cheese tea recipeNow a day, people are seeking for frisky food and nourishment so that they can feel zealous while devoting their precious time in their work. On demand of people for savor something new, one latest food emerged in China named as ‘cheese tea’ which is in high demand not only in China but also in many other countries. In this post, I’m going to tell you detail about Cheese Tea recipe and how you can prepare cheese tea at home and enjoy the taste.

In China, the impact of cheese tea has been instant and highly transmittable. Apart from this, some tea sellers of Malaysia got inspired by the China’s most trending recipe known as cheese tea. Even few of them also setup their business as a cheese tea seller, namely – Regiustea, Chizu Drink and Royaltea.

My previous experience with HEYTEA at Guangzhou was really indelible. HEYTEA is very popular for its cheese tea in China. When I was at HEYTEA outlet for tasting cheese tea then I observed long queues of people in front of the outlet. They all were waiting for their order of cheese tea outside the HEYTEA outlet. The number of outlets of Regiustea, Royaltea and HEYTEA in China are as follows –

Regiustea – 72 outlets.

Royaltea – 130 outlets.

HETEA – 50 outlets.

In Malaysia, when Cheese tea was launched in the month of March at Chizu Drink in the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and Regiustea in Sunway Velocity Mall in April then sale of cheese tea has begun to lead huge profit a day. Approx 1000 cups of cheese tea dispenses per day in Heytea. Recently, another major player, Royaltea officially inaugurated its first Klang Valley outlet in SS15 in Subang Jaya on May 7, securing a firm footing for this genre of trendy drinks.

Don’t need to be worry; if you’re from USA you can have your cheese tea there as well. To taste cheese mousse with mountain green tea, you can visit Royaltea USA outlets.
Now maybe you are thinking about the meaning of cheese tea.

What is Cheese Tea?

cheese tea recipeWell, it is a type of green tea or black tea with a layer of cheese on it. Yes, it’s possible to have a cheese layer on green tea or black tea which is known to be as cheese tea. Here cheese refers to cream cheese which is either sweet or salty. In simple terms, green or black tea are topped with a creamy cheese foam made with whipped cream, milk and cream cheese end up with a pinch of rock salt on it .

Yes, I’m discussing about cheese tea. But do you know how to make cheese tea?

After testing out various ingredients, I’ve decided to do a little experiment of mine in an attempt to imitate their cheese tea. So if you’re feeling adventurous, why not give it a try?

The cheese cream can be topped on almost anything. We’ve seen it on hot, cold, plain, and milk tea recipes but cold cheese tea are in high demand in all those countries in which people are compulsive of it.

Look the ingredients of Cheese tea recipe

  • First of all take 400ml cold tea of your choice (green tea, earl grey, jasmine, oolong, etc). On the other hand, cheese tea recipeprepare cheese by picking a clean and dry round whisking bowl then add the cream cheese, cream cheese powder and milk into the bowl and stir it gently.
  • When cheese will properly dissolve then add UHT whip cream, sugar and salt and then stir it leisurely.
  • Blend it until all the sugar and salt will dissolve.
  • Then check consistency and agitate it to medium peak.
  • After that, cover it with cling wrap and enjoy your cheese tea.

After mentioning the ways of preparing cheese tea, now the next question may arise in our mind “how much to serve?” Here are some facts which an individual should know while consuming cheese tea.cheese tea recipe

  • First step is to take one 600ml cup then pour prepared cold tea in the cup.
  • Thereafter, scoop sufficient amount of cheese so that it can become an uppermost layer of the tea.
  • At last, sprinkle some matcha green tea powder over the cheese and enjoy.

Now what’s next?

List of ingredients for cheese tea recipe

Considering all the facts of preparing this food recipe, now cooking cheese tea recipe is not a big deal. But the question is what are the types of ingredients required for making cheese tea recipe at home? Here I’m outlining the level of quantity of each ingredient or component of cheese tea.
Have a look.

Ingredient requires in cheese:cheese tea recipe

  • 240ml UHT Whip Cream
  • 30g Cream Cheese
  • 30g Cream Cheese Powder
  • 90ml Fresh Milk (Full Cream)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 40g sugar

Similarly, ingredient used in tea:

  • Tea of your choice (matcha green tea, earl grey, jasmine, etc)
  • Sugar as per your taste requirement.

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You can also buy matcha green tea from Amazon. Buy now for your cheese tea recipe.


At the end, I am concluding this cheese tea in few words.

Cheese tea is a recipe which can be easily prepared within a couple of minutes. This concept of preparing tea topped with creamy cheese foam was first initiated in China by some innovators which led to raise popularity of tea not only in China but also in many other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and other European countries.

The trend of this recipe is in high demand and encouraging people to take initiative step for introducing this food recipe in their country as well.

I think you’ve got to know how you can prepare your cup of cheese tea at home. You don’t need to go any cheese tea outlet to taste cheese tea anymore. You have the choice to prepare cheese tea by yourself and also you can treat your gusts with this new beverage recipe – cheese tea recipe.

Why are you thinking? Just move on and prepare you cup off cheese tea.
Have a nice drink!

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6 Replies to “CHEESE TEA RECIPE”

  1. Cheese Tea sounds very interesting. I am a huge tea drinker and I love a wide variety of teas. I also love cheese. So I think this would be something I would enjoy.

    I was reading through the ingredients and I see cream cheese powder. Can you tell me more about where I can find this and what it is?

    1. Thank you Wendy

      Cream cheese powder is available in Amazon and you can also try in The cream cheese powder is a great source of vitamin A.
      I hope, you’ll try cheese tea at home. stay tuned for next recipe on tea.

  2. Will there be a major taste different if I were to replace UHT whip cream for regular pasteurized whip cream? For example, Borden?

    1. Yes, you can leave out cheese powder. The main purpose of cheese powder is for taste and flavor variation. The taste of cream cheese and cheese powder is quite different. Anyway, you can use cream cheese instead of cheese powder.
      Try it and let me know the taste and flavor without cheese powder.
      Thanks and cheers!

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