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Dandruff is an irritating addition to your hair that is only better when missing. There are times when it seems like you just experienced a snowfall as the small flaky particles settle down on your shoulder and clothes. Nobody likes this. Lately, tea tree oil is highly regarded for the wonderful healing properties it offers. It can be found in huge quantities of hair and skincare products these days. While it is effective in reducing skin breakouts, blemishes, and treating acne, tea tree oil is also known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties that treat hair problems like lice, dandruff, as well as bacterial contamination. It is one of the best and most effective ways to rid your head of dandruff while also treating several other scalp maladies. Although you may already be using skin care products and face washes made from the same, here are some of the best tea tree oil shampoo brands we carefully selected to help you keep away from hair and scalp issues. From thickening to moisturizing your hair, your search for the best quality shampoo ends here. It is always a fine choice to have a therapeutic shampoo in your hair care regimen.

Best Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Brands for Hair Care in 2020: Our Top 15 Picks

1. Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner Set

best tea tree shampoo

This product is a set of clarifying shampoo and conditioner that rejuvenates, soothes, and deeply nourishes your scalp and hair. It is formulated with scalp and hair-friendly ingredients like 100% pure tea tree oil, lavender oil, argan oil, peppermint, and aloe vera that helps promote a strong and healthy scalp and hair. Made in the USA, this product set is completely paraben and sulfate-free, which means it won’t weigh your hair down. Both the shampoo and conditioner work hand-in-hand to encourage refreshingly hydrated and clean scalp and hair.

Easily a top-quality tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner set, it is suitable for everyday use and people with all hair types can use it without hesitation. The Botanic Heath Tea Tree product set lets you enjoy properly moisturized, deeply conditioned, frizz-free hair. One of the key perks of this product is that both men and women can use it because the peppermint lavender aroma does not smell particularly male or female, making it a great choice for both the genders. Both the shampoo and conditioner come in standard, identical green bottles that look just as good as the promised quality of the product inside.

2. Tea Tree Special Shampoo Paul Mitchell

paul mitchell tea tree special shampoo

When looking for the best tea tree oil shampoo, Paul Mitchell’s products always make it to the list. The Tea Tree Special Shampoo by Paul Mitchell is capable of washing away all impurities gently from the scalp and hair. This hair-strengthening cleanser leaves the strands full of shine and makes it refreshingly clean. Using a blend of peppermint and natural tea tree oil, the shampoo immediately soothes the scalp, while the breezy notes of lavender essence cover your hair with a fresh smell. The invigorating formula imbued with peppermint, natural tea tree oil, and lavender strengthens hair from the roots, leaving the hair in great form.

This product is completely color-safe. People using it on colored hair can retain their dyed-color for an extended duration. By improving the natural color oils of your hair, it also increases a balanced amount of moisture, which reduces irritation and inflammation in the scalp. Proper usage leaves a tingling sensation on the scalp, cooling the surface which is a unique feeling. The Tea Tree Special Shampoo by Paul Mitchell cleans the scalp thoroughly and keeps it acne as well as dandruff-free. On good-quality hair, it works out well without a conditioner.

3. CHI Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

chi tea tree oil shampoo

Chi Tea Tree Oil Shampoo brings to the plate the soothing and revitalizing advantages of tea tree oil and peppermint oil. Together, the ingredients work efficiently to eradicate excess scalp build-up and any kind of impurities. The shampoo also works in maintaining the ideal level of moisture and balancing the scalp oils. Its blend of moisturizing silk soothes the scalp, relieving you of dry scalp problems.

This product uses natural oils to develop a healthier scalp. It acts as a natural antioxidant, unclogging the pores and replenishing moisture to ease and condition the scalp. Meanwhile, peppermint oil offers an awakening sensation. Infused with chamomile, CHI Tea Tree Oil Shampoo protects the hair and maintains its strength and resilience, providing users with a comfortable scalp and encouraging shiny hair growth.

Sports persons and people with curly hair require almost daily shampoo use to cleanse their heads and remove dirt, sweat, oil, and chemicals. This item does a great job in that case. Not only is it known for its softening effect on the hair but also for thickening it. If you’re looking for the best tea tree shampoo, this could be exactly what you need.

4. Maple Holistics Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo

best tea tree shampoos

When you face dandruff, it can be difficult to come by a comfortable scalp. The Maple Holistics Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo focuses on overall beauty and wellness. Created with natural ingredients and supplemented by 100% pure natural oils, this shampoo equips itself with the healing powers of Mother Nature and gives ultra-nourishing hair care. 

Packed with antioxidants and youth-preserving vitamins and minerals, this product improves the look and feel of your scalp and hair. It brings forth a therapeutic combination of tea tree oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, and argan oil to promote scalp health and rejuvenate the hair follicles by nourishing and strengthening the hair strands. A noticeable quality of this product is that while it deeply cleanses your hair, it leaves no drying effect. Instead, it enriches the hair with nutrients and moisture, leaving your tresses smoother, softer, and shinier along with just the right volume.

For hair that suffers from the regular wear and tear, the Maple Holistics Tea Tree Special Shampoo properly removes oil, dirt, and dead skin cells from the scalp and hair. It stimulates circulation to encourage better scalp health. A cruelty-free product, people with sensitive skin and dyed hair can easily include this in their regimen.

5. Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo

Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

When your hair has taken a massive impact from the surroundings and its pollution, opt for the Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo. It cleanses, soothes, and replenishes uncontrollable, dry hair and sets a layer of beautiful scent around it. The amino acids and moisture-rich conditioning elements the product contains, works to retain your original hair strength, manageability, and shine. The calming fragrance of lavender and mint combined with tea tree oil soothes you from the inside. This shampoo is best for people with dry and coarse hair. Overall, the spa-like smell eases the mind and spirit, offering a cozy aromatherapy experience.

This hair care addition offers nourishment that helps fight frizz. A hydrating ingredient-infused product, the Tea Tree Lavender Mint Shampoo can help easily provide the essential moisture and nutrients you require to manage your hair type, be it coils, curls, or waves. It works by retaining the natural pigment of your hair and treating your scalp problems through its anti-bacterial properties. When textured hair feels healthy and properly conditioned, you will avoid split ends; your head will feel lighter and fresh, which this shampoo delivers. This is the perfect presentation of a high-quality tea tree mint shampoo.

6. Renpure Tea Tree Lemon Sage Moisture Shampoo

best tea tree oil shampoo dandruff

In this dynamic world, an increasing number of people are vying for plant-based items. Renpure Tea Tree Lemon Sage Moisture Shampoo is one such hair care essential, and quite simply, one of the best tea tree oil shampoo products available. The bottle contains Eucalyptus and Peppermint extract to assist your hair in locking moisture, giving your hair the shine it needs. Also, its rich fragrance refreshes and awakens the senses. This Renpure product is sulfate-free, it uses plant-based, gentle cleansers for a healthy moisture balance and reduces irritation on the scalp. The shampoo is completely safe for color-treated hair and a boon for the ladies with curly hair.

Renpure is known for delivering performance shampoos and the Tea Tree Lemon Sage Moisture is created keeping in mind the requirements of the entire family. The carefully developed formula plays a great role in nourishing the hair while also encouraging hair thickness. This shampoo is free from propylene glycol, phthalates, gluten, dyes, and parabens, which means it is safe for anybody without a serious scalp condition.

Healthy hair growth starts at the roots. Promote healing strength, invigorate, and clean your scalp with the Tea Tree Lemon Sage. Elements like vegetable oil, glycerine, coconut, and leaf extracts make this a definite choice.

7. OGX Hydrating + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

Tea tree mint shampoo

The OGX Hydrating Tea Tree Mint Shampoo made its way into the list with its originality. OGX shampoos are brewed to bring out the best in your hair. Whether you need protection for your colored hair, moisture for curly hair, or the right product for your complex hair texture, this solution will always make it to the top of your list.

Nourish your hair and keep it hydrated using the OGX hydrating solution. Treat damaged, frizzy and oily hair with extra nourishment and moisture. The specially designed formula reduces the occurring of split ends and smoothens the hair. This super-fine tea tree mint shampoo can take care of all hair types including thin, thick, curly, and straight. By working deeply on every strand, it helps nourish and rejuvenate both good and coarse hair, leaving them detangled, beautiful, pure, and simple. OGX focuses on maintaining your hairstyle, making them curlier, straighter, smoother, or bouncier accordingly and pouring out an ambient, irresistible aroma. Now, flaunt a healthy glow and pull off the perfect look seamlessly with the OGX Hydrating + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo. Although, the packaging could look and feel better compared to the quality provided inside.

8. Tea Tree Peppermint Shampoo for Dandruff

tea tree oil shampoo for dandruff

The thickening formula is blended with top-grade tea tree oil, which is carefully cultivated from chosen steam distilleries in Australia. Then, the oil is enriched using peppermint, lavender, and rosemary. All these oils work together to boost circulation and encourages seamless hair growth that is abundant in volume, helping boast an attractive and shiny look.

The formula consists of no additives or harmful chemicals but only good things. It contains an invigorating blend of Vitamins A, B, and E which leaves the scalp cool and refreshes the hair for a gorgeous look.

As usual, Honeydew Products, such as the Tea Tree Peppermint Shampoo for Dandruff is of premium quality. It mixes therapeutic-grade, 100% pure essential nutrients to cure your scalp and hair of irregularities. This product is a great option for those suffering from frustrating issues like dry scalp, flaking or dandruff, as well as dull, limp hair. Packed with the flavor and sweetness of peppermint essential oil, this shampoo offers an aromatic shower experience without needing any other artificial scents. Expect a revitalizing feeling and fabulous appearance by using this product. Use it without stressing about color-treated hair or sensitive scalp. Fight dandruff and treat your wavy, curly, or straight hair with ease.

9. GIOVANNI COSMETICS – Eco Chic Tea Tree Triple Treat

Tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner set

It is almost impossible to point your finger at any one product and say it is the best tea tree oil shampoo. Next up in our list is the Eco Chic Tea Tree Triple Treat from GIOVANNI COSMETICS. Being a GIOVANNI product, it contains no sulfate, sodium laurel, parabens, or any other chemicals you may normally find in regular hair products. Allow your scalp and hair follicles to wake up to a fresh set of botanical oils that remove flaking dry scalp and makes it shine. Imbued with the oils of clarifying eucalyptus, cooling peppermint, and conditioning rosemary, the set of Eco Chic Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo & Conditioner is perfect for your regular hair treatments. The unique formula promotes scalp circulation for a freshening feeling while clearing out your dry and flaking scalp. Its triple treat formula works like a charm and is effective on all hair types. Regular use of the duo helps retain resilience and shine.

Those who usually expect things like smoothness and moisture from a shampoo will be surprised by the cool, tingling sensation it offers. With the Eco Chic Tea Tree Triple treat, enjoy an array of stimulating ingredients that provide all, as well as excitement.

10. Innisfree Green Tea Mint Shampoo

best tea tree oil shampoos

The Innisfree Green Tea Mint Shampoo is made from green tea extracts found in Jeju Island. Mixed with amino acids, the green tea ingredient hydrates the hair and juices it up with important nutrients. This way, your scalp is cleansed and your hair is conditioned simultaneously. Containing mint oil plus mint extract, this formulation helps control excessive scalp sebum while keeping the head cool. Unlike ordinary shampoos these days that only give huge amounts of foam, applying this product provides you with a rich lather that is capable of deeply clearing residue and unnecessary elements from your scalp and hair. Get a naturally fresh fragrance that keeps your hair smelling great and your mood livened up throughout the day.

Innisfree is a 100% natural beauty brand in Korea. They use clean and purely natural products to develop high-quality skincare and beauty items. In this shampoo, they have infused the perks of nature from the pristine island of Jeju, offering an eco-friendly product to add to your hair care routine. It is perhaps the best tea tree oil shampoo for dandruff. Post-shower, enjoy a refreshing cooling effect on your head that will keep you calm during your daily runabouts.

11. Nature’s Spirit Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

best tea tree oil shampoo

Nature’s Spirit Shampoo contains tea tree oil that thoroughly cleanses the hair and soothes the scalp for a refreshing feeling. While the oils it contains stimulates hair growth, they also enrich your hair with the necessary elements for healthier looking hair. Made in the USA, the Pro-Growth Formula is dedicated to helping you grow your hair longer without the fear of suffering immense hair fall and damage. Whether it is the humid summer or the dry winter, this shampoo has you covered.

Tea Tree Oil is a relatively new ingredient to enter the essential oil market. This fresh item from Fisk Industries packs luxurious essential oils such as castor, coconut, argan, and tea tree oil that soothes the scalp, nourishes the hair, and adds volume. It also strengthens hair from the roots and protects it from harmful ingredients. This product line is devoid of anything you would raise your eyebrows on (sulfate and artificial chemicals). By focusing solely on enriching the naturally occurring oils, your scalp’s natural ingredients are nourished, the hair locks are revitalized and moisture is maintained. Made from 100% pure oils, this shampoo is undoubtedly one of the best tea tree oil shampoos out there.

12. Nexon Botanics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Nexon Botanics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

The primary reason why the majority of people suffer from chronic hair issues is the presence of various harsh chemicals contained in their shampoo. Unlike them, the new Tea Tree Oil Shampoo by Nexon Botanics is free from such ingredients and is instead formulated to nourish your hair follicles by supplying it with the primary nutrients that help reverse hair damage. The company uses its natural formula containing dandruff fighting agents, along with a variety of pure natural oils that has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. These promote regrowth of hair.

The Nexon Botanics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is imbued with Vitamin B5, C and E, rosemary, lavender, and peppermint essential oils that soothes and cleans the dry, itchy, and flaky scalp. Since the product contains no Paraben or Sulfate, its natural hair care essentials encourage moisture, making it a perfect shampoo for regular use by both men and women. While peppermint offers a cooling and refreshing sensation, lavender and rosemary oils help with the shine and disperse a beautiful scent around you. Whether you are attending an office conference or joining the post-office party, let your hair look fresh and smell great with this unique product from Nexon Botanics.

13. ShiKai Natural Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

tea tree shampoo

The ShiKai Natural Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is composed of everything pure. Shikakai, aka Acacia Concinna, is a little shrub-like tree that is found in the dry, warm plains of central India. People have used their pod-like fruit for centuries to clean their hair. ShiKai imports the shikakai powder from India and turns it into an extract, converting it into a water-soluble form that helps preserve the perks of the ingredient. The shampoo also contains aloe vera which is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential amino acids. If you are looking for the best tea tree oil shampoo containing the advantages of aloe vera, this product from ShiKai is what you need.

It is rich and super thick, and it also lasts long. With completely natural borage oil, jojoba oil, and shikakai extract, it offers extra gentle cleansing and added moisturization. The menthol properties it contains triggers the cold-sensitive receptors in the scalp, which provides an exciting, cooling sensation. The holistic approach of this shampoo is to supply your hair with all-natural ingredients that encourage proper hair growth and creates a refreshing mood. Leave the shower with a refreshing burst of peppermint that tantalizes the senses.

14. Shiny Leaf Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Relieve your hair and scalp from dryness, itchiness, and dandruff with the vitamin-rich hydrating formula of Shiny Leaf’s Tree Shampoo and Conditioner Set. Seamlessly balance your oily/flaky scalp and infuse moisture where needed.

As opposed to common belief, dandruff is not always the result of your scalp being dry. Many times, it is also caused by excessive oil that attracts the fungus known to form dandruff. This Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set attacks the problems where they spawn. Both the shampoo and conditioner comprise antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal ingredients that bolster hair right from the strands and fights dandruff for healthy, beneficial hair.

The richness of tea tree oil in the shampoo is taken to another level by the botanical rich conditioner. It contains some of the most hair-efficient elements like hibiscus, shea butter organic pomegranate, argan oil, jojoba, silk amino acids, sea buckthorn silk, green tea, lavender and botanical keratin that work in synergy to soften and strengthen the hair from the root to the tip. Shiny Leaf’s formula is stacked with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which perfectly balances nourishment in all scalp and hair types; completely safe for color-treated hair, and advances your average hair care regimen.

15. MAJESTIC PURE Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner

Tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner set

Hair is only as good as the scalp. Without proper care being taken for the scalp, it isn’t possible to maintain strong, shiny hair. The MAJESTIC PURE Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner are both formulated with natural ingredients that are beneficial in promoting healthy, strong hair, and scalp. This product set is completely paraben and sulfate-free and is apt for daily use on all hair types. The shampoo does not weigh down the hair and instead keeps the scalp feeling happy and refreshed.

Powerful yet gentle therapeutic oils exfoliate and discard dead skin cells and soothe the scalp. The essential oils work towards repairing damaged and weak, brittle hair while preventing hair loss. Get soft hair and a healthy scalp that is soft, smooth, and shiny. Its hair repair formula strengthens the hair strands and promotes long and strong hair while treating oily/itchy scalp and dry, curly hair. Additionally, those suffering from scalp problems can use this shampoo & conditioner duo for its antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. Essential oils and botanicals such as jojoba oil, sea buckthorn silk, amino acids, shea butter organic pomegranate, hibiscus, and vitamins A, B, C, & E create the perfect hair care blend.

How to use tea tree oil shampoo for hair care?

A lot of people don’t follow the actual process of using a tea tree oil shampoo. Although it is the same as applying any other shampoo, here is a guide to properly cleansing your hair using the best tea tree oil shampoo.

  • Warm water helps open the pores on your scalp by loosening excess oils, which allows for deeper penetration and treatment. Dip your head fully and allow the gel to soak your hair and scalp.
  • Drop a small amount of shampoo on your palm and lather. This way, you will cover the maximum headroom and spread the solution evenly.
  • Work your way down to the ends so that you moisturize both your scalp and hair. Remember to reach the tips as they are susceptible to breakage.
  • After a minute of proper massage, thoroughly rinse out all the shampoo.
  • Then, apply your tea tree oil conditioner, concentrating on the ends. It is a rule of thumb, shampoo and conditioner work differently; wash your scalp and condition the ends.
  • Once you have evenly conditioned your hair, use cold water to rise. It will help close the pores and strengthen your roots.

Why to use tea tree oil shampoo for Hair Care?

best tea tree oil shampoos

Everybody knows that natural hair care products offer great benefits while artificial, chemical-based shampoos can rather damage the hair and scalp. Tea tree oil is 100% natural and shampoos containing them deliver big benefits.

Anti-bacterial: Tea tree oil is used to cure certain skin conditions. It has been in use for over 100 years in Australia as a healing treatment. Research suggests that this oil has the ability to break through the bacteria cell walls for an in-depth cure. Shampoos containing tea tree oil works to cure your scalp of irregularities and bacterial issues.

Anti-inflammatory: Tea tree oil is known to work as a solution for inflammation on the scalp for it is filled with terpinene-4-ol, a chemical compound that has anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, many brands add peppermint in their tea tree oil shampoo products which provide a cool, tingling sensation that keeps the scalp comfortable.

Anti-viral: Tea tree oil can also help fight certain viruses that may occur on the scalp, starting with removing the fungus that settles on the scalp to form dandruff. Mild to moderate dandruff problems can be easily treated within only 4-5 weeks of regular usage.

Get Rid of Acne: Even though it is unusual for most people to develop acne on the scalp regularly, many people are frequent sufferers of this issue. Shampoos and conditioners containing tea tree oil work as a great solution to acne problems on the scalp. Regular use keeps all kinds of germs at bay and leaves your head fresh.

Fight Head Lice: Lately, lice have been becoming increasingly resistant to conventional medical treatments. Professionals are considering essential oils as alternatives. While there are dedicated ways to rid your head of head lice, those who are looking for the easiest way can simply use a high-quality tea tree oil shampoo.

Prevent Hair Loss: Hair loss can happen due to different reasons. Often, dandruff-infected scalp sustains severe cuticle and protein damage which leads to inflammation. Scratching the irritating places can also break your hair strands and prevent excessive hair loss. Since tea tree oil is effective against dandruff and soothes the scalp, tea tree oil shampoos play a vital role in preventing hair fall and promoting stronger, healthy hair.

Apart from these, there are several extra benefits to using tea tree oil-based shampoo. Boost your hair quality with your preferred best tea tree oil shampoo from our Top 15 list.

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How to choose the best Tea Tree Oil Shampoo?

  • When you opt for a commercially available tea tree oil shampoo, take a close look at the label. Pay attention to the amount of tea tree oil it contains. A lot of products claim to contain tea tree oil but the amount they include only serves as a fragrance. It isn’t therapeutic and essentially does not hold the benefits you may expect. Keep an eye out for products that contain at least 5% tea tree oil.
  • Before you rush, you must know what your hair and scalp type are and what the shampoo does. While shampoo may be a hair-cleansing agent, different products are aimed at different hair and scalp types, such as straight, wavy, or curly.
  • Also, consider knowing what you want the shampoo for. Whether you have a dandruff problem and need it cured or you’re looking for a solution that keeps the head cool throughout the day.
  • Using tea tree oil, and a shampoo containing tea tree oil are completely different things. Although there aren’t any potential risks associated with tea tree oil usage, applying undiluted tea tree oil on sensitive skin may cause a rash.

FAQs on Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

1. Can you use tea tree shampoo every day?

It is inadvisable. The safest hair care regimen is to shampoo your hair every third day while you keep using the conditioner every day. In this way, the conditioner helps cleanse the grime even on days without shampoo and also rehydrates your hair following one.

The myth of using shampoo on your hair daily is long gone. Frequent shampooing can have inverse effects. It can dry your hair unusually by stripping it off the essential natural oils. However, those with serious scalp conditions should get advice from a professional. Certain conditions may require a different approach.

2. Is tea tree oil shampoo antifungal?

Yes. Tea tree oil itself contains strong antifungal properties. Products using standard tea tree oil retain their original benefits to treat your hair. Dandruff is caused by a fungus called Malassezia. The natural antifungal properties provided by tea tree oil shampoo is a good option for treating a fungal infection on the scalp, such as dandruff. However, only shampoos with the right amount of tea tree oil can possess beneficial properties. Look for products containing 5 percent tea tree oil.

3. Can tea tree oil cause your hair to fall out?

Only if you are using raw, undiluted tea tree oil. But, shampoos containing processed tea tree oil retain its natural benefits and, instead, promotes stronger hair.

4. Does tea tree shampoo thicken hair?

Tea tree oil shampoo has been known to increase hair thickness in numerous cases. Tea tree oil ensures that your hair gets better, thicker, and longer. Although the results may depend on the natural quality of your hair, the substance strengthens and nourishes hair, promoting growth.

5. Does tea tree shampoo prevent hair loss?

Appropriate use of tea tree oil-based shampoo offers a plethora of wonderful perks including hair loss prevention. By applying little amounts of shampoo on your scalp and hair on regular intervals for 3-4 weeks, followed by daily use of conditioners can bring out an effective way to stop losing your hair.

6. Can I put tea tree oil directly on my scalp?

As mentioned above, using undiluted tea tree oil directly on the scalp may increase the possibility of losing hair. It can irritate the skin by swelling the follicles which can lead to hair loss.

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  1. This is exactly what I needed to see on my screen right now. I’ve had troubles with dry scalp and product build up for years now. It comes and goes but never leaves my life completely. I’ve been using a specific Head and Shoulders for the longest time, and while it does the job somewhat, I’m just tired of dealing with it. I want nicer shampoo.

    I’ve looked into tea tree oil shampoo in the past but had never gotten around to buying it. Instead I’d just mix some into my shampoo every now and then, but that’s really not ideal. I need the real thing. I feel like the Botanic Hearth line is the best for me, simply because my hair is extremely dry and suffers from a lot of breakage. I appreciate how they’ve incorporated tea tree oil into three products instead of just the one. My hair could really use a good mask. Thanks for the advice!

    1. Thanks Maria for your nice opinion. Tea Tree oil has many wonderful benefits for overall health. You choice is really good, Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is really great for dry scalp and dandruff. Just try this brand and let me know how it is working on your scalp.

  2. Wonderful!

    I have personally been using a brand of Tea Tree oil shampoo for a couple of years. I have tried a couple of different brands but have been looking for one that is specifically produced in the US. I am certainly going to try your first product based on that. I found your article enlightening and I loved that you also answered some common questions about tea tree oil. I have learned a great deal. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Thank you Apersinger, I am really happy to know that your using tea tree oil shampoo. I have mentioned some brands in my post which are specifically produced in the U.S. So, you can try those.

  3. We have used tea tree oil regularly for the past couple of years after a bad outbreak of head lice at my daughter’s school. We tried everything—prescriptions, shampoos, oil, everything and nothing was getting rid of the lice. Then a friend of ours introduced us to tea tree oil shampoo. It cleared the lice up after a couple of uses! We continue to use it on a weekly basis just to keep things clean!

    I am glad I checked out your page, though, because I didn’t know that it could also help with dandruff. I have an itchy scalp due to type 2 diabetes and I have been using a anti-dandruff shampoo. If a tea tree oil shampoo can do the job naturally, then I definitely prefer that route.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you Karin. Tea Tree Oil is really great with many health benefits. But we need to be careful while using it externally to our body parts. So, to prevent or cure hair related problems it is really advisable to use tea tree oil shampoos instead of just raw tea tree oil. 

  4. Thank you Himbru for your post.

    Apart from all the amazing suggestions for tea tree oil shampoo, I love the Q&A section as it clarifies important factors: undiluted tea tree oil directly on the scalp might increase the possibility of losing hair, and washing hair with shampoo every third day is a better practice. Good information to read on.

    I feel like the products from Innisfree the most as I have used their mask products; and they are good and reliable quality. This Korean brand is worth to have a try, not only shampoo but also their other wide ranges of natural products.


  5. Hi, I have a very complex hair texture. And it has always been quite a challenge to find the right shampoo. But my sister has recently recommended me (she live in another site far from where I am) this Tea Tree Mint Shampoo called OGX Hydrating. And I was so surprised yo see it also included in this list. I’ll give it a try.

    1. Thank you Ann. ‘OGX Hydrating’ is  really a great product for hair care. Definitely try it and let me know about the result you’re going to have. 

  6. I have heard about the Maple Holistics Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo. To be honest, this is really great and I will like to make the best possible offer from this. I like the fact that this is really and truly awesome to see and use. Dandruff has been a major concern for me since and getting the best through a product like this is like a blessing in disguise for ke. Thanks so much for sharing here

    1. Thank you for your opinion. Dandruff is really a big concern while it comes to maintaining your hair. There are tons of product out in the market. But choosing the best product is really difficult as you’ll hardly find any common product to cure your dandruff problem. Here your option for dandruff treatment and for healthy and cleaner hair comes to an end. Tea Tree Shampoos are really very effective for dandruff treatment and for healthy and cleaner hair.  

  7. Thanks for the post Himbru! Very nice post and describing a lot of products with additional benefits as per the needs of different users. I am facing hair loss and honestly, I can feel that it is because of the unnourished scalp. I always feel like something is clogged down and no matter what I use it just doesn’t get better. 

    This post is like an eye-opener for me about the things I was doing wrong. I always apply conditioner on the scalp and wash it with warm water as well instead of cold water. And yeah I think I should change my shampoo. Every time I use my shampoo my hairs dry up and it’s not a nice feeling at all. I live in India and most of these products are not available there. If possible, kindly suggest a few good products, I would love to hear back from you.


    1. Thanks Vinayak for your opinion. Tea Tree Oil Shampoos are really good and effective in maintaining dandruff free, healthy and cleaner hair. Presently, I am researching on best tea tree oil shampoos that are available in India. Soon you’ll hear from me regarding this. 

  8. This is a very good review of the top 15 tea tree oil shampoos available today. All natural shampoo has many good things that are less harmful and irritating to your scalp. Many of these products promote healthier hair as well as improved hair growth. Which product is the most beneficial is hard to say considering that they all seem to be of high quality.

    1. Thanks for you opinion. All the products mentioned in the Best Tea Tree Shampoo Brands review post are best in quality and offer great benefits to hair. Just you need to chose one from the list. It’ll never disappoint you. 

  9. I had no idea that there were so many choices available for Tea Tree shampoos, let alone those for dandruff. Your review was detailed and very helpful in guiding me towards making a decision. I especially like the Tea Tree Lavender Mint. It sounds so refreshing and healthy.

    what was even more noteworthy for me was the fact that there is a particular way to use Tea Tree shampoos. I will follow your guidelines. An added benefit is that Tea Tree will help to thicken my hair naturally. That is certainly a welcomed and unexpected benefit. 😊

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks Cassi! Tea Tree Lavender Mint Shampoo is a great shampoo for people with dry and coarse hair. Overall, the spa-like smell eases the mind and spirit, offering a cozy aromatherapy experience. Just try the brand which suits your hair requirement. Let me know if you have any doubts regarding choosing the best tea tree shampoo. 

  10. The Nexon Botanics Tea Tree shampoo sounds like what I need. My tough hair makes my choices pretty limited when it comes to shopping for shampoo. And then again the issue of scent, I wouldn’t something too powerful. As you have put it, seems the one that fits my needs is the Nexon Botanics one. Will get back with how it goes.

    1. Thanks Zay, definitely get back to me after using Nexon Botanics tea tree shampoo. Let me know your experience whether it is good or bad. 

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