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You can’t really buy happiness, but you can definitely purchase tea which is pretty much the same thing! Before going to tell you the best Earl Grey Tea brands of the world which I have tasted in real time basis, just have a look at some other aspects of Earl Grey tea.

Drinking a warm cup of tea can fill your mind with positive thoughts. The good news is that there are different types of teas available in the world.

Speaking of different types of teas, the special Earl Grey tea comes to our mind. It is filled with goodness and has several health benefits as well. The aroma of the tea fills your senses, and you reach out for another cup of tea.

Earl Grey tea primarily falls into the category of flavored teas. It has been scented with a number of ingredients such as spices, flowers, oils, fruits, and the list goes on. What goes inside the flavored tea? It varies from one brand to another.

Majority of the tea lovers wish to know more about the Earl Grey tea. What is the history behind it? What are the ingredients used to make this lovely tea? How do you make it? What is the aroma like?

Hold that thought!

I’m going to answer each and every query that you have in your mind. Here is a post which tells you everything you need to know about the soothing and delicious Earl Grey tea.

Earl Grey Tea History

Who invented the Earl Grey tea? There is no mystery behind it! It became popular after the English started to publicise it.

However, it was not created by the English. The roots of flavored and scented teas are in China. The Chinese tea experts or masters used to experiment a lot with different types of flavors. They would try different ways to make the tea taste exotic and unique. This was to attract the attention of the emperors, but they had a bigger goal in mind. They also wanted to draw the attention of the trade merchants.

The Chinese used bitter oranges, jasmine flowers, Lychee fruit and different fragrances to enhance the flavor and scent of the tea and wanted the beverage to be unique.

They were successful in doing so, and as per historians, it was a Chinese mandarin tea master, who blended the first ever Earl Grey tea. It was supposed to be a present for the great Charles Grey, who was the Prime Minister of UK from the year 1830 to 1834.

The story is that the servant of the 2nd Earl Grey saved the life of the son of this Chinese man from drowning and so, as a gesture or a gift, he invented the Earl Grey tea. As per the Grey family, the master had used bergamot to enhance the flavor of the tea.

If you look closely at the history of Earl Grey tea, you would realize that Lady Grey loved this variant of tea so much that she asked the tea makers in London to recreate the same. That’s exactly how it became so popular in London, and the English popularized it.

The Ingredients

best earl grey tea
Earl Grey Tea Blended With Rose Petals and Bergamot Oil

Once the tea has been processed, the tea makers blend it with different flavors such as herbs, spices, and flowers. Some of the makers may spray or coat the finished tea with the essential oils, extracts or other flavoring agents. Different tea makers use different ingredients to blend the finished tea.

Earl Grey can be best defined as a black tea which is flavored with herbs, spices or flowers. The type of tea which is used can vary. Manufacturers may make it with Indian, African or Ceylon black tea.

Majority of the manufacturers use oil of bergamot. It depends on the manufacturer whether they use synthetic or natural bergamot. Synthetic bergamot is much famous as compared to natural one because it adds the flavor and kicks that one needs in Earl Grey tea. The taste is consistent, and it does not really have so much citrus.

There is no specific way of making this popular tea because each and every manufacturer makes their version. You would notice the difference once you start buying different brands.

How to drink Earl Grey Tea?

When you step into a store which specializes in different types of teas, you can ask them about how to prepare it. If he gives you a clueless look, then you can just follow the steps that I have mentioned for you!

Do note that it is essential to buy best Earl Grey tea brand. Not every manufacturer would blend it perfectly. It may take time for you to stick to one brand because you may want to taste different flavors of Earl Greys.

Here are some tips just for you

  • You must not use tape water to make this tea. Always use spring water or fresh, pure and filtered water. We advise you to use spring water for the best flavor.
  • Use loose tea leaves instead of using tea bags. The flavours really come about when you use loose tea leaves.
  • You must steep the tea in hot water for at least 3 minutes.
  • 1 tsp of tea leaves is enough for a cup of tea. This is the British way of drinking Earl Grey. The British like to add lemon and sugar.
  • How do the Americans like it? Well, they use milk and sugar. However, it dulls the tea and does not bring out the authentic flavors of Earl Grey. Why don’t you drink it the British way?
  • Water should be heated to 208° F If you are not too fussy about the temperature, it should be below boiling point. Never use pre-boiled water to make this tea.
  • If you do not have a electric kettle to prepare the tea then use normal saucepan, just turn off the flame before the water reaches boiling point. This is easy!

Taste, flavor and aroma profile

Let us quickly go to the characteristics of Earl Grey tea. It has a beautiful citrus aroma which is light and it fills your senses with warmth. Did you know that Earl Grey is the second most popular tea in the world? I think, now you know about it!

It is an ideal breakfast drink and you can pair it up with some muffins and cakes. You can even try it with cookies and chocolates. It goes perfectly with sweet goodies. The British tea gives out the aroma of lemon and since most of the manufacturers use herbs, flowers and spices, you would get hint of sweet-smelling ingredients.

The Americans like the tea with milk and sugar but the British drink it the original way which is with lemon and sugar. Milk should not be added but some people may try different variations as per their taste preferences.

Caffeine Content

Majority of the people are concerned about the caffeine content in the Earl Grey tea. Do you really wish to know that? The weight-watchers and individuals who are suffering from a severe health condition, want to understand this and we have an answer for you!

The caffeine content in Earl Grey Tea is same as any regular cup of black tea. Do note that out of coffee and tea, the former has the highest content of caffeine. Green tea has the more amount of caffeine and Earl Grey Tea would have about 14 to 30 mg of caffeine. Does that answer your question?

Why do you need to choose best Earl Grey tea?

You would be pleased to know that Earl Grey is excellent for your health! How? Let us find out!

  • It helps in boosting your energy. A cup of Earl Grey tea helps to rejuvenate your body and feel active throughout the day. Since the tea contains safe quantity of caffeine, it does not harm your body. This tea helps you to keep your body hydrated.
  • Bid farewell to constipation because Earl Grey tea helps to relieve constipation and other digestion problems.
  • Earl Grey has an antioxidant named, ‘catechin’. It can help you to fight the oral infections which mean it is the right tea for your dental health.
  • It helps in protecting your heart from the unwanted cholesterol. It will bring down the level of bad cholesterol in your body so that you can lead a healthy life!
  • Studies show that Earl Grey tea can aid in weight loss. It sounds like a miracle, right? Drink two cups of this tea but you would need to do some physical exercises as well. The tea is rich in anti-oxidants and does not contain too many calories. The citrus extract helps to burn the fat stored in the body.
  • Looks like you have got cold! No? The next time you sneeze, cough or have a blocked nose, you can drink a warm cup of Earl Grey tea. It helps to fight cold!
  • If your mind is full of stress, you need a cup of Earl Grey! It will ease your muscles and your head would feel calm. The bergamot helps in aroma-therapy and soothes the mind and body. It cannot do much for your heart and for that, you may need a friend or we are always there to hear you out! (Winks!)

5 best Earl Grey tea brands of the world

In order to make your search for finest quality earl grey teas convenient and easy I have prepared this list of 5 finest Earl Grey tea brands (loose-leaf), have a look.

  1. Tealyra Cream Earl Grey Tea

best earl grey tea

If you are really looking for good taste and refreshing aroma then Tealyra Cream Earl Grey tea is the final answer. You’ll never disappoint with this tea brand as I’m addicted to it too. This tea really provides smooth and exceptionally delicate taste with floral notes and a creamy indulgent like French Vanilla. This classic tea blend is prepared by using top quality organic Ceylon black tea leaves, cornflowers, bergamot oil and natural flavor.

A cup of this Earl Grey tea in the afternoon helps you to vaporize your tensions of the day and makes you feel refreshed and energetic for the night to come.

Tealyra has rich experience of tea blending and they use best quality organic teas as base tea in their tea blends.

If you really love tea then your tea journey without Tealyra Cream Earl Grey tea is incomplete. So, don’t forget to add this best Earl Grey tea brand in your shopping cart.

Product Highlights
  • The base tea of this brand is organically high grown Ceylon loose leaf black tea
  • Blended with natural ingredients- cornflower and bergamot oil
  • Full-bodied loose leaf tea
  • No artificial added flavor
  • Good packaging
  • Forgettable product price

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  1. Vahdam Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea

best earl grey tea

If you love iced tea and want to prepare and taste Earl Grey iced tea then you can choose Vahdam Earl Grey Citrus Black tea as it offers flavorful iced tea experience. Or, you can have it as plain hot tea. The choice is yours.

It provides smooth and delicate taste which is citrusy flavor. It is one of the finest Earl Grey tea brands of the world where finest quality Indian Black tea is used as base tea and naturally extracted bergamot oil is used as flavoring additive.

It’s a whole day tea brand and you can drink it as breakfast tea or afternoon tea or you can have it anytime of the day. It’ll definitely boost your energy, refresh your mind and make you feel relax throughout the day. It is the best blended tea brand for preparing iced tea for your summer days.

Vahdam Teas is the first vertically integrated tea brand of the world and it delivers its product to the customers of 76 countries of the world. All the tea brands of Vahdam Teas are fair-trade certified and USDA organic certified.

Product Highlights
  • Finest quality Indian Black tea as base tea
  • Naturally extracted bergamot oil imported from Italy
  • Garden fresh tea
  • Ethical and Fair-Trade certified brand
  • Proper packaging which keeps tea leaves fresh for long time
  • 100% money back guarantee if you really don’t like this tea
  • Reasonable product price

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  1. Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey Leaf Tea

best earl grey tea

This is another finest Earl Grey tea brand from world renowned tea merchant ‘Taylors of Harrogate’.  Taylors of Harrogate has a rich experience of 130 years in tea blending and making. If you miss this tea in your tea journey then your journey for flavor and aroma will never be completed.

Finest quality Chinese loose leaf black tea is blended with naturally extracted oil of bergamot to make this best quality Earl Grey tea. All the characteristics of Earl Grey are incorporated with this brand. It offers smooth taste and very pleasant and distinct flavor with citrusy notes which are beyond your imaginations.

It’s a whole day tea brand and you can drink it anytime of the day. Its refreshing aroma will definitely transform your mind and make you feel happy and energetic.

Product Highlights
  • A tea blend of finest quality Chinese black tea and bergamot oil
  • Full-bodied loose leaf tea
  • Blended and packaged in England
  • Packaged in finest quality reusable tin
  • Cheap price

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  1. Harney & Sons Earl Grey Imperial Tea

best earl grey tea

The Harney & Sons is the first tea merchant who really understands the background of Earl Grey tea invention and its journey to Royal Palace of England.

They have that experience and exposure and still today they are providing finest quality Earl Grey tea to tea lovers of the world. The taste, flavor and aroma of their Earl Grey Imperial tea are distinctive as it was during that Royal tea journey period.

Earl Grey Imperial tea is a tea blend of finest black loose leaf tea, oolong tea and naturally extracted bergamot oil. It’s a medium bodied tea with all other original tea components like antioxidants and caffeine.

It’ll really fulfill your wishes for which you are drinking tea whether it is for mind refreshment or weight loss or just for the sake of good flavor and aroma.

Product Highlights
  • A blend of finest black tea, oolong tea and natural bergamot oil
  • Refreshing citrusy flavor
  • Medium bodied caffeinated loose leaf tea
  • Best quality packaging in reusable tin
  • Blended and packaged in England
  • The package contains 16 sachets
  • Very competitive price

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  1. Numi Organic Aged Earl Grey Tea

best earl grey tea

Are you really looking for the best Earl Grey tea brand which is USDA certified organic? Then choose Numi Organic Aged Earl Grey tea brand. Except Numi, most of the world renowned tea companies are failed in providing organic certified Earl Grey tea to the tea lovers of the world. Apart from this, another most appealing feature is it is a hand-picked full-bodied loose leaf tea brand.

This tea brand is blended with finest Assam black tea and naturally extracted oil of bergamot fruit which is directly sourced from Italy.

Numi ages finest Assam black teas with real Italian bergamot fruit for some weeks and this method helps the tea to absorb the orange scent from Bergamot fruits. Thus, this tea provides robust cup of Earl Grey tea with natural citrusy subtle flavor.

It’s the finest quality Earl Grey tea brand which really helps you to refresh your body, mind and soul for the moments to come.

Numi Organic is a world renowned tea merchant and all the tea products of Numi are certified by USDA organic, Fair-trade certified, Non-GMO project verified, Carbon free, Vegan, Gluten-free, Halal and Kosher.

Product Highlights
  • A blend of finest Assam black tea and bergamot fruit
  • USDA certified organic, Fair-trade certified and Non-GMO project verified product
  • Full-bodied loose leaf black tea
  • Packaged in recyclable and biodegradable material which is sustainable to keep the tea fresh for long time
  • Competitive price

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Words from the wise

I hope that this post was helpful for you! If you liked it then show us some love by liking it and sharing it with your friends and family members. Earl Grey tea has multiple benefits and it smells and tastes great.

If you are a tea aficionado, then you must give it a try. There are so many teas in the world and sticking to just one variant may seem like a boring thing to do. Add some flavor to your life and drink Earl Grey tea!

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