinical treatment then always consult your doctor before consuming this.

Thousands of people have voted for decaffeinated Green tea as the healthiest tea available in the market.  Next time when you go to the market, make sure you buy at least a single pack of decaf green tea of any brand.

It is difficult to like a product at the first go, but decaffeinated green tea is such a delight to drink that none can resist from buying and making it a part of routine life.


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14 Replies to “Is Decaffeinated Green Tea Still Good for You like Normal Green Tea?”

  1. My wife and I are big tea drinkers and we like both caffeinated and de-caffeinated teas for different times of the day. We love green tea and we have been turned on to matcha recently. Is there a de-caffeinated version of matcha available that you recommend? I think the flavor makes a great bedtime tea if so.

    1. Hey thanks,

      It is really hard to find decaf matcha tea brand. You’ll find decaf version of loose leaf tea varieties but it’s difficult to find decaf versions of powdered tea. But, you can find decaf version of other Japanese green teas – sencha, Genmaicha, kukicha etc.

      If I’ll find any decaf matcha then definately I’ll inform you.


  2. Hi there,

    Wow, I am impressed by this review, I found it really interesting!

    I love green tea, but I don’t drink it a lot because it contains caffeine and it excites me too much. It’s the only thing that bothers me in the Green tea. I didn’t know that there is green tea without caffeine, I am so happy to hear this! I will definitely try it out the Choice tea in the form of bags. It will save me a lot of time!

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Thanks,

      There are different decaf tea varieties- decaf green tea, decaf white tea, decaf black tea and so on. Decaf teas are great for the people who have intolerance towards caffeine and who have some health related problems. Try some decaf green teas and let me know your feelings on that brands.


  3. Thank you for this valuable information about decaf green tea. I prefer coffee over tea but after reading a lot of really good things about green tea, especially in controlling blood sugar level, I am now considering switching to tea.

    By the way, you mentioned something about decaf green tea having a high concentration of antioxidants (polyphenol) but unfortunately 70% of it gets lost during decaffeination.

    How will I know what particular brand of decaf green tea has retained the highest amount of polyphenol after decaffeination?

    1. If you prefer coffee over tea and if you are regular coffee drinker then normal green tea is most suitable for you. Normal green tea has high amount of antioxidants than decaf one. If you want to have green tea for some benefits then choose normal one as it’s difficult to acertain polyphenol amount of decaf green tea. You have to rely on the product description which also not 100% true.

      So, it is better to have normal green tea if you don’t have any intolerance towards caffeine.

      Thanks and cheers!

  4. Hi,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to write a good article about decaffeinated green tea.
    I’m a green tea lover and I must say I drink it everyday, but not the decaffeinated, I drink the regular one.
    I switch to drink tea a few months ago as I decided to stop having sweet drinks and I feel much better and it’s helping me to lose some weight.
    It’s always good to read a good article to know more about green tea, as I have no problem drinking the regular one, I never paid attention to the decaffeinated, now I know its benefits, I will try it.
    How many green tea cups per day would be too much?

    1. Decaffeinated green tea is less strong than normal green tea. If you don’t have any intolerance towards caffeine and if you are of sound health then normal green tea is much better. If you are regular drinker of normal green tea then I suggest you not to drink more than 3 cups of normal green tea per day as normal green tea contains high amount of caffeine than other tea varieties and excessive caffeine consumption is not good. The best intake amount is 3 cups daily.

      If you go for decaffeinated green tea then you can have more than 3 cups. You can have daily 5-6 cups. But decaffeinated green tea contains less antioxidants than normal one.

      Thanks and Cheers!

  5. Wow you sure do know you stuff about green tea! I didn’t know it didn’t have calories in it. My favorite one to drink would be the Bigelow brand, both the caffeine and the decaffeinated .I haven’t really tried the other ones but after your review ill have to give some of them a try. (:Thanks!

    1. Ohh really, try both and let me know which one you like most. I’ll help me to come up with more in-depth reviews in the future.

      Thanks and Cheers!

  6. Hi
    I drink green tea every now and again, i must say i have never had decaffinated so it is very interesting to read your post:)
    Love the benefits of green tea as i am trying to lose weight, would i have to drink this all the time to be able to get results?
    I really did not know there was so many different tea’s to choose from and you have described each one in good detail.
    Thank’s for the info:)

    1. Yeah, for weight loss purpose you can drink green tea and it is really helpful. But don’t consume more than 3-4 cups daily. Do some physical exercise too for quick result. 


  7. Thanks a lot for the informative post! I found this very helpful and enriching. I’m a huge fan of green tea and have never really thought of the differences in decaf and normal.

    How many cups of green tea is recommended per day? Is there such a thing as ‘too much’ green tea?

    1. If you love normal green tea then don’t take more than 3-4 cups daily. And if you love decaf then you can go for more than that. 


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