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Pu erh tea

What is Pu erh tea or Puer tea? Puer teas are produced in Yunnan Province of China. This type of tea is highly valued in the world as the processing techniques have been a well-guarded secret for centuries. Like wine, the quality and taste of this type of tea improve with age. For Wikipedia definition click here. Pu erh teas are very expensive. You have to spend many thousands of dollars if you want to buy more than 50 years old puer tea. You may say this type of tea is more expensive than gold. Puer tea is fully oxidized and has lower antioxidants than white and green tea. It… Read More

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black tea

Black tea

What is Black Tea? Black tea or Red tea is fully fermented and stronger in flavor than the other types of teas like white and green tea. The level of antioxidant in this type of tea is almost zero because of full fermentation. The most popular types of teas in the Western tea culture like sun tea, sweet tea, iced tea or other blended teas are typically made using black tea as based tea. Even the famous English breakfast tea and Earl Grey tea are made from the black loose leaf teas. But in Asian countries like Japan and China, the green tea is more popular. Typically two types of… Read More

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loose tea better than tea bags

Wulong tea

What is Wulong tea? Wulong tea is a semi-oxidized tea type. The name Wulong resembles the black dragon. The Chinese named it Wulong for its long, curly, big and twisted dark leaves. It is a traditional Chinese tea, semi-oxidized in nature. The oxidation range varies from 10%-70%. Though Wulong produced from the leaves, and of the same plant like green tea, it is different in nature. The difference between all types of tea is due to the way of processing. Wulong tea has a wide variety, and the taste of the leaves, appearance, and flavor varies region wise. Components of Wulong tea The caffeine content is medium in comparison with… Read More

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best snow buds tea brands

Green Tea

What is Green Tea? Green Tea is a less fermented version of Black Tea and more popular than white tea. Green tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis leaves and buds. There are two basic green tea types- loose leaf and powdered green tea. This beverage is known for its test and good flavor profile like malty, fruity and roasted. It has less antioxidants than white tea but more than black and oolong tea. Know Wikipedia definition of green tea. History of Green Tea The essence of green tea was first originated in 2737 B.C in China, during the rule of Emperor Shennong and from the very beginning it has… Read More

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loose leaf white tea for skin care and anti-aging

White Tea

What is white tea? White tea is also called ‘baicha’ in Chinese. White tea is made from the unfurled and youngest buds of the wonderful tree Camellia Sinensis. White appearance of white tea is because of silver hairs that cover the young buds. It is the least processed tea and has more antioxidants than green tea. The color of the white tea is snowy silver or pale yellow and gives fresh and light delicate flavor. It is an expensive tea brand as the production process is very laborious and costly. As per Merriam-Webster, the answer to what is white tea – “White tea is the tea that is light in… Read More

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