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Looking for the most elegant, the most beautiful and the most artful tea that provides you the ultimate taste, flavor and aroma with the satisfaction of enjoying visuals of unfurling the tea bloom, which you can never find in any tea variety, then your quest for that tea ends here. Yes, I’m going to tell you the tales of the most elegant and artful tea of the world – ‘Blooming Tea’ or ‘Flowering Tea’. Here we are going to discover the 3 best tasting blooming tea or flowering tea brands of the world and how to brew these teas at your convenience. 

Blooming tea is a finest quality handcrafted tea blend where green tea leaves are combined together with edible flowers, giving a shape like ball, resulting in superb visuals of unfurling the flower tea ball  while brewing and releasing of mind blowing flavor and aroma that you’ll never find elsewhere. Flowers like Osmanthus, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Lily, or Marigold, etc. are used in crafting best quality flowering teas that you find in the market.

Best Tasting Blooming Tea Brands: Our Top 3 Picks

overall best blooming tea



Teabloom Jasmine Flowering Tea

best flowering tea

Teabloom Jasmine Flowering Tea is the best blooming tea that offers you delicious taste, delicate flavor and aroma that will definitely keep your smile living whether it is the most disastrous time or the most happy moment, it doesn’t matter. 

The packet contains 12 Jasmine flowering tea blooms that are individually sealed in airtight foil that keeps the freshness and all the health benefits like antioxidants and polyphenols intake for a long period. Each flowering tea bloom has the capacity of 3 infusions up-to maximum 20 cups of tea. 

Things that we liked
  • 12 jasmine tea flowers in one beautiful gift package
  • Artisan quality handcrafted flower tea blend 
  • A blend of AA grade green tea leaves with organically grown high quality Jasmine flowers
  • Quality packaging that serves the purpose of beautiful gift in any occasion 
  • Reasonable price
Things that we didn’t like
  • Blossoms didn’t actually blossom about 1/3 of the time

Just remember no product is perfect as per your choice. If you look at overall benefits then definitely Teabloom Jasmine Flowering Tea is the perfect choice for you to indulge in the tea romance.

best budget friendly blooming tea



Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea Variety Pack

best blooming tea

Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea is a 100% organic tea blend with finest quality green tea leaves and Calendula flowers. This tea is naturally fruit flavored that contains 7 different and most exotic flavors that includes Cherry, Peach, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cactus Melon and Black Currant. The flavors are naturally extracted using a patented extraction method which keeps the promise of chemical free and high standard blooming tea experience. 

Things that we liked
  • 100% organic blend
  • Great flavor and aroma
  • 7 naturally extracted chemical free fruit flavors
  • High quality packaging and each bloom is individually sealed in airtight foil
  • Cheap price if it is compared with other brands
Things that we didn’t like
  • This blooming tea is only for limited infusions, only up-to 2 steeps

If you love flavors without considering the taste factor then definitely Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea is your perfect match to carry on your flavorful tea journey. 

best quality flowering tea



Tealyra Hand Woven Tea Flowers Gift Box

best tasting blooming tea

Tealyra’s Hand Woven Tea Flowers Gift Box contains 12 varieties of flavors like Jasmine, Melon, Strawberry, Banana, Pineapple, Blueberry, Lychee, Mango, Passion Fruit, Vanilla, Honey Peach and Earl Grey blended with green, black and white tea. It’s one of the best blooming teas that is made exclusively for the tea lovers who have a good sense of taste, flavor and aroma. 

Each bloom of flavored tea is hermetically sealed to keep the freshness of taste and aroma for a long duration. While brewing, each tea ball will give you the best experience of tea flower blooms right in front of you and provide you a cup of high quality tea with delicate taste and flavor.   

Things that we liked
  • 12 variety flavors along with high quality tea leaves 
  • Multiple infusions ready blooming tea balls
  • Comes in 3 tea varieties – white, green and black tea
  • Most delicate taste, flavor and aroma
  • Good quality stylish packaging and each tea ball is hermetically sealed
  • Serves the purpose of great gifting in any occasion
Things that we didn’t like
  • High product price

If you are a tea lover who believes in quality and likes to indulge in great tea romance then Tealyra’s Hand Woven Tea Flowers Gift Box is the best choice to taste once in your entire life.

Blooming teas first originated in the Fujian province of China, are made by nimble-fingered women, who can make up to 400 blooms per day. 

Crafting Blooming Tea

hand picked green tea buds

Finest quality green tea buds and tender leaves are hand picked and put in the natural process which is used to produce green tea.

dried flowers for blooming tea

Then organically grown edible flowers are picked and naturally or artificially dehydrated. Before going to the next processing stage, it is ensured that both dried tea buds and dried flowers are of the best quality. 

blooming tea ball

After ensuring the quality, pick out a certain amount of dried tea buds, bundle the bottom, then put one dried best quality flower in the middle, cover the follower with the tea buds and leaves outside and sew the top to give it a look like a ball and wrapped in cloth to hold them until they are heated at a very high temperature to secure their shape. 

The style of the bloom depends on the order in which the followers are arranged. There are many styles of blooming tea. Some styles symbolize love, prosperity or happiness, while others portray concepts like a flower blooming in the spring.

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How to brew flowering tea ball
blooming tea brewing

Get one glass teapot for brewing blooming tea. It looks best when brewing it in a glass teapot. Experience the way it unfurls, looks at the beautiful visuals of blossoming and smell the breathtaking flavor and aroma. Oh! Really amazing.

  • Put the blooming tea ball in the glass teapot
  • Heat the water to 170 – 175°F or 75-80°C
  • Pour the heated water slowly over the tea ball filling two-third of the teapot
  • Steep it for 2-10 minutes depending upon the brand in order to unfurl and release the colors within the glass teapot
  • Smell it slowly and drink the tea leisurely 

The same blooming tea ball can be used for several infusions. Even after infusions are over, you can keep the flower for several days in a jug of fresh water for display purposes. 

How to choose the best flowering tea

While purchasing the best tasting blooming tea, you need to remember only one thing. Always try to find tea leaves that are whole with the flower that does not look pale in color.

Blooming tea has been trending for quite a while now. Those who have tried it before are eager to learn the crafting process and experimenting with at home. And those who have never tasted it look forward to discovering its many facets. No matter what your tea drinking aspirations may be, blooming Tea will prove to be quite a revelation! Add to it its many possible health benefits such as increased energy, improvement in gut health and digestive problems, and you have yourself a go-to beverage that you can enjoy several times in a week or whenever you want from the comforts of your home! 

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