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7 best tea gardens to experience tea tasting in your Darjeeling tour

Darjeeling tour has many wonderful things to offer – whether you are tea connoisseur, tea lover, or just nature lover it doesn’t matter. Here, I have compiled a list of 7 best tea gardens of Darjeeling where anyone can take the tea tasting experience during Darjeeling tour. If you wanna have some wonderful moment with your own inner self in the most tranquil environment far away from the hustle-bustle of city life forgeting your routine 9 to 6 busy work schedule, if you love nature and wanna explore more, visit Darjeeling! Any why to choose tea testing experience tour instead many other customized tour packages? Just get going with this… Read More

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Tea Tour India: Explore Tea Tourism in Palampur

Tea tourism in Palampur is awesome as it is an astounding hill station of Himachal Pradesh. This place is famous for tea tree plantation in north India and one of the best destinations for tea tour India. The abundance of tea gardens covers large hillsides area of Palampur. It is also a very peaceful place that catches people’s attraction. Palampur is typically surrounded by mountains ranges and pine trees. Numerous streams flow from mountains towards open areas.This blend of water and greenery in Palampur gives it an exclusive look. Upper regions experience fleshy snowfall, so you’ll see white hills of snow everywhere in all directions. Besides its scenic beauty, this… Read More

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The Nilgiris Tea Tasting Tour: Explore Tea Tourism In India

Visit Coonoor , a place of the Nilgiri distict of Tamil Nadu state for your tea tasting tour and explore vast tea tourism attractions of South India. A perfect tea tasting experience happens when you forget everything and dive into the aromatic zest of the Nilgiri teas. There is a myriad of flavors, aromas, and colors that you get to experience during the Nilgiris tea tasting tour. These tea vacations give you an insight of how tea leaves evolve from a plant to a commercially perfect tea packets for day-to-day use. Tea tasting tour to the Nilgiris The Nilgiris tea tasting tour will let you savor the finest teas and… Read More

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Munnar Tea Estate Tour: Places to Visit and Things to Avoid in Munnar

Why to choose Munnar Tea Estate Tour? Munnar also called Kashmir of South India is a pleasant township with breathtaking beauty situated in Western Ghats mountain range of Kerala state of India. It is primarily a hill station and bygone resort for the British elite surrounded by rustling hills covered with tea plantations rooted in the late 19th century. Munnar Tea Estate Tour with Neelakurinji Experience [Tea Tour India, Part- ll] Munnar is a colorful canvas of lush green tea plantations, flowing streams by the hillsides, and winding billowy paths. There are some absolutely delightful activities to ingest the astounding beauty of the largest tea growing region of peninsular India.… Read More

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Chanoyu tea ceremony

The ultimate tea culture of Japan: Chanoyu tea ceremony

Sipping a cup of warm tea in the most serene and tranquil environment is a wonderful moment. Doesn’t it sound beautiful? Oh definitely yes it does! This is how Japanese  Chanoyu tea ceremony would make you feel. Tea holds many traditional and cultural values in various cultures around the world besides being a simple every-day beverage. And, tea is a tradition in itself in Japan that not just binds people together but also reflects their hospitality and generosity towards guests. Chanoyu Tea Ceremony- a brief introduction The Japanese tea ceremony is an important cultural ritual of making and serving Matcha, powdered green tea of Japan. In the local language, the… Read More

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Tea Trails in Sri Lanka: The Ceylon Tea Tour Destinations

Tea Trails in Sri Lanka: The Ceylon Tea Trails Someone has rightfully said, “Given enough tea, I could rule the world.” This simple elixir of life is the answer to all your problems. That’s why it would make perfect sense to embark on a journey for tea trails in Sri Lanka. Just imagine, you wake up in a sprawling tea estate to the sounds of chirping birds and a light wind that rustles the leaves of the tree right next to your bungalow. The aroma of freshly brewed tea in the air will tingle your sense and make you energetic for the whole day. All day long, you find yourself… Read More

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