Best Smart Plug Alexa Outlets For Your Favorite Cordless Electric Tea Kettle: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

What is Smart Plug?

best smart plug alexa

Smart Plug is a simple, innovative and easy-to-use device that gives you control of all the electrical devices that you can plug into any open outlet. It basically provides you the running access of electronic appliances through your smart-phone.

What does smart plug do?

Smart Plug device is controlled by an app, it allows you to turn on or off any home appliance that plugs in a wall socket of your home. It also lets you to create and automate schedules for your home appliances. Smart Plug also allows you to monitor the energy usage of your appliances.

Befor going to know 5 best smart plugs alexa outlets for your cordless electric tea kettle, let me tell you 14 great benefits of using best smart plug alexa which will turn up your normal home into a smart home.

Have a look

14 great benefits of using the best smart plug Alexa outlet

best smart plug alexa

1.  Smart Plugs are very helpful to get already made tea or coffee in the morning. Simply just load your tea-maker or coffee-maker with all your necessary ingredients night before. Plug your tea-maker or coffeemaker into a smart plug alexa and program the smart plug to turn on 20 minutes before your alarm goes off. On waking up in the morning, you will get freshly prepared tea or coffee. There is no need to make tea or coffee manually.

2. If you need to get ready for office or school daily. Smart plug alexa outlets can become your perfect companion. If you need to heat up iron, every early morning to get ready for work, then preset your smart plugs into heat up irons or dryers for you. It will save your time and lets you to do other tasks at the same time.

3. Smart plugs are very useful devices to keep the rooms warm in the winter. Plug your electric radiator into a smart plug and activate it in advance to keep your rooms warm during winter days. Turn it off by using your smart-phone when your room get sufficiently warm. It is helpful in the winter when you did not want to get up from one place.

4. We leave the television on most of the time before sleeping. A smart plug can be used to turn off your TV by setting a specified time each night. It lets you not to worry about switching off the TV when you fall asleep. Smart plugs can also be used to limit the time for watching the TV for your children. These smart outlets can be used to manage the time earned by your hardworking children on their favorite gaming console. It is a essential device to get the control on your kids, gaming consoles and TV.

5. It is not an easy task to give time for every single task in today’s busy schedules and routines. Especially when you have a lot of work to do. Cooking food can be time consuming and boring for you in such cases. But, with the smart plugs you can do it faster and easily way up from your thinking. Before heading to the work, simply throw all the essential ingredients to your crock pot and plug it into a smart outlet. Turn it on before coming back home and you will find freshly made meal. Turn it off on time to reduce the fear of overcooked food.

6. It is a casual thing that when we wash our clothes in the night time. We keep our clothes in the tumble dryers so that they get dry for the next morning. But, if we fall asleep or forget to turn off the tumble dryer it can cause house fire and it has happened a lot at many places. The problem can be solved by connecting a smart plug to your dryer so that you can switch off your tumble dryer off whenever you want and wherever from you want. You can also set up the specified time to do this task after which your tumble dryer will get automatically off.

7. Never worry about knowing the cost of running the electrical appliances in your home. It is a bit easy task to do now. With the uses of smart plugs in your home you can get information about the devices which are in use and when are they active. This information is very helpful for you to calculate and measure the costs for recharging phone, tablet or laptop. It will help you to save money on the next electronic item purchase.

best smart plug alexa

8. In summer, we need a fan or an air conditioner to get relieve from the warmth. It is necessary that these appliances should run most of the time in a day. But not all the time during the whole day, which causes the use of more energy and it can cost our electric bills more and higher that also effect directly on us. They may even can become the cause of the house fire. With the use of smart plugs, you can get direct control of your fan or an air conditioner in your hand. You can turn them on or off whenever necessary.

9. In the winter, space heaters are the powerful sources of heat that keep us warm during long boring nights. It is very slothful task to switch off the space heater when you are doing your office work at late night. You would not want to get up to turn off the space heater. But, due to the fear of fire hazards and high energy consumption you turn it off. In such cases, smart plugs can help you to turn on or off your space heater with the help of your smart-phone according to your need and requirements.

10. Smart plugs can be used to recharge the devices batteries of your home appliances. You can recharge your batteries from remote areas when you are busy in doing other tasks.

11. Outdoor lighting of your house is very important which looks decorative in nature. In cold nights, it is not an easy task to turn these lights off and most of the time we forget to switch off the outdoor lighting. Using a smart plug, you can turn lights down without involving any physical movement and set a timer to turn off the lights which will automatically turns your outdoor lights off in the specified time.

12. If you are concerned about crime in your area and you are way far away from home in the office or your working place. You can control the home lights and other appliances easily with your smart-phone using app that can be used to fool the thieves. Turning the light on or off can easily make a fool of the opportunistic burglars. They will think that there is somebody in the house and it will reduce the fear of having crimes in your house. This is where smart plugs can help you a lot by giving full control of your house.

13. One of the best thing about best smart plug alexa is that it lets to program holiday lighting schedules. It is a very useful tool when you want to remember the certain things like turn your Christmas trees lights on. Scheduling is the best automation available in the smart plugs. You just need to schedule the things according to your time and the lights will be automatically on which helps to know your tasks during a day or on the holidays that comes with the timer by using which you can give a specified time to your tasks and after that lights will get automatically off.

14. Children fear very much due to the dark in the night. They cannot sleep without having lights on in their room. They feel scary, but with the smart outlets you can leave the light on until they get slept. You need to program your smart plug to turn off automatically off after one or half hour later after your children fall asleep and it will come back when they get woke up again. You can also pair a smart plug with the motion sensor by their bed so that lights can turn on back if they get woke up in the middle of the night.

5 Best Smart Plug Alexa Outlets For Cordless Electric Tea Kettle

1. TP-Link Smart Plug Alexa, No Hub Required, Wi-Fi, Control your Devices from Anywhere, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

2. Wemo Mini Smart Plug Alexa, Wi-Fi Enabled, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google  Assistant

3. TanTan Smart Plug, WiFi Enabled Mini Smart Switch Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

4. iHome iSP8 Wi-FI SmartPlug – use your voice to control connected devices with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

5. Laneco Mini Wireless smart plug, Control Your Devices from Anywhere Via Free APP, Compatible with Alexa & Google Home, No Hub Required

No. 1 best smart plug alexa

best smart plug alexa

TP-link smart plug

Price- From $22.49 + shipping charge (& import fee if any)

Ratings- 4.8 out of 5

TP-link smart plugs are the need of the hour. Most of the people all around the globe rely on electronic devices be it cordless electric tea kettle, TV, coffee machine, crock-pots, lamps, vacuum cleaner, washing machine and many more. The best smart plug alexa outlet lets you control all these devices with an app (Kasa compatible with Android 4.0 and higher, iOS8 and higher) installed on your smartphone.  It is also compatible with Google assistant, Dot, Echo and Amazon echo. It basically automates your devices and let you control it on the go.

They allow you to turn your home into a smart home and offer a great saving on your electricity bills. A great device for those lazy and cozy mornings when you do not want to step out of your bed. Schedule it for morning time to switch on your coffee machine and get a cup of piping hot coffee without any fuss.

Product Features:

The design of the device is very elegant and clean making it feasible with any home décor.

The countdown time feature helps to switch off the devices by just setting a time limit beforehand. You get the much-wanted mental peace in cases of running late or returning home late.

Scheduling: A scheduler lets you switch off the lights of your entire home without your need to get out of the bed.

Security: Another commendable feature of this plug is that it can be configured to switch the lights on and off, like giving an illusion of somebody is home, when actually you are away.

TP-link smart plug is easy to install and use. You will just need to connect it to your wi-fi and control it from anywhere you want.

The Good:

  • The design is pretty attractive and works great for any kind of home.
  • The setup process is quite simple and doesn’t take a lot of time.
  • Competitive price.
  • It can be easily paired with Amazon alexa , google voice assistant and Echo dot.
  • The wi-fi connectivity with this homekit smart plug is good. It offers two-way communication for control as well as the real-time status (unlike one-way powerline modules)
  • If you want to change the location of the smart plug it can be easily unplugged from AC and the setting won’t be lost.
  • It supports Alexa without the need for a hub.
  • It is very much flexible as you can easily configure the settings for your appliances depending on days, time and other criteria.

The Bad:

  • The design is a bit bulkier as compared to the one in the pictures.
  • If it is placed in the bottom outlet of a plug then the upper outlet is left unused.
  • The maximum load it can handle is 15 A.
  • It lacks support for 5 GHz Wi-fi.
  • There are quite some limitations in voice commands with Alexa as it can be only managed for on and off action.
  • If the devices connected to this smart plug are of higher wattage then it may become hot. This may be a point of concern for some people. Though no problems are observed for devices like tea kettle, lamps, lights or video games.
  • The wi-fi signals need to be strong or better say your device needs to be close to the wi-fi router.

Final Verdict:

This can be termed as the best smart plug Alexa compatible if we talk about price and the services that it offers.  If you are looking for automating your home then this won’t burn a hole in your pocket.   It is a good pick if your main concerns are small devices like electric tea kettle, lamps, TV, coffee machine that do not use a high wattage.

Apart from this if you are looking for automating heavy appliances then it is not that feasible. Though, the load mentioned is 15A it is better not to put the device to the test and keep it on an optimum value itself. It works great for home networks and small offices.

Check out the best price of this best smart plug alexa at



No. 2 best smart plug alexa

best smart plug alexa

Wemo smart plug

Price- From $28.19 + shipping (& import fee if any)

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5

When you plan to automate your home you will surely want to get your hands on the best smart plug alexa outlet. Smart plugs are a great way that can help you to control your home anywhere anytime. Wemo smart plugs by Belkin can help you achieve a smart home by automating appliances like tea kettle, fans, lamps, heaters and more. You just need to plug the Wemo smart plug into the electrical socket and put the switch of the intended appliance into it.  Connect it to your wi-fi and install a wemo app on your phone. Voila! you can operate your devices remotely while comforting in a cozy bed.

Wemo smart plugs seamlessly work with Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistant. You just need to simply say “Switch the light on” and “switch the light off” and your work is done without any hassle. They are also compatible with nest and IFTTT (if this then that) for more advanced support.

Product Feature:

Wemo plugs are in the race of best homekit smart plugs. The design of the product is very compact and doesn’t obstruct any other sockets

It can be used to synchronize your electric tea kettle, lamps, fans and other appliances according to a pre-specified schedule.

The away mode lets you switch the lights on and off at random hours. This gives an illusion of somebody being at home when you are actually away.

It can be managed remotely from anyplace and anytime. Gone are the days when you would freak out in a middle of a party realizing you forgot to turn off your iron or the Christmas lights. It just got easier with Wemo smart plugs.

The voice control services with Google voice assistant and Amazon alexa lets you operate the device hands-free.

It is also compatible with Nest thermostat. The away and home controls of Nest can be easily brought into sync with Wemo homekit smart plugs.

You can also add additional functionalities to wemo mini with the IFTTT the free web service. IFTTT has a number of real time possibilities listed that can be brought in sync with Wemo.

The Good:

  • The installation is simple if you are a bit tech savvy and can follow the instructions.
  • The design being compact doesn’t obstruct other sockets. You can easily use them for plugging other devices.
  • The functionalities can be enhanced with IFTTT app web service.
  • It is also compatible with Nest thermostat.
  • In terms of price it just hits the sweet spot.

The Bad:

  • If you can get the hold of installation then it is pretty simple, but in case of older builds homes or if you lack a neutral wire you will need an electrician.
  • If the Internet connection goes down then the device will need some time to get back to work. It doesn’t connect immediately.
  • In case of multiple wemo devices in your home, you might find wi-fi connectivity issues.
  • Wemo mini smart plugs are also not very supportive of power failures. They take quite some time to get back to work after a power cut.
  • It doesn’t work with three-way switches.
  • Networking issue is one of the major concerns; you may or may not have to make several attempts to get it connected to the wi-fi.

Final Verdict:

Wemo smart plug alexa is one of the most evident smart plugs amongst the best smart plug Alexa outley of 2018.  The cost is reasonable but you can still get other smart plugs with the same quality at cheaper price. The two most appreciating factors about wemo mini smart plugs are compatibility with IFTTT, NEST and the compact design. If you are more concerned about the extra functionalities then go for this best smart plug device.

Check out the best price of this best smart plug alexa at



No. 3 best smart plug alexa outlet

best smart plug alexa

TanTan smart plug alexa outlet

Price- $15.99 + shipping (& import fee if any)

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

Smart plugs have been the latest inventions that are set to take the home automation by storm. There is number of smart plugs available in the market making it a bit tricky by the day to zero down on the best smart plug alexa outlet out of the lot. The tan tan smart plugs alexa are also quite popular that offer automation at your fingertips. With the help of Tan tan homekit smart plugs the devices can be automatically switched on and off, schedule timings set a timer and share it with your near and dear ones.

You need to install smart life app on your phone in order to manage it remotely. Tan tan smart plugs do not need an additional hub and can easily be used with your wi-fi connection. This plug comes with 3 months replacement and a 1-year warranty.

Product features:

Like all other competing smart plugs, it is compatible with Amazon alexa and Google assistant. You can easily control it via your voice.

It allows you to set the timer for switching the lights on and off. You can simply say to switch the lights on and it will be granted.

The timings can also be set as per the wishes.

The away mode provided security at your home when you are away by randomly operating the lights.

It is also compatible with IFTTT feature letting you enhance the functionalities.

The Good:

  • It does not require a hub you can easily manage it with your wi-fi(2.4ghz).
  • The setup is easy, you need to install smart life app on your phone and configure it as per the instructions.
  • It easily connects with Alexa or any other assistant without any hassle. The creation of schedules for putting the lights or devices on and off is pretty simple.
  • It can be made compatible with IFTTT and Google home. You have the power to enhance the functionalities via this feature.
  • Use it for security purposes as well where you can set the random switching on and off of the lights.

The Bad:

  • It doesn’t offer group support via Alexa. If you have created a group with several lights to switch on and off at a certain time then it won’t be possible with Alexa. You will have to use the smart app to do it. It becomes a bit annoying for the users.
  • It only supports 2.4 GHz band for Wi-Fi.
  • The plug usually covers the complete outlet making hard to use it for some other device.
  • The setup instructions are not very much clear; some may find problems with it.
  • The product description though boasts of a lot of automation scheduling, but that is not very true. You will have to manually manage a lot of things via your phone.
  • It only supports 10 A and gets heated up easily if left switched on for a long time.

Final Verdict:

The product is good and cheap. It can be termed as good value for money. If you are looking to buy a smart plug for general purposes especially electric tea kettle, lights and fans. The ergonomics of the product is not very appealing but still, it works fine. The only downside that I find in this best smart plug Alexa is 10A load support and no group support via Alexa.

Check out the best price of this best smart plug alexa outlet


No. 4 best smart plug alexa outlet

best smart plug alexa

iHome ISP6X Wi-FI Smart plug

Price- From $49.23 + shipping (& import fee if any)

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5

The iHome ISP6X wi-fi smart plug is among the 5 best smart plugs of 2018. It is compatible with a number of platforms like apple home kit, Nest, smart things app, amazon alexa, Wink and lastly Google assistant. The design and build of this plug are pretty thin and slim as compared to its counterparts. The design leaves enough space for you to plug in other devices in the slot.

It can be controlled with Apple devices i.e. iPad, iPod, iPhone enabled with iOS 9 or later. You will need to install the ihome app on your device to control the iHome smart plug 24/7 remotely. You can create and customize your own “scenes” for example, create a kitchen scene for controlling all the devices in the kitchen.

Product Features:

The design of this homekit smart plug is very sleek and thin. You can easily put more than one plug into the socket.

It is compatible with a large number of platforms as mentioned in the introduction.

The iHome ISP6X can help you to control appliances that are under 1800 watts. It works amazing for fans, window AC’s, lights, coffee machine, dryers and heaters.

It is a good pick if your entire home is all-iOS.

Works with iHome control app with version iOS9 and later.

Controlling it remotely will require you to have an Apple TV( 3rd generation and later) and an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

The Good:

  • The apple manufacturers have great designing potential in terms of design, look and feel. The skinny architecture makes it easy to fit into a standard 120 AC outlet.
  • It provides a support for devices up to 1800 watts.
  • It can be easily synchronized with nest for away and home functionalities.
  • It is compatible with a number of platforms Alexa, Google assistant, Wink, smart things and Apple home kit.
  • The app is great and easy to navigate. It is responsive and reliable and some extra points for the design.
  • It works great with apple homekits.

The Bad:

  • The firmware of your device should be up to date. It will create problems in installation if the firmware is outdated. Another problem is if in regular use there are no notifications about the update details then it makes the plug go out of order.
  • It is sure to burn a hole in your pocket but as the saying goes you pay for the brand, not the services.
  • It is pretty feasible if your entire home is iOS operated otherwise it will be incompatible.
  • If you are trying to pair this device with Android then be prepared to face connectivity issues. It is not at all friendly with Android iOS.
  • It doesn’t support Smart things hub at all. You will find difficulty in doing so. It has third party compatibility problems.
  • Expensive
  • Setting it up is a bit tricky

Final Verdict:

To make most out of it, you must be an Apple iOS lover or user of its devices. If you do not own Apple device from before and you are planning to go for it then it is not at all recommended. You can easily get some better options at such high price. If you have Apple device and you like Apple device features then it’s a must buy best smart plug alexa outlet for your best rated electric tea kettle.

Check out the best price of this best smart plug alexa outlet at


No. 5 best smart plug alexa outlet

best smart plug alexa

Laneco Mini Wireless smart plug alexa socket

Price- From $25.99 + shipping (& import fee if any)

Ratings- 4 out of 5

The search for best smart plug alexa outlet is quite a daunting job. The online shopping websites have a number of smart plugs listed and finding the most suitable one is not that simple.  Laneco Mini wireless socket is among the best smart plugs alexa of 2018. This plug allows you to control home devices like lights from your phone and tables using the compatible Tuya smart app (Android 4.1 and iOS 8.0 onwards). Laneco comes in a compact size and can be easily installed. You just need to plug the appliance into the Laneco smart plug after connecting it to the Internet.

It offers hands-free support with the help of voice automation via Amazon Alexa, and Amazon echo. You will not need any subscription or an extra hub to make it work. Laneco is a great homekit smart plug that can work wonders for making your home smart. The smart plug is designed with ABS flame resistant material and has been approved for quality and safety.

Product features:

The design of Laneco is very compact and lets you plug in two smart plugs back to back. It doesn’t obstruct the socket completely thus giving much space for other plugs to fit in easily.

With Laneco smart plugs alexa you can control devices remotely. You just need to use the Tuya smart app and switch on and off the lights as per your wish.

You can schedule the lights to turn on and off at a specified time. Like just seconds before you make your entry you can come to a well-lit space.

The hands free feature allows you to control your appliances with voice automation. You will just need to issue a voice command via Amazon echo and alexa and your work will be done.

This homekit smart plug supports a maximum current of 10 A.

It supports 2.4 GHz wi-fi band.

The Good:

  • They work tremendously well with Echo dot. The product description doesn’t mention Google home compatibility but it does support Google home.
  • The quoted price is very reasonable for the kind of functionalities it provides.
  • The setting procedure is pretty simple.
  • The design is compact and doesn’t leave other sockets unused. This is a major problem that is common with some of the leading smart plugs.
  • Good reliability and intuitive app.

The Bad:

  • The compatibility with platforms is pretty limited. It doesn’t support wink, homekit and other similar platforms.
  • The load that it supports is 10 A. This makes the usage of this smart plug again limited.
  • You may find it hard to perform smart automation like switching on at dusk and switching off at dawn.
  • The scheduling and creating scenes are not at all simple and you may find tough to manage it.
  • If you are expecting too much of smart self-correcting automation then you will be disappointed.

Final Verdict:

Laneco is overall a good product and is reasonably priced. With it you get to have two smart plugs together, making it a good deal. It works flawlessly and is highly recommended.  If you are not looking for something that is highly automated and smart, then this smart plug is a good pick. If you are expecting a bit too much in terms of functionalities and automation then you can look out for higher versions, but this particular smart plug offers great value for money.

Check out the best price of this best smart plug alex outlet



Out of these 5 best smart plug alexa outlets for turning cordless electric tea kettle into one smart electric tea kettle our best and No.1 pick is TP-link Smart Plug Alexa Outlet.

Buy It Now at Discounted Price From Amazon

Our No. 2 pick is Wemo Smart Plug Alexa Outlet which is a great value for money product.

Buy It Now at Discounted Price From Amazon

How to choose best smart plug alexa outlet for your smart kitchen and smart home solution?

best smart plug alexa

Smart plug alexa outlet is one of the primary device useful for setting up your smart home. They save your money, ensure tight security and control all your appliances. We have already learnt the uses and benefits of the smart plugs. Now we need to know how we can choose best smart plug for our home. For that you need to look on the certain features and specifications while buying a new smart plug.

The following are the main needs that you should look in the best smart plug alexa outlet:


Smart plugs come generally with the two sizes. These both categories of the smart plugs are of the different shape and sizes. The first smart plug is a horizontal shaped which is more spread horizontally than vertically. This type of the smart plug alexa outlet is very useful where double power outlets are available in your house. They leave a proper space without blocking the other socket that means you can employ two of your smart plugs there.

The second type of smart plug is vertically shaped that is more suited for the single outlets. The prices of the both smart plugs do not vary that much base on their sizes. It totally depends upon the condition and requirements of your house. You can need both variants or may be only a single variant can be good for you.


It is very important that you choose the smart plug that can fulfil all your needs. They should work with the different standards, platforms and protocols. If you are not intending to build a large smart home environment, then you can go for a smart plug that did not support the wifi networks.

On the other hand if you have the intention to build all your home into a full smart home having automatic system across the multiple devices then you should invest a little more money to get the compatible device of your need that includes all your requirements.

Controlling your devices with your voices is also a great way to organize and manage tasks. For such devices, you should look for the smart plugs that works with Google Home, Apple’s Home-Kit or Amazon Alexa. Observe your home needs and requirement then try to find that type of smart plug device that can be compatible with all your needs.

Features & Specifications

With the size and compatibility, you should look for the features and specifications provided by the company in their product. Every company provides different features in their product. Some of them are unique features which only come with a certain company products. Rather than looking for the basic features you should look for the additional features provided with that smart plug device.

It can help you to get the proper knowledge of the product that you tend to buy and you can also check the differences between the two products of the different company. The functionality of the smart plugs is also important that specify the working. For that you should look for a good company brand.

One such example is smart plugs of the ‘TP-Link’ that is number one brand in home automation modules. It is one of the most reliable brand with which many customers are well familiar and satisfied. It supports the voice controlling with Amazon Alexa. It allows you to schedule the automatic shutdown that is very helpful to save energy.

Hope, this write-up will help you choose the best smart plug alexa outlet which can transform you cordless electric tea kettle to a smart tea kettle and provides you more convenience in your journey towards smart drinking and smart living. With this amazing electronic product you can transform your normal home to a smart home and live a relaxed tension-free life.

6 Replies to “5 Best Smart Plug Alexa Outlets For Your Favorite Electric tea Kettle”

  1. This article post provides so much useful information on smart plugs, I never knew there was such a product as a smart plug before reading your post today.

    I don’t own a smart phone or any other type of smart products, but your article has me interested in researching these smart product more closely.

    I was wondering do you happen to know some of the best smart phones which works well with smart plugs for someone who has never owned either of these products

    1. Thanks for your opinion. These smart plugs can be controlled by smart phones like Apple, and other Android and ios smart phones. What you need to do is just download the application specific to that plug in your phone and you need to follow some basic settings that all. After that switch on your Wi-Fi button and control your smart plug. For this settings you don’t need to worry. The product manual will guide you. Even you can control these devices through Amazon Alexa or google home that means voice control. 

      Thank you again and stay tuned to know more. 

  2. Wow, this is cool! This is actually my first time hearing of smart plugs

    It seems to be extremely efficient, both in terms of time and electricity expenses.

    The price also seems to be pretty reasonable! Although I have a question though: are these prices per unit, or prices for an entire system or collection of outlets?


    1. This smart plug Alexa really helpful for the people who have busy time schedule. One can do home automation properly through this plug. As per the price is concerned, normal the price mentioned is flexible. Even sometimes there may be offers of two plugs at the same price or one plug at the discounted rate. For better price option press the amazon button and to know more.

      Thank you. 

  3. We just remodeled our home and we are in the lip stick stage of the build meaning blinds appliances etc… one of our to-do-list is outfitting our home with smart technology. Like some many other new to the subject I’m not really sure where to begin, but after reading your article I feel much better about the direction I want to take. I wanted to know what to you feel is the cheapest but most efficient products on the market to date.


    Ken B.

    1. It is really great to know that you have found someting valuable from my post. If you really want to go for home automation then I think you should look at features instead of price. Normally cheap products don’t carry much value in the long run. There are many best smart plugs Alexa outlets at the price range from $19 to $29. And I think this price range is very competitive as per product features. For me TP link and Wemo are best products at the best price. These are not costly. I think you may try any one out of these two. 

      Thank you


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