Like Lao Tzu, we may also call “Tea is the elixir of life”.

TeaOCity is a blog for best tea reviews and tea related information.

TeaOCity talks about tea varieties, best tea products, the taste and aroma profile, tea recipes, tea ceremonies, the tea culture and the behavior pattern and ultimately the general health benefits of tea.

One mother plant “Camellia Sinensis” and so many varieties, what a strange thing it is.  And, the culture and behavior associated with this are undoubtedly most strangest. It varies country wise.

Looking from the time of Shannong Dynasty down to the lane of present day it’s really amazing. It’s a mind blowing experience going through the facts, figures and stories related to tea.

We at TeaOCity think that tea is the ultimate bond in our society which makes a relationship much stronger whether it’s personal, social or business, it does not matter.

That’s why we at TeaOCity always try to provide all the inside stories of tea, facts and figures and make you knowledgeable so that you can choose the best teas and tea accessories wisely.

TeaOCity is managed by Himbru, a tea connoisseur in mind and heart.

Something personal about Himbru

He was born and brought up in Assam, (one State of India) one of the largest tea producing regions of the world. So one strong relationship with the evergreen tree ‘Camellia Sinensis’ has been grown up from his childhood days. This long time association with tea has made him one passionate tea lover, tea learner, tea tester, tea traveler and finally the tea blogger.

So, you are in the right place for more information about tea. Just go ahead and explore the tea world.

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