Kombucha Tea Brands

Tea lovers look forward to their tea time, and when it arrives, they are more than willing to take time to prepare a perfect cup of tea. While for some people, drinking their favorite tea is a cherished morning routine they cannot miss, many others look forward to trying out varieties of tea they have never had before. Kombucha tea is one such offbeat tea variety that has gained tremendous popularity around the world. For your convenience, we are trying to find out the best Kombucha tea brand out of 5 finest kombucha tea brands to help you choose the right one for you! 


Often referred to as Manchurian Mushroom or Tea Mushroom, Kombucha is a beverage prepared by fermenting sweetened black tea or green tea with the help of Scoby. It has a mild effervescence as well as slight caffeine and alcohol content. 

According to popular belief, Kombucha has its roots in China’s Manchuria region and has been consumed for hundreds of years across Asia and Europe. Over the years, this fermented beverage has become popular in other parts of the world as well due to its possible health benefits. 

Kombucha is rich in probiotics and may prove helpful in alleviating constipation, improving gut health and the immune system, and supportive in conditions like arthritis and cholesterol. However, the benefits of Kombucha have not yet been proven so if you have any infections or health conditions, it is advisable to consult your doctor before drinking this tea.  

Best Kombucha Tea Brand I Choose The Best From Top 5 Picks

If you are wondering which Kombucha teas to try, take a look at the list below – 

1. Yogi Tea – Green Tea Kombucha

best kombucha green tea


  • Light and fruity notes
  • Combines flavors of Spearmint, Plum and Passion Fruit
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan and Kosher

The Green Tea Kombucha from Yogi Tea is a bright and fruity blend made by combining Green Tea with Kombucha. Loaded with antioxidants, it is great for improving your overall health and generates a heightened sense of wellness. 

As you take a sip of this tea, you will taste the refreshing flavors of sweet Spearmint and Lemongrass as they come together with the fruity twist of Plum and Passion Fruit! 

Available in a pack of six with a total of 96 individually packed compostable tea bags, the Yogi Tea brand promises you a flavorful and healthy tea choice for you and your family. 

To prepare a tasty cup of Yogi Green Tea Kombucha, bring one cup of water to just about boiling point and steep the tea bag for approximately 3 minutes. If you like your tea strong, add another teabag. Sit back, relax and enjoy your Kombucha Green tea! 

The Yogi Tea brand has a rich history of over 30 years and stands by its principle of ‘Feel Good, Be Good, Do Good’. The company supports sustainability, social responsibility and quality. 


  • Rich source of antioxidants
  • Supports overall wellness
  • Anti-bloating properties
  • Delicious flavors
  • A smart alternative to coffee
  • Comes in recyclable cartons
  • Packed in compostable teabags
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Gluten-Free, Vegan and Kosher


  • Tastes bitter
  • Strong fruity and spearmint flavors

2. Kombucha.com Organic Loose Leaf Tea – Kombucha Brewing Blends

best kombucha tea


  • Loose-leaf fannings
  • Mixed tea blend
  • Contains Black, Green, White and Mixed tea
  • USDA Organic
  • Tea ball not recommended

This Black, Green and White loose leaf tea blend for Kombucha home brewing is certified organic and is brought to you by the Raw Brewing Co., Kombucha.com. It contains some of the best organic teas imported from all over the world. 

What makes this fanning blend a good choice for in-house Kombucha brewing is its small tea particles which offer a higher rate of nutrient extraction and provide greater nutrition to the scoby when compared to whole leaf tea. 

What’s more, more nutrients mean your Kombucha will be more healthful and flavorful. 

The company instructs not to use tea balls or muslin cloth. The ideal way to bring this tea to use is by filling it into high-quality, food-grade paper-filter drawstring bags (disposable/re-usable tea bags).


  • 100% Organic blend
  • Fanning blend provides high nutrition to the scoby
  • Enables faster fermentation
  • Good flavor and aroma
  • Comes in a sturdy resealable zipper pouch
  • Inexpensive tea


  • A few customers felt that the bag contained a lot of dust/residue.
  • For a few customers, the Kombucha did not turn out good. 

3. Harney & Sons Certified Organic Kombucha Rooibos Tea Blend

Rooibos Kombucha Tea


  • Rooibos Kombucha Tea blend
  • Caffeine-free
  • Certified Organic

If you are looking for a caffeine-free alternative to home brew your herbal Kombucha tea, do try this Organic Rooibos Tea blend

Brought to you by Harney & Sons, this is a high-quality tea blend that contains many health benefits of Red Tea or Rooibos. Since it does not have any caffeine content, you can drink the prepared Kombucha at night too. 

To prepare great-tasting Rooibos Kombucha tea, steep it a bit longer than traditional tea. 

As mentioned on the bag, you can start by bringing water to a boil and turning off the heat. Add the caffeine-free Kombucha Rooibos tea blend and let it steep for 15 minutes. Now strain the mixture and slowly add sugar to it. 

Once cooled to room temperature, you can add the Kombucha culture + starter liquid. The proportion of tea blend, sugar and water is two tablespoons and one cup per gallon of water


  • Does not contain caffeine
  • Creates fresh-tasting Kombucha
  • 100% organic tea blend


  • We did not find any complaints about this product. 

4. Kombucha Loose Leaf Black And Green Tea 50/50 Blend

green and black kombucha tea blend


  • Hand-blended loose tea
  • Contains Black and Green Tea
  • 50/50 blend

For those looking to prepare the best Black Tea Kombucha, we bring you the Solstice Tea Traders’ Kombucha Loose Leaf Black & Green tea for your Kombucha home brewing needs. 

It contains Keemum Black tea and China Young Hyson Green tea in a 50:50 proportion, imported and well packed for your use. This combination of green and black tea is guaranteed to make a tasty blend. 

Since this tea is hand-blended in small batches and contains an equal proportion of both teas, you can count on having a smooth flavor and a balanced ratio of yeast to bacteria, helpful in the brewing and fermenting process. 

Another noticeable thing about this product is that it comes in a large bag with enough tea for many rounds of brews, making it great value for your money. The Solstice Tea Traders sources its tea from different parts of the world and packages it in the USA. 


  • Makes delicious tasting Kombucha tea
  • Refreshing blend
  • Made in small batches
  • Hand blended loose tea
  • Inexpensive and well priced
  • Good fragrance
  • Brewing instructions on the bag are well explained


  • Some customers complained that they found a lot of sediments in the bag.

5. Tea Forte Black Tea Assortment Brand For Kombucha

assortment teas


  • Tea bags
  • Hand blended
  • A blend of Earl Grey, Black Currant, White Ambrosia, White Ginger Pear, Green Mango Peach, Jasmine Green, African Solstice, Chamomile Citron, Raspberry Nectar & Ginger Lemongrass.
  • Contain antioxidants

If you are planning to brew your Kombucha Tea at home and are looking to invest in a blend of unique flavors, do try the Black Assortment blend Tea Forte.

Hand blended with a choice of high-quality China Black Orange Pekoe, Green Tea, White Tea, the other varieties are special and unique which will contribute in maximizing your health. 

While the black tea improves the health of your SCOBY, the Green Tea and White Tea add beautiful flavors. The Green Mango Peach and Jasmine Tea lend an extra dose of antioxidants and energizing properties to the mix.

Shake the bag well before use and you will get a good mix of each variety of tea to make your Kombucha. You can enjoy this Kombucha tea hot or as an iced tea. 


  • Well packed in re-sealable zipper bag
  • Good amounts of antioxidants
  • Delicious flavors


  • Few customers complained that the bag contained a lot of sediments.

Now, that you are closer to selecting the best Kombucha tea brand, let’s talk about Scoby. 

What is Scoby?

The term SCOBY is an acronym for ‘Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast’. It is one of the most crucial ingredients in fermenting and preparing Kombucha Tea. Often referred to as Kombucha Mushroom or Mother, Scoby has a round shape with a thick, dense, rubbery and somewhat slimy texture. It smells like vinegar.  

Importance of Scoby in Preparing Kombucha Tea

To make the best green tea Kombucha, three main ingredients are required – brewed green tea (or black tea), sugar and Scoby. 

The Scoby comprises cellulose and is made up of different species of yeast and good bacteria that are imperative for fermentation to take place.

Once the Scoby is added to the sugared green or black tea and kept aside for fermenting, the yeast and bacteria of the Scoby actively work on the sugar and begin to break it down. 

During this process, the production of acids, carbon dioxide and trace alcohol takes place. And it is this process that lends the Kombucha its fizzy, effervescent properties. Kombucha tea is tangy and has a mild sweetness. You can taste hints of vinegar in it. 

As the mixture ferments, the Scoby floats on top, covers up the mixture and cuts off the supply of outside air. With time, you can see a baby Scoby growing. 

How to make Scoby at home for Kombucha Tea?

You can purchase SCOBY from a store, borrow it from someone who brews Kombucha or grow it at home from scratch. Of course, you will need time, patience and the ability to follow instructions well if you want to grow your own SCOBY. 

Here are some simple steps to prepare Kombucha Scoby at home – 

  • To start the process, buy a bottle of Kombucha from the store. (Make sure it is raw and does not contain any flavor.)
  • Prepare a cup of your choice of green tea or black tea. 
  • Add one or two tablespoons of sugar to this hot tea and mix it well.
  • Let your sweetened tea cool down completely. 
  • Next, add the store-bought Kombucha into a jar along with your sweetened tea. 
  • Use a breathable fine-weave cloth or coffee filter made of paper to cover, seal and secure the jar using a large rubber band.    
  • Find a warm spot in your kitchen or home, away from direct sunlight and place the jar carefully. (The ideal temperature for fermentation is about 68-82ºF).
  • Depending on how warm or cool your home is, it can take anywhere between two to four weeks or less for the process to complete. 

Check the jar after a week. You should see the baby Scoby growing in a layered form towards the upper of the mixture. With time, the Scoby will lose its thin-film like look and start to get thick. 

DID YOU KNOW? When the Scoby gets about ¼th inch in thickness, you can use it to brew an all-new batch of homemade Kombucha tea. 

What If You Can’t See The Scoby Forming? Give it another two weeks. However, if after three weeks also there is no growth, something may have gone wrong with the temperatures or the procedure. It may be best to get rid of this mixture and get started with another fresh batch.  

Have you heard about the Poseymom Kombucha Tea Culture – Large Scoby?

poseymom kombucha scoby

This tea culture is a larger Scoby that comes with about a cup of strong starter tea. Using this Scoby, you can make about one gallon of Kombucha Tea. 

Here are some of its features – 

  • Very active Scoby
  • Doesn’t contain any added artificial flavors
  • Does not contain any vinegar
  • Takes about two weeks to grow

This product comes with detailed beginner-friendly instructions, so you have the right guidance to not just start brewing Kombucha tea at home, but also re-brew it over time. 

Because of its genuineness, the Poseymom Kombucha Tea Culture has received mixed reviews from customers. 


  • Healthy Scoby, shipped to your doorstep
  • Good instructions which are easy to follow even by someone who has never brewed Kombucha before.


  • Some customers received small to medium-sized Scoby.
  • Few complained of leakage due to poor packaging.
  • Someone received a low-quality Scoby.
  • Square shape instead of the usual round shape

How to Make Kombucha Tea at Home

Kombucha Tea

Congratulations on your decision to make tangy and fermented Kombucha at home. Batch brewing homemade Kombucha will not only be less expensive than buying ready-made Kombucha but also allow you to make a popular beverage in your kitchen. 

(Of course, there still is the best Kombucha tea brand available anytime you decide to get it from the market.) 

To maintain a regular supply of home-brewed Kombucha, you may want to go in for a continuous brew which a lot of people love to do. 

For your convenience, we have broken down the procedure into easy to follow steps. Before you get started, make sure all the accessories are nicely cleaned, and the ingredients are within easy reach. Enjoy the experience! 

You will need – 

  • Hot water or distilled hot water
  • White Sugar
  • Black Tea Bags
  • Kombucha Starter tea
  • Starter Culture – SCOBY

Steps to Make Kombucha – 

  1. Get the water for your tea ready
  • Heat the water till it is hot enough to dissolve the sugar.
  • Remove from the stove and add the sugar.
  • Stir well to dissolve the sugar.

2. Make the tea

  • Add your teabags. If you are using loose tea, add it now. 
  • Let the tea bags/leaves steep in the water for about 10 minutes. 
  • After steeping is complete, remove the tea bags/strain the tea. 
  • Let the tea cool down to room temperature. 

3. Start Assembling the ingredients in a brewing vessel

  • Pour your sweetened tea to the glass vessel. 
  • Measure your starter tea using a cup and add it to the sweetened tea. Doing so will protect against microbial contamination (Some people also use distilled white vinegar in place of the starter tea).
  • Don’t fill the vessel to the top. There should be enough vacant space for fermentation and air movement. 

4. Time to add the Scoby & secure the vessel

  • Using clean hands gently place the SCOBY into the vessel. 
  • You now have to cover the top of the vessel using a breathable material such as a paper coffee filter or fine weave cloth.
  • Once the cover has been tightly placed, secure it using a large rubber band so it won’t move. 

5. Keep the vessel at room temperature

  • Look for a warm and safe place away from direct sunlight.
  • Lift the jar carefully and place it where it won’t be disturbed. 
  • Keep in mind that the best temperature for the fermentation to take place in is about 72-84°F.

6. The waiting game

  • It will take anywhere between 1-3 weeks for the Kombucha to ferment. 
  • From time to time, check on its progress without removing the cover. 
  • The Scoby should be hovering over the entire surface of the liquid, covering it up.
  • You should be able to see a new layer of the baby SCOBY forming inside the jar. 
  • To ensure that the flavor of the Kombucha is just right and to your liking, you may want to taste it after 7-8 days. 
  • Check if it has acquired the right balance of sweet and tangy. 
  • If not, you can give it more time. 

7. Take out the Scoby

  • Once your Kombucha is ready, wash your hands and remove the SCOBY from the jar.
  • If you would like to start a new batch of fermentation, you can use this SCOBY (a layer from this Scoby) for the next batch.
  • You will also require some starter liquid from your freshly brewed Kombucha so pour the desired amount into a bowl.
  • For now, you may even place the retrieved Scoby into this bowl, ready to be inserted into the next batch of sweetened and cooled tea.

8. Transfer your Kombucha into storage jars

  • You can fill your prepared Kombucha into clean jars or bottles, ready to be enjoyed whenever you want.
  • At this stage, you can also add your choice of flavourings to the Kombucha. 
  • Once the jars are securely closed, the Co2 trapped inside will start to give the beverage its fizzy characteristics. 
  • If you are using a gallon-size fermenting jar, you can take about twelve cups of water for the tea, three-fourth cup sugar, one cup of starter liquid and about 3-5 tea bags. Of course, you will also need a relatively large and healthy Scoby. 
  • In case you have invested in a starter kit, follow its instructions and ingredient quantities accordingly. 

DID YOU KNOW? Herbal Tea Kombucha is another variety of Kombucha Tea.

Equipment and Accessories you need to make Kombucha Tea

Once you have decided that you want to make Kombucha Tea at home, it’s time to invest in a few good-quality accessories which will come in handy from start to finish. 

To brew delicious Kombucha Tea, here are a few things you will need – 

1. Gallon Glass Jar for Kombucha

The Kombucha brewing container or jar is perhaps the most important accessory for preparing this special tea. It is the jar you will use to store your starter tea and liquid. While jars are available in a variety of materials, the best material for Kombucha brewing is glass, and we suggest investing in the Gallon Glass Jar. Scratch-resistant, the glass will neither interfere nor react with the acidic nature of Kombucha.

Ball Half Gallon Mason Jars 

Ball Half Gallon Mason Jars

The wide-mouthed, half-gallon Mason Jars from Ball are known for their high-quality and durability. Since they are air-tight, they will keep your Kombucha safe and away from the outside air. For your convenience, they come with an additional rubber non-slip jar opener which ensures that you won’t have to struggle to get the jar opened. 

2. Funnel

Once your Kombucha Tea has brewed to perfection, you may want to transfer the tea to your choice of bottles. A good food-grade funnel will simplify the process and help you to fill the bottles in the least amount of time. 

Lakatay 5-Inch Food Grade Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel

stainless steel funnel

Made of stainless steel, this Lakatay funnel is not only corrosion-resistant but also dishwasher safe. It includes a detachable strainer and stands out for its durability and multipurpose design. The funnel is 4.72 inches tall and has a diameter of 5 inches while the diameter of the detachable strainer is 1.97 inches. A special mention goes out to the ring and heart-shaped stem. 

3. Stick-On Thermometer

You need the right room temperature to ensure that your Kombucha brews well. With the help of a convenient Stick-On Thermometer that you can stick on to your brewing jar, you can easily check the room temperature at various stages and make adjustments accordingly. 

Fermenter Adhesive Crystal Strip Thermometer 46-82F

strip thermometer


This pack of 2, LCD Adhesive Crystal Strip Thermometer is effective, responsive and accurate. It measures the temperature in both, C and F, anywhere from 46-82 F. It is water-resistant, and you will have no trouble reading, ensuring that your tea brews well. 

4. Tea Caddy/Infuser 

A tea infuser that works well with teacups and teapots is a useful accessory to have in your kitchen. It is especially convenient for brewing full-leaf tea and makes the whole process easy. Stainless steel infusers are highly recommended as they do not rust despite prolonged use.

FORLIFE Brew-in-Mug Extra-Fine Tea Infuser with Lid

tea infuser

This good-quality, well-designed and dishwasher safe brew-in-mug tea infuser is just right for brewing fine tea as well as whole-leaf tea. It is equipped with handy silicon rimmed stainless-steel lid that does not let the heat escape and can easily be flipped back when not in use. However, taking out the tea leaves after use may require some extra effort. 

5. Measuring Cups 

Measuring cups are another kitchen must-have that will help you to brew great-tasting Kombucha Tea. Using the measuring cups, you can easily take out the right quantities of all the ingredients to brew your Kombucha without leaving anything to chance. 

Klee Utensils 10-Piece Colorful Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons 

Tea Measuring Cups

A wise investment for years to come, the Klee Utensils 5 measuring cups and 5 measuring spoons are BPA-free and made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel. These durable cups are rust-proof and provide accurate measurements. They are equipped with easy-grip silicone handles in beautiful colours and are dishwasher-safe. Some customers felt that the handles tend to bend and should be sturdier. 

6. Spirit Vinegar

Kombucha brewing is a process that requires sufficient time and patience. To ensure that the entire process is a success, one must remove all chances of contamination. When brewing Kombucha, you must also guard against mould formation. 

The first obvious step is to clean and rinse your Kombucha accessories, and supplies thoroughly, and to do this, you may want to use good spirit vinegar.

Four Monks Citrus Mint Scent Cleaning Vinegar 

cleaning vinegar

The Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar has a mild citrus mint scent. It is non-toxic and promises highly effective cleaning. A few customers complained that the product is poorly packaged and found it overpriced. 

DIY Kombucha Kits and Their Benefits

As the name suggests, a DIY Kombucha Kit has everything you need to brew flavorless Kombucha Tea. With all the necessary ingredients at your fingertips, you can easily start the brewing process within minutes. 

Kombucha Starter Kits may prove especially beneficial for those home-brewers who are new to the Kombucha brewing technique and require extra support to get the process started and completed successfully. 

A typical DIY Kombucha Kit consists of a choice of tea, sugar, SCOBY and starter liquid. Some kits also provide essential accessories or Kombucha supplies so that someone with no prior experience with Kombucha can also begin their exploration. 

3 Best Kombucha Starter Kits and Their Reviews

1. Kombucha Brewing Starter Kit by Joshua Tree Kombucha

Joshua Starting Kombucha Kit


  • Kombucha brewing starter kit 
  • Organic sugar and tea blends
  • Provides step-by-step instructions
  • Glass fermentation jar included

Brought to you by Joshua Tree Kombucha, this Kombucha Brewing Starter Kit is put together to assist you in brewing one gallon of Kombucha Tea in 5 easy steps from the comforts of your home. It includes instructions to guide you through each step.  

This kit includes the following items – 

  • Kombucha SCOBY with starter liquid
  • Kombucha Sugar
  • Kombucha Black and Green Tea Blend
  • Gallon Glass Brewing Jar with Plastic Lid
  • Ph Strips
  • Temperature Gauge can be stuck to the glass jar
  • Kombucha Cover with a secure band

The Joshua Tree Kombucha Brewing Starter Kit has mixed reviews from users. 


  • Makes a good batch of Kombucha tea
  • Grows healthy baby SCOBY after 7 days
  • Good-quality glass jar included


  • Basic instructions are provided with this kit.
  • May be difficult to follow if you are new to home brewing.
  • Does not include tea bags.


2. Kombucha Starter Kit – 100% raw and organic ingredients By GetKombucha



  • Complete Kombucha Starter Making Kit
  • Instruction Guide
  • Makes 1 gallon of Kombucha Tea

Kombucha is believed to be rich in probiotics and antioxidants and is also considered beneficial for improving your gut health. Kombucha Starter Kit by GetKombucha gives the ability to prepare refills of Kombucha tea for years to come as it brings the most crucial ingredient needed for Kombucha right to your kitchen which is the SCOBY. 

The brand promises high-quality ingredients and a 4-step brewing guide to help you brew tasty Kombucha Tea. The colorful packaging makes this kit look highly attractive.   

The kit includes the following items – 

  • Scoby and starter liquid
  • 2 cloth Covers (suitable for kombucha)
  • 5 Ph test strips
  • 2 Tea Filters
  • Two 4 oz bags of kombucha premium tea blend (120 serving)
  • Brewing Instructions


  • Easy to use kit
  • Includes fresh ingredients
  • A complete kit with all essential ingredients to brew your Kombucha
  • Starts to grow baby SCOBY in just 6-7 days
  • Makes delicious Kombucha in 2 weeks
  • Fruits and herbs may be added right before bottling


  • Does not provide clear instructions about the tea and sugar quantities.


3. Kombucha Starter Kit by Bucha Brewers

Kombucha Starter Kit Kombucha SCOBY


  • Includes Kombucha SCOBY
  • Instruction for brewing
  • Does not include Jar

The Bucha Brewers’ bring you this comprehensive Kombucha Starter Kit with everything you need to make a gallon of Kombucha Tea. This kit has been tested by beginners and guarantees excellent results. 

The only thing not included is a brewing jar so you can use any good-quality and clean gallon glass jar in your kitchen to prepare your first brew. Though the instructions provided in the kit are comprehensive, if you need more help or support, do visit Bucha Brewers online.

The Kit includes the following items – 

  • Kombucha SCOBY
  • Starter Tea 
  • 1 Cup Organic Sugar
  • 3 Tbsp Black Tea Blend
  • Cotton Tea Bags
  • 80 pH Strips
  • Adhesive Thermometer
  • 2 Coffee Filters
  • Rubber Band
  • Instructions to make Kombucha

The coffee filters are ideal for covering your glass jar during the fermentation process. They keep away bugs and undesirable bacteria while allowing the mixture to breathe. What’s great about the filters is that they can be reused and recycled as well. 


The kit is easy to follow and makes delicious Kombucha Tea.

  • It includes premium and fresh ingredients.
  • The kit brings you a healthy and active Scoby, packed right before shipment. 
  • The brand does not use dehydrated Scoby. 
  • This brand provides personalized help and advice to customers.


  • We did not find any complaints about this DIY Kombucha Starter Kit. 

Now that you know about the easily available Kombucha Starter Kits in the market, as well as the best Kombucha tea brand, go ahead and order yours today.  

Kombucha tea has been trending for quite a while now. Those who have tried it before are eager to learn the Kombucha brewing process and experimenting with at home. And those who have never tasted it look forward to discovering its many facets. No matter what your tea drinking aspirations may be, Kombucha Tea will prove to be quite a revelation! Add to it its many possible health benefits such as increased energy, improvement in gut health and digestive problems, and you have yourself a go-to beverage that you can enjoy several times in a week or whenever you want from the comforts of your home! 


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    I am an avid coffee drinker who enjoys a couple of cups of tea a day, too. I enjoy green, ginger, mint, and a few others. I don’t prefer sweet drinks (hot or cold) so my tea is “as brewed” though I do put a tad bit of soymilk (unsweetened) in my coffee.

     Do you think one of the other brands might better fit my taste buds?

    1. Hi Diane,

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      Thanks for your great opinion. 

  2. I love Kombucha! It is so healthy and refreshing. My body and energy levels have not been the same since I started my Kombucha journey many years ago. back then, few people knew about it and now it is all the rage.

    Although I am a lover of tea as well, I have never looked into Kombucha tea – until now. Perhaps I did not think that I would get the same benefits as pure Kombucha. But. I was wrong.

    Yogi brand teas are some of my favourites so I will definitely grab myself a box over the weekend.

    Thank you for your excellent information!


    1. Thanks Cassi!

      Being a kombucha lover you know all the benefits that kombucha provides. But preparing your own Kombucha blend at home is really a very big challenge. So, I have tried to be collaborative as much as possible so that new comers also get the points easily for making their own kombucha tea at home. For a good kombucha you can choose Tisane tea brands also. Just remember to follow the steps thoroughly and select the best organic tea brand.


  3. Hi,

    Kombucha tea does seem to be popular here in my town. I have been hearing lot’s of friends and acquaintances mention it this year. So I’m eager to give it a try and see what I’ve been missing out. Of all the ones listed here, I really liked Harney & Sons Kombucha. I liked it’s 100% organic tea blend.

    Thanks for this post.

    1. Thank you Ann. Kombucha is really getting good attention now-a-days. But we need to select the best tea brand for home-made kombucha tea. After an extensive tasting and inquiry session, I have come to the brands i have mentioned in the post. Apart from Harney & Sons, other brands are also good. You can try the brand which you like most. Just be thorough and careful while making your own home-made kombucha. Follow the steps mentioned in the post. 


  4. This is the first time I came across Kombucha Tea. I usually take only green tea a few cups a day. Your article is very detailed and I am attracted to the benefit of improving gut health and the immune system and supportive in conditions like arthritis and cholesterol. The only question I have is, does Kombucha Tea also have effects on weight management? 

    1. Thank you Ethan for your opinion. Kombucha tea has good effects in weight management. Its probiotics provide your gut with healthy bacteria. These bacteria can improve many aspects of health, including digestion, inflammation and even weight loss. Just remember, only drinking kombucha tea can’t reduce your weight, you need to put some physical efforts from your side too. Then its properties will work faster and you’ll shed some pounds. 


  5. Wow! Interesting to read about and generally very great to see here. This kombucha tea that you have rwlaly highlighted and reviewed here are simply awesome and I must say that I ffancy them a lot. Well! For a start, I like the idea of what this tea does and the fact that there are a lot of brands to choose from is great. I like the green tea kombucha own the most

    1. Kombucha tea is really amazing for boosting immunity as well as for great taste and flavor. There are many options. Either you can have ready made kombucha tea which you can drink directly or you can prepare it as per your convenience at home. My suggestion is try to prepare it at your home. Just follow the methods mentioned in the post. The experience you’re going to get will be just amazing.


  6. Thanks for sharing this comprehensive and information filled article about Kombucha tea. First of all it explains the top five picks well. I particularly like Harney & Sons certified Organic Kombucha Rooibos Tea Blend due its organic nature and absolutely no cons attached to it. 

    Most interesting part for me was the methodolgy you have described about brewing Kombucha Tea? The detailed explanation inspired me to try it out myself at home. Then you went on to describe the various tools which is required for brewing tea at home. That comes at the right time and I would have just left it after reading reading the brewing methodology and getting inspired but not finding the right tools. The links for buying the required tools makes it very convenient for anyone to try it at home.

    Thanks once again for bringing up this great article. Do keep writing more on this subject.

    1. Thanks Rohit for your opinion. Being born and brought up in a tea dominated place I got opportunity to experience the different tea varieties and the culture associated with it. In case of this Kombucha Tea post, I have tried to prepare at home and after getting the success, I have come up with this post to Share the preparing method with the best 5 brands. Anyway, just tuned on and you’ll get future updates on this subject.


  7. Thank you for your post. At time of coronavirus, everyone is looking ways to enhance their immunity. I heard about Kombucha tea, but never take time to learn it more.

    Here comes your article, which provides detailed information on the tea. It is amazing that this tea has been consumed for hundreds of years across Asia and Europe . It is rich in probiotics and is helpful in alleviating constipation, improving gut health, and the immune system. This is what I am looking for, since I have problem of constipation and issues with my digestive problem. Further, I would like to enhance my immunity. I am going to try Kombucha tea.

    1. Thanks Anthony for your opinion. It’s really nice to hear that you’re going to try Kombucha. It’s really a good thing for your body and mind.


  8. I do love a good cup of tea, but I had not actually heard of this type of tea… (there are so many to try…)  Definitely looks like making your own has a certain air of achievement rather than buying shop bought.  Did it take you long to perfect the flavour by brewing yourself?  Either way, I am definitely going to give a go.

    thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you John. It’s really a fun and exciting experience brewing kombucha tea by yourself. It takes some time and you need to keep patience. If you have ready-made scoby then it’s good. Otherwise, you need to give some extra times for making the scoby. If you follow the instructions properly, then your kombucha tea will be ready between 2-4 weeks. 

      Cheers Man

  9. I have never heard of Kombucha Tea until I came across your site. I love a good cup of hot tea with Lotus Biscoff Cookies mmmm… It’s so good.

    I come from a family who loves a lot of sugar in their tea so I grew up drinking tea with large amounts of sugar in it. Now, I need to ease up on the sugar and I found it hard to drink certain teas without it.

    I also want to add another tea I can drink in the evening that will help me sleep. So when I read about Harney & Son’s Organic Kombucha Rooibos Tea Blend I wondered about the flavor without sugar. 

    I did notice that you said to slowly add sugar to it and everybody has different taste buds, but is this tea known to be tastefully satisfying without sugar?

    Of course, my best bet is to give this a try. I’ll save this page so I don’t lose it. Thank you for sharing this. I would’ve never known about Kombucha Tea.

    1. Hey thanks for the opinion. If you love tea then you’ll love kombucha too. Why don’t you try it at your home. Just get one good quality ready-made scoby and follow the steps mentioned in the post. The experience of preparing kombucha by yourself will be just exciting and amazing.


  10. This is a very comprehensive article about Kombucha – I have never tried drinking it but your article lets me think about trying this tea, especially as it helps with various health issues. I think you have covered about everything one has to know about either buying the best brand or doing it at home with very precise and easy to understand instructions as well as recommendations about quality equipment. Thanks very much.

    1. Thanks Angelika for your opinion. I’ve tried to cover all aspects of white tea. If something left out then kindly point it out. Try some brands and let me know who you would feel.


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