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Let’s discover the best snow buds tea brands of 2018-

If you are a tea addict and want to take care of your body then the Snow buds tea is the best companion that you can have. It is considered among the softest types of tea. Snow buds tea has the characteristics of both green tea and white tea.

As we all know, the source of the tea is Camilla Sinensis. The type of the tea changes after it has been plucked. The snow buds tea finds its origin in China. This tea is considered as a fascinating and delicious tea by the tea aficionados.

Let me say something about snow buds tea before going to the list of

best snow buds tea brands of 2018.

What is Snow Buds Tea?

best snow buds tea brandsSnow buds (Xue Ya) is a totally new tea brand from China. Most probably, this brand was first developed in the year 1964. This tea is prepared by prioritizing the need and taste of the customers.

It is prepared with the use of fine tea leaves- one bud and a tender leaf. These tea leaves then go through a minimal processing. To formulate the snow bud tea, tea buds and leaves are harvested at the time of early spring before they open.

At the time of harvesting the tea buds are covered with white hair and are left in the sun to dry for withering. The snow buds tea is light yellow in color to signify the qualities of both green and white tea.

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Growing of Snow Buds Tea

Snow buds tea is also known as the Xue Ya or Zhuyeqing tea. Zhuyeqing means ‘Green Bamboo Leaf’ also the name is justifiable as Snow buds tea  leaves resemble bamboo shoots

To make this tea brand, young unfurled buds along with one tender leaf are hand-picked from the plantations situated at the mountain peaks. This subtle and rare type of tea is grown on the high mountain peaks of the Fujian province in China. The snow buds tea feels magnificent in taste. It has the specialties of both the green and white tea merged together.

Health Benefits of Snow Buds Tea

Snow buds tea has many specialties that make it stand out. According to the old myths of the people living in China, Snow bud tea provides detoxifying and cooling properties to the body. The Snow buds tea refreshes your body and your mind. The minimal fermentation leads to the presence of polyphenols in the snow buds tea.

This tea has another quality that halts growth of cells in the early stages of cancer. Thus snow buds tea also helps to fight cancer. The tea is known to provide hydration to your skin and body making it more beautiful. This tea gives your skin a natural anti-ageing effect. If you are conscious about your body, then the snow buds tea can be of great help as it enhances the rate of metabolism making the process of burning fat fast.

It is very effective in enhancing the entire immune system by fighting against viruses and bacteria. This tea stops the growth of bacteria, reduces the rate of infections, pneumonia and fights against dental plague. The snow bud tea provides the customers with the anti-inflammatory and the anti-oxidant effects. The tea is specialized to improvise the cardiovascular functions of the body.

5 best snow buds Tea brands of 2018

I’ve compiled this list of 5 best snow buds tea brands of 2018 after tasting many brands available in the market. The quality of all these products is almost same. Only flavor, aroma and taste profiles are different from each other.

Just have a look-

1. Mahamosa Snow Bud Special White Tea

best snow buds tea brands

Seller: Mahamosa


  • Loose leaf white variety of snow buds tea
  • Original Chinese variety
  • It has higher amount of antioxidants as it is a minimally processed tea
  • It has many medicinal properties which are really great and beneficial
  • The taste is really amazing – great nutty and earthy flavors with naturally sweet, soft and light taste.
  • One can adjust the taste of this tea. If you prefer strong taste then just increase the steeping time and for light taste just steep it for 2 minutes.
  • Handpicked tea- Only best quality buds and leaves are selected and handpicked to make this brand
  • You can add sweeteners for subtle flavor and taste as per your preference


  • Not USDA Organic Certified
  • Highly caffeinated product

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2. Teavivre Jasmine Snow Bud

snow buds tea brands

Seller- Teavivre


  • Loose leaf green variety of Snow Buds tea
  • Original Chinese Snow Buds tea which is produced in Simao Country, China
  • It is an antioxidant rich tea with many medicinal benefits
  • This tea provides great aroma, a mix of jasmine and fresh green tea fragrance with brisk and smooth taste. It provides one sweet natural aftertaste lingered in mouth.
  • Best quality buds and tender leaves are selected and handpicked to produce this great tea brand
  • This snow bud tea has anti-aging properties and also very beneficial for hair and skin health


  • Not certified by USDA Organic
  • Highly Caffeinated product

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3. Snow Bud Mount Emei Xueya

best snow buds tea brands

Seller: Zhu Ye Qing Tea


  • Green loose leaf variety
  • Great quality snow bud green tea which is produced in Emei Mount, Chana
  • It’s original and authentic Chinese variety of Snow Buds tea
  • Antioxidants rich product with many health benefits
  • It provides great earthy aroma with natural sweet and soft taste
  • This tea also can be used externally for skin care treatment by using homemade facial mask method


  • Non USDA organic certified product
  • Caffeine content is high

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4. Green Tea Loose Leaf Snow Bud

best snow buds tea brands

Seller:  Mahamosa


  • Green loose leaf variety
  • Original Chinese premium snow buds tea brand
  • Loose leaf variety
  • It’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • This tea has many medicinal benefits
  • It provides sweet delicate flavor with smooth taste.
  • This tea has the usability as an afternoon tea
  • It contains moderate level of caffeine


  • Not certified by USDA Organic

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5. Whittard Tea Snow Bud Loose Leaf

best snow buds tea brands

Seller: Whittard


  • Loose leaf white variety of snow buds tea
  • This original Chinese Tea brand is produced in Anhui Province of China
  • Rich in ECGC components such as antioxidants, Polyphenols which are really great for boosting metabolism of the body
  • It is an ant-aging tea which really rejuvenates the skin
  • While brewing this tea provides a earthy aroma and sweet, refreshing ripe melon like taste
  • This tea can be used anytime of the day


  • Not certified by UDSA Organic
  • Highly caffeinated product

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Adverse effects of Snow Buds Tea

As we know the excess of everything proves to be destructive for the body. Snow bud tea if taken in a huge amount may have some side effects. Some of the side effects of this tea are the high caffeine content may not be very beneficial for the people who find intolerance towards caffeine. They must avoid drinking the snow buds tea at night. Some people may also experience dryness of eyes and mouth.

Flavor and Aroma

The snow buds tea gives you the taste of the white tea with an essence of green tea. The tea has a pungent odor along with a pinch of spicy and fresh earthly incense. The snow buds tea has a classic aroma connected to it.

Steeping Notes

Bring water to a boiling point of 185℉ / 85℃. Pour the boiled water onto a 25o ml/ 8.8 oz Cup then put 2 teaspoons of snow buds tea and steep it for 2-3 minutes. Strain the tea and drink with some crunchy biscuits.

Storing Snow Buds Tea

It is very important to store the tea in cold conditions. The tea should be stored in air-tight containers and must be kept away from the light, heat, moisture and strong fragrances.

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