arizona iced tea

AriZona Iced Tea Recipe – the Best Iced Tea in the Hot Summer Days

The ready-made Arizona iced tea recipe has taken the world by storm, since its inception in the year 1992. The popularity of the Arizona iced tea is due to the use of the best quality and healthy ingredients which combine with sumptuous flavors to keep its customers delightfully refreshed. The beautifully packaged iced tea comes at an attractive price tag with loads of nutritional benefits. More than 25 years after the birth of the Arizona beverages, 680 ml syrupy iced tea in the ‘big can’, comes at an astounding price of $0.99 in the United States. The deliciously refreshing iced tea has the honour of being enjoyed by people all… Read More

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kirkland signature green tea

The Secret of Kirkland Signature Green Tea Revealed

Kirkland signature green tea brand has created some sensations over the previous months and still it is going on. We, off course, know many green tea brands from around the world, but what about Kirkland tea? I have surprised to see the sensation of Kirkland green tea. The Google Trend data shows me an increase of 40% monthly search in the USA alone. So, what’s the hype about Kirkland signature green tea brand? Before going to discuss the details, let me tell you the story behind Kirkland signature brands. Know the Kirkland and Kirkland signature green tea Kirkland is a beautiful city in the King Country, Washington, USA. Once, it… Read More

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best white tea brands

Best white tea brands from Darjeeling

Before going to know the best white tea brands from Darjeeling, let’s discuss the characteristics of Darjeeling tea which make it world-famous. Darjeeling is a world-renowned name in the map of tea where tea plants are grown at an elevation range of 5000 feet above sea level. The tea plants which are grown in Darjeeling are of Chinese variety– Camellia Sinensis var. Sinensis. Best Green Tea Brands of the World in 2018: Buyer’s Guide White Matcha Tea White Peony Tea: The Best White Brands from China Best Moonlight White Tea Brands Best Snow Buds Tea Brands of 2018: Buyer’s Guide The quality, taste, and aroma and flavor profile of tea… Read More

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white peony tea

White peony tea: The best loose leaf white tea brand

White peony tea is a unique Chinese white tea variety. It is also known as Pai Mu tan or Bau Mu Dan in Chinese. Silvery unopened buds along with two tender leaves are handpicked to make white peony tea. The freshly handpicked leaves and the buds are allowed to dry under the sun. This leads to the natural oxidation and further makes this tea aromatic and spectacular. Have a look- Best Green Tea Brands of the World in 2018: Buyer’s Guide White peony tea- where is it grown? Originally Pai Mu Tan or Bau Mu Dan were grown and harvested in Fujian, Fuding and Zhenghe regions in China. Nowadays, white… Read More

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best detox tea cleanse

Best Detox Tea Cleanse Review 2018: Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best detox tea brand from a lot of options available in the market is really a tough job. So, we’ve complied one comprehensive list of 12 best detox tea brands available to purchase online. Read detox teas for weight loss to know what’s detox tea, details of product ingredients, it’s health benefits, and side effects. What is detox tea? It is a blended tea which contains original tea leafs along with other herbs or a blend of different herbs. The composition, quality and taste of a detox tea vary with brands and other specifications. Drinking instructions You can drink detox tea hot or cold if you follow the… Read More

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sow mei tea

Sow mei tea: the special white tea brand from China

Sow mei tea is a special variety of white tea with a resemblance of Oolong tea. What is Sow mei tea? Sow mei tea is a white tea brand made from buds and 2-3 mature leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant. So, it contains fewer leaf buds than other topmost white tea varieties. Have a look at 22 best green tea brands of 2018: Buyer’s Guide Best white tea brands from Darjeeling Sow mei tea is also least oxidized tea. It gives a dark color and bold taste and flavor as it contains mature and larger leaves, unlike other white tea brands. Its other names are – Shou Mei Wang, Cha… Read More

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