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There are plenty of beverage options available in the market that helps to lead a healthier life.  One such super beverage that is a rage nowadays is Hibiscus tea that is said to have plenty of health benefits. Before having a walk-through on everything about 14 best hibiscus tea brands, let’s know what is hibiscus tea.

What is hibiscus tea?

It is an herbal tea and the right definition of herbal tea is any tea that is made from plants and herbs and does not include Camellia Sinensis leaves.

Hibiscus is one of the most famous herbal teas that is available in a large number of flavors and blends to suit various taste buds.

The hibiscus tea is created by boiling the parts of hibiscus plant especially the flower. The tea is generally of ruby red color that it acquires from the hibiscus flower. It has a sour taste that is quite similar to cranberry.

The scientific name for it is Hibiscus Sabadariffa and is a popular medicinal beverage all around the globe.  It could be consumed both hot and cold, depending on the taste preferences.  The appreciable fact about this sour tea is that it is caffeine-free and low in calories.

In this article, we will focus on the best brands of hibiscus teas and how it can be used for getting the best results. The key factor about its consumption is that it works best when it is taken in right moderation.

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14 Best hibiscus tea brands

I have reviewed 14 best hibiscus tea brands in this post, which I have tasted personally. Have a look to find pros and cons of each and every product. The ranking of these brands are based on taste, flavor, type of hibiscus tea leaf and buyer’s reviews.

14. Organic Hibiscus Flowers – Cut & Shifted by Feel Goods Organics

organic hibiscus flowers tea

This product is bought by Feel Good Organics and is USDA organic certified. It is imported from Egypt, is raw cut and 100% natural.

Apart from consuming as herbal tea, they are great for adding as flavoring agents to foods like jams, salads, beverages and baked goods. You can also extract the essence of hibiscus leaves and use it in soaps, shampoos and other hair and skin products.

It is one of the best companies to get your organic Hibiscus flowers which also come with money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.

The tea is packed in a high-quality Kraft bag, which has a resealable zip and 5 layer structure with inner foil lining. This helps to keep the tea fresh and store it for a longer period of time.


The packaging is good as it prevents it from light and calyxes.

Great fragrance and the taste is quite tangy and sour.

It can be easily blended with different flavors like ginger, cinnamon or black tea.

If taken regularly with a balanced diet, it works to control blood pressure.

It can be consumed both hot and cold.


ø Some people have complained of bird droppings, seeds or other leaves, twigs, in the packaging. So, it is essential that it is thoroughly cleaned before consumption.

ø The taste is quite bitter and some people may not be very appreciative of it.

The product is all over a good pick and value for money. If you are planning to invest in Hibiscus tea, then this will be not at all a bad option. You should surely give it a try for once.


13. Hibiscus super flower Tea- Natural Hibiscus by the Republic of tea

hibiscus superflower tea

The ruby red Hibiscus flowers can be seen shining through the content of this tea packet. The ingredients of this hibiscus tea consist of Hibiscus (flower), stevia and sweet blackberry.  The taste is just as fruity as it gets.

It is available in five varying flavors coconut Hibiscus, Hibiscus Blueberry, Hibiscus key Lime herbal, Hibiscus pineapple and natural hibiscus tea.  It is super simple to prepare where you just need hot boiling water and add it to a tea bag or fresh leaf and let it steep for 5 minutes.


The color and aroma are super refreshing. It has a rich red color and is full of flavor.

The taste is a bit sweet because of the stevia present in it. You do not need to add any additional sugar or honey.

Helps to control blood pressure.

If you love strong teas, then it is perfect for you.

The sweetness is quite empowering


ø It is expensive compared to other available options.

ø Many people may not like the presence of stevia in this product. As some healthcare units do not recommend stevia more than 2 cups a day.

If you love the tangy flavor of Hibiscus then you will not be very happy buying this tea. For all other people who do not mind the sweetened flavor and love strong teas, they can surely go for it. Another thing is that it is quite expensive, so, be ready to splurge a bit.


12. Organic hibiscus- naturally caffeine free tea by Traditional Medicinal

traditional medicinals hibiscus tea

It is a set of 6 boxes and each contains 16 tea bags making it a total of 96 tea bags. This tea is great for the cardiovascular health, has somewhat tangy flavor and a bright red color.

The ingredients of the tea consist of hibiscus flowers, blackberry leaf and West Indian lemongrass. All the content is 100% organic and matched with pharmacopeia quality standards. It is non-GMO certified.

People would prefer taking it cold rather than hot. When it is taken cold, then the bitterness reduces a bit and it tastes much better.


It helps to control the blood pressure and is one of the best natural techniques to maintain the BP.

The color is a beautiful red and doesn’t taste bad when some sweetener is added to it.

It has a strident and musky taste so if you like such taste in your tea then it will be perfect for you. The addition of blackberry and lemongrass presence may explain the peculiar taste.

Great for medicinal purposes.

Not too expensive


ø Some people may not like the taste of the tea as it is quite bitter.

This tea is great for people who want to buy the tea specifically for medicinal benefits. It is quite effective in controlling the blood pressure and taking care of the cardiovascular health. Though the taste may be a bit offbeat for few people, it is worth a try if your priority is health rather than taste.


11. Tea Hibiscus Flower by Davidson’s tea

davidson's hibiscus tea

The Hibiscus tea flower comes in a big Ziploc packet with 100 unwrapped tagless tea bags. It is caffeine free with a USDA organic certification. It has anti-oxidant properties and is rich in vitamin C with uncompromising health benefits.

It is not a blended tea like others and is 100% of organic Hibiscus flowers. It comes in a number of Hibiscus tea colors and flavors.


The taste is great with a subtle mint flavor or any other, depending on the flavor you have bought.

Packaged well to keep all the tea bags fresh for a long period of time.

It is great value for money.

It is a gentle diuretic, aids in digestion and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Can be consumed hot as well as cold. It is a great alternative to other sugary and unhealthy beverages.


ø If you want a moderately strong tea then will have to brew at least 2-3 tea bags.

ø Some people may not appreciate the loose packaging of the tea bags as it requires a spoon for mixing and adding.

ø The flavor is good when the tea is drunk hot, but it mellows to neutral flavor as it cools down.

It is a worth trying tea if you want a bulk amount of tea bags at affordable pricing. They come in a variety of flavors so, there are several options to choose depending on your taste preference. So, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly option that offers robust choices, then this should be the one to try for.


10.  Organic Hibiscus flower tea by Frontier

organic hibiscus tea

It is the cut and sifted hibiscus flowers in a one pound bulk packaging.  It is fully organic and Kosher certified. The tea gets a cherry red color from the Hibiscus flowers and a tangy sour taste like cranberries.

It is a great herbal medicinal tea that can be used as a flavoring agent or also for decoration purposes, by adding it to pot-pourris or other decorative jars.  The best way to prepare this tea is adding hot boiling water to the flower leaves and let it steep for 5 minutes.


These are Hibiscus flower petals and make a perfect cup of Hibiscus tea.

It can be used for its medicinal properties as it has a high amount of antioxidants.

Great for controlling BP.

A small amount is good enough to make a perfect cup of tea.

The flavor is rich with a perfect balance of sourness and sweetness.

The price is also not too high.

Good quality product.

It is fresh and full-bodied.


ø Some people have complained of stuff that doesn’t look like the Hibiscus leaves.

ø It needs to be cleaned properly for using as it has unwanted stuffs that might be disappointing to many.

All in all this product is a great pick and will be appreciated by people who like to enjoy the natural and strong Hibiscus tea. If you are someone who is looking for a full-bodied Hibiscus tea with no blends or additions and added medicinal advantage, then it is suitable for you.


9. Hibiscus tea by Buddha teas

buddha hibiscus tea

It consists of high amounts of Vitamin C that aids in promoting immunity. It has a perfect balance of tangy and sweet taste that is gluten-free. The packaging is completely free from artificial colors, preservatives or additives.

The one thing appreciable about this packaging is that it is biodegradable and made from 100% recyclable material. It can be consumed as both warm tea and a cold beverage.  It is a dietary supplement so should be brewed with clean and distilled water. In order to prepare this tea, you need to steep it in hot boiling water for at least 3-6 minutes and drink it as directed by the physician.  3 cups a day is good enough for best results.


It is free from caffeine, bleach, preservatives or any other additives.

Regular consumption is great for regulating blood pressure.

It tastes great in both cold and hot forms.

Biodegradable packaging that is a good step towards environmental balance.


ø Some may find the taste not that strong and feel that it is weak compared to others.

ø The packaging sometimes is not that clean, and some packets come out glued together. One will need to take care when pulling out tea bags.

ø It is expensive as compared to other available options.

It is great for people who are looking for a tea that is free from any additives or additional flavors. It helps to control high blood pressure so a great pick for people who are looking for medicinal value in their tea. The price is a bit higher but could be given a try once.


8. Whole Hibiscus Petals  by Frontier

Hibiscus tea is one of the popular teas all over the world that has a number of health benefits. It is prepared by boiling the parts of the Hibiscus plant, especially the flower. This herbal tea has a number of health benefits including the weight loss, speeding up metabolism, decrease cholesterol and manage the high blood pressure.

It is rich in vitamin C thus having anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and help treatment of anxiety and hypertension. The flowers used in this tea are brought from Egypt.

Preparation method:

You can prepare this tea by combining the Hibiscus flowers with some water and boiling it. Let it simmer for 30 minutes on low heat so that the flower extract is infused in the water. Strain the content and let it cool and if needed add some sugar. Add some ice cubes and drink it up.


Certified organic brand

Competitive price

A great alternative for flavoring in foods.


ø The quality is not that great.

ø The flavors variation may be disappointing to some.

It is an average product that has nothing great to offer. You can go for it if you are looking for some change other than that nothing outstanding.


7. Berry Hibiscus by Lipton

blue berry hibiscus tea

Lipton Berry Hibiscus Tea is a delightful herbal blend of pomegranate and blueberry flavor. It is full-bodied, organic and has high anti-oxidant content.

It has no added preservatives and a great tea for people who want to maintain their BP with the help of Hibiscus tea.  It has 20 tea bags weighing 60 g.  The flavor is a bit too tangy, so a little bit of it is good enough to make a perfect cup of strong tea.


The appreciating factor about this tea is it has no additives. Thus people who appreciate the tangy and raw flavor of Hibiscus will love it.

Very effective for maintaining the blood pressure.

The color is very rich and, interestingly it turns from blue to red when poured in to a cup with water.

A little amount is enough to make a strong tasting tea.

The cost is also quite affordable.


ø The taste is quite bitter, so one needs to add some sugar or honey.

A great tea option for people who love the original Hibiscus flavor with natural blending and no preservatives.  If you are into blended teas and do not like your tea infused with any extra extra additives, then it is a must try. The raw and organic taste of Hibiscus can be best tasted in it. Even though it is quite bitter but with lemon or honey, the bitterness can be controlled.


6. Pure Hibiscus Flower Tea by Tealyra

tealyra hibiscus tea

It is a loose leaf tea that is high in vitamin C, good for heart health and a great alternative to an unhealthy sports drink. This whole Egyptian hibiscus tea is said to lower the absorption of carbohydrates and glucose in the body thus aids in weight loss.

It is fully organic and natural, giving a cranberry-like flavor with a ruby red color. It is caffeine free and vitamin-rich. In order to prepare this tea, you need to use 1-1.5tsp of tea per 200 ml of water and steep for 4-5 minutes.  It can be consumed as an iced tea as a perfect summer drink.


The color is impressive ruby red.

It is just the Hibiscus flowers that are quite fresh and not highly processed.

The flavor is purely like Hibiscus that is more or less like cranberry juice.

It helps to keep the BP in check and also controls the cholesterol.

It is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


ø It is an expensive tea, so some people may not really appreciate it.

ø It has a tinge of sweetness to it, so people with a bitter tea taste palette may not like it.

ø It is not a certified organic product.

It is a good product but is quite in a higher price range. If you are looking for a change and would like your tea with some sweet twist, then this will do the trick. For all other purposes,  it has nothing new to offer. For people who love their tea bitter may be a bit disappointed as it has some sweet blends.


5. Steep by Bigelow Rooibos Hibiscus Herbal Tea by Bigelow

steep by bigelow hibiscus tea

This product has been introduced by a 70-year old company inspired by the craft beer movement. They offer the best range of exotic tea and flavors that are not currently available by any other. It is USDA certified, and non-GMO verified and comes in a package of 85% biodegradable material.

It is available in 13 flavors that can be bought as per your taste preferences.  The flavors of Rooibos Hibiscus offered by this tea are blended with beautiful hibiscus with traces of Citrus. A well-steeped cup of this tea provides you a rejuvenating experience. The tea can be kept fresh by foiling it in the unique pouch provided by the company.


It is caffeine free and has an assortment of flavors.

All the teas have a slight hint of lemon and ginger that is quite good.

It is not at all bitter, and even if you steep it for 10 minutes, the tea remains somewhat pleasant to taste.

It helps in congestion caused due to allergies.

A perfect balance of various flavors.


ø The taste may be disappointing to some as it has a number of flavors and some may work and some may not.

ø People do complain of lack of balance with the flavors infused.

If you are looking for some good blended Hibiscus tea options then this can be your pick. In terms of flavors, it will completely depend on the drinker whether he appreciates the blended flavors. Not much can be predicted about the likeness for the flavor so, you need to buy it to check for yourself as people with different taste senses.


4. Hibiscus Peach Tea by Octavia Tea

It is delicately fruity and sweet tea that is flavored with white Hibiscus flower and juicy peach. The tender and soft notes of this tea blend beautifully with Organic rooibos, Organic hibiscus, Organic licorice root, Natural peach flavor, Pure essential oil of orange.  It is a great infusion that makes the whole drinking experience uplifting.

This tea is packed with flavors and uses natural ingredients to provide a balanced flavor without any bitterness. It is aromatic and has high antioxidant content. It can be said to be a drinker’s tea.


Full flavored and a good alternative for blended teas.

It is an affordable tea product.

It is quite a strong tea, so people who love their tea strong will be pleased with the flavors.

The aroma of this tea is earthy and very fragrant.

Makes a refreshing cup of tea.


ø The flavors may or may not suit everyone’s sense of taste.

ø The teabags are not packed individually, so freshness may suffer.

ø It has a strong smoky flavor which may not be appreciated by everyone.

A perfect balance of flavors not overly strong or nor too weak. A great pick for Hibiscus tea connoisseurs who love to try out new tea blends and appreciate the varying flavors.  Not for people who only like pure Hibiscus tea without any blends.


3. Rishi Blueberry Hibiscus tea by Rishi tea

rishi hibiscus tea

The rishi blueberry tea offers a vibrant and refreshingly tart flavored tea that features juicy forest berries.  It is fully organic and provides a pack of 15 tea bags. To prepare this tea, you need to use one sachet of tea and brew it in 8oz of water for at least 5-7 minutes. It comes in a biodegradable packaging with 4 different flavors and varying sizes.

The tea has tartness of the Hibiscus and sweet tones from the succulent blueberries. One can also taste the complex flavors of schizandra berries that are famous as a 5 flavored fruit. It also has a history in East Asia for curing stress and rejuvenating the mind.


It is caffeine free.

The flavors are quite good and provide a perfect balance of Hibiscus tartness and sweetness from the berries.

There is not much to not like about the product.


ø The packaging is quite big as compared to the contents inside.

ø Some may find it overly sweet, thus a disappointment for bitter tea lovers.

A sure shot tea to be bought and tried. It is not a typical Hibiscus tea that is used for medicinal benefits; rather it is something to be relished while drinking. The infusion of berries into the mix makes it even more wonderful. As mentioned before, there is nothing that you may not like about this tea apart from the giant packaging.


2. Hibiscus herbal tea by Immortalitea

hibiscus herbal tea

It is a whole flower loose leaf tea that helps to lower blood pressure, controls cholesterol and aids in weight loss. The tea is rich in antioxidants and the manufacturer claim that it uses the best quality Hibiscus flowers that are grown organically.

The flower processing technique deployed by them helps to keep the minerals and vitamins intact and is better than the cut and sifted version of the Hibiscus tea. Due to the technique used the flavor is rich with deep hints of tart and sweet.

Preparing the tea:

2-3 florets per 8oz of water and bring water to just boiling temperature. Let it steep for 5-10 minutes for a perfect cup of tea.


Great tea for medicinal benefits like controlling BP, checking the cholesterol levels, heart diseases and controlling the weight

They offer whole dried flowers that are not cut and sifted.

Fully organic as the Hibiscus used is not grown with any pesticides or fertilizers.

It is not polluted with any heavy metals or other contaminants.

High in vitamin C and boosts immunity.


ø The packaging may not keep the tea super fresh. If the seal gets broken, then the tea loses all the freshness and flavor.

ø Some people have complained about the freshness quotient of the tea leaves.

This tea is worth trying for the special mention of whole flowers instead of the leaves. It is organic and tastes good and has the maximum amount of antioxidants that offer great health benefits. If you are looking for a tea that helps boost immunity and also has immense medicinal benefits this is a good pick.


1. Hibiscus Rush Herbal Tea Tisane by Vahdam Tea

vahdam hibiscus rush tea

This Hibiscus tea is a combination of Assam black tea, hints of tropical fruits, hibiscus leaves, and Indian spices. The flavor is interesting where you get to have tartness from the Hibiscus, sweetness from the fruits. The color as expected is ruby red that is obtained by the Hibiscus petals and sweetness from Tisane.

It is one of those teas that taste best when taken cold with a good amount of sugar and paired with Middle Eastern cuisine. The tea leaves are picked and instantly packaged within 24-72 hours without involving any middlemen for retaining the freshness quotient.

The tea is vacuum packaged and comes with an extra zip loc which has 2-layered lining inside for extended freshness. Vahdam tea is an Indian brand with a history of 80 years.  They are a recognized brand and have been supplying teas in more than 80 countries around the globe.


If you are a lover of Indian masala tea, then it won’t disappoint you. It smells very much of Indian spices with great flavor and aroma.

They are very fresh for the way it is processed.

Not expensive


ø It is not for the people who do not like masala teas or spice- laden tea flavor.

You can buy the tea if you are looking for some Indian flavoring and you will not be disappointed with it. It is not exactly a medicinal tea, so you need to see if it is having any health benefits or not. Though the packet does not mention anything related to this aspect.

Hibiscus tea steeping notes

Hibiscus tea can be consumed as both hot and cold tea. The steeping process will slightly differ so let us see how you can make your perfect cup of Hibiscus tea.

1. Hot Hibiscus Tea

In order to create this tea you need to have 2 tbsp of dried Hibiscus tea, hot boiling water, sugar or honey and a teapot or infuser or French press, whatever you prefer.

Step 1: Boil water as per the amount of tea you want to prepare.

Step 2: Take the appropriate vessel in which you want to make your tea. Add 2 tbsp of the Hibiscus tea followed by hot water.

Step 3: Cover the lid of the vessel and let it steep for 3-5 minutes. Once done with the help of a strainer strain it in a cup.

If you want a stronger flavor, you can always increase the amount of Hibiscus tea or just make it steep longer. The stronger is the tea, the higher is the antioxidant and flavonoid content. Though there is a slight decrease in the amount of Vitamin C, when using high heat.

Tips: In case you are drinking this tea for the Vitamin C content then drink it as a cold beverage instead of hot. For this, you can use cold water in place of hot and let it steep for at least 2 hours before consuming it. Add some ice cubes to the mix and your perfect summer drink is ready.

hibiscus tea and flower

2. Iced hibiscus-ginger tea

Ingredients: Ginger sliced and peeled, Hibiscus tea bags(as needed) , lemon wedges, sugar and lime juice.

Direction to prepare:

Step 1: In a saucepan add ginger, sugar, and water and bring it to a boil till the sugar dissolves completely. Remove it from heat.

Step 2: Now add Hibiscus tea bags to this mix and let it steep for 15 minutes with a closed lid.

Step 3:  Pour the above mix into a bowl set over the ice water bath and stir in two tablespoons of lemon juice and let it cool.

Step 4: Finally pour it into  a glass of crushed ice and the drink is ready.

Why you should be buying Hibiscus tea?

hibiscus flower

The Hibiscus flower was used in African countries to bring down body temperature, to treat a sore throat and also for treating high blood pressure and cholesterol. Keeping in mind all these health benefits, a good cup of Hibiscus tea can be a boon to many.

Another appreciating quality of this tea is that it can be taken both hot and cold. It is free from caffeine and low in calories thus making it an ideal beverage. The calories are added to the tea only with honey or any added sugar.

The natural taste of Hibiscus is generally tart. It is great for the heart because of a compound called anthocyanins which is also present in berries that impart them their color.

It can be consumed by Diabetics and people with high Blood pressure issues, but, they should be careful of the amount they consume and constantly monitor their sugar and BP levels as Hibiscus tea tends to lower down the BP count. Hibiscus tea is safe when taken in moderation but in case of supplements, the same concept doesn’t apply.

Select and taste anyone from these 14 best hibiscus teas mentioned and reviewed above and let me know your opinion regarding the taste, flavor and quality of that brand.

Important Notes: People who are on some type of medication should also be careful in consuming the Hibiscus tea as it has the potential to influence the medication. Breastfeeding and pregnant woman should avoid drinking Hibiscus tea and always consult their doctor, if they want to consume it.


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    1. Hi Sami! You are right in your directions. We usually add some sweeteners as we feel ugly to taste it plain for its bitterness or some other reasons. Though we add sugar or honey as calories or make it sweet for smooth drink, we should not think that its medicinal value will become zero. Still it has the capacity to provide you something than nothing. Again, we all don’t like to drink it cold or hot. Every individual has their own taste preferences. And you should drink it as per your own taste preferences. First I should love the tea for some reasons whether it is medicinal or mental satisfaction.


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