decaffeinated green tea

Is Decaffeinated Green Tea Still Good for You like Normal Green Tea?

In every family, tea is like a regular and most consistent drink that everyone prefers to have. It gives a sublime pleasure which is hardly there in any other beverage. Now, as health is a matter of consciousness, people love to drink green tea over other types of beverages. Green tea offers all kinds of health benefits that people need, but tea lovers sensitive to caffeine cannot drink it. For them, decaffeinated green tea is the best option as it removes the caffeine and other polyphenols. Decaf green tea (1) can invariably help in weight loss as it has no calories in it and people who are obedient to maintain… Read More

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matcha tea vs green tea

Matcha Tea vs Green Tea : Which is Superior and Why? The Facts

One plant and many varieties, it’s really difficult to compare. In this matcha tea vs green tea write-up, I’m highlighting the differences between the two. In our everyday lives, tea acts as an important drink for all, especially in Eastern Asiatic countries. India, Bhutan, China, Japan, and Malaysia– all these countries have the dominating effect of tea as a regular drink. But how often do we think about the benefits of tea on our health? I suppose, not very often. And for your information, not every kind of tea has health benefits; rather some kinds of tea are detrimental to our health. Only some selected teas are good for our… Read More

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loose tea vs tea bags

Loose Tea Vs Tea Bags : Which One Is Worth Buying?

We’ve all used them at some time in our lives or are actively using them. They’re convenient and easy to use. They’re classy. Wondering what we’re talking about? Well, we’re talking about simple, yet not-so-simple tea bags. Their popularity has grown from the time of their inception down to our day where they are very widely used indeed. Let’s move further to discuss about loose tea vs tea bags. Is health a price to pay in return for convenience? Understanding what tea bags are and how they are made will reveal much indeed! Tea bags deciphered A tea bag is a small, sealed pouch-like bag made of porous dried plant… Read More

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drinking green tea benefits

Drinking Green Tea Benefits, Side Effects and Amount of Daily Intake

Green tea is the talk of the town right now among the people. Nowadays, people are more conscious about being healthy and prefer drinking green tea for numerous benefits than other beverages. So, in this post, I’m trying to explain drinking green tea benefits, side effects and the prescribed amount of daily intake. What is green tea? Well, originally green tea is the type of tea that has been made from Camellia Sinensis buds and leaves without using the process of oxidation and withering which is used to make oolong tea and black tea. Green tea originated first in China. It is presumed that green tea first evolved during the… Read More

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white silver needle tea

White Silver Needle Tea – Benefits & Side Effects

White Silver Needle Tea or silver needle white tea is unique and expensive Chinese tea variety which is considered the best among all white tea varieties. In Chinese, it’s called Bai Hao Yin Zhen. It is made from the young unopened buds of Camellia Sinensis plants. These young needle shaped buds are covered with silvery hairs and thus it got the name of silver needle white tea or white hair silver needle tea. Origin of White Silver Needle Tea This tea is first originated in Fuding and Zengzhe regions of Fujian province, China. Nowadays, apart from China, it is also harvested and cultivated in India and Sri Lanka White Silver… Read More

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oolong tea health benefit

Oolong Tea Health Benefit- 7 Reasons to Start Drinking Oolong Tea Now

Oolong tea health benefit is not a single benefit for our general good health. It offers multiple benefits for our body and mind. Just keep reading to find out 7 great health benefits of Oolong Tea. What is Oolong tea? Oolong is not considered in any of the category of green tea and black tea. It has its own formation which contains several similarities of green and black tea.  At the time of oxidization, oolong can be switched to green tea if it is oxidized less whereas if the oolong tea is oxidized highly, it may be similar to black tea. The level of oxidization can take place according to… Read More

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