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White Tea

White Tea

White tea or Baicha is the least processed out of all the tea varieties. It is made from young unopened buds and tender leaves of Camellia Sinensis tree. It contains more antioxidants than other tea varieties and has more caffeine content than other teas. Depending upon the technique of production and geographical location of the producing region, white tea further divided into many types.

  1. Silver Needle White Tea
  2. White Peony Tea
  3. Moonlight White Tea
  4. Shou Mei Tea
  5. White Matcha Tea

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green tea

Green Tea

Green tea is the less oxidized version of black tea and the processing style of this tea is also almost same with white tea. It’s the most popular tea of the world. The main reason for this popularity is its health benefits. Antioxidant component of green tea is almost same with white tea and it contains more caffeine than Oolong, Pu erh and Black tea.

Like White tea, it has many varieties based on processing style and geographical and climatic condition of the producing region.

  1. Gunpowder Green Tea
  2. Matcha Green Tea
  3. Loose Leaf Green Tea
  4. Longjing Green Tea
  5. Sencha Green Tea
  6. Genmaicha
  7. Chun Mee Green Tea

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Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea. It falls in-between Green tea and Black tea. Unopened buds along with three or four leaves are hand-picked for making Oolong tea. Its other name is Wulong. It contains less amount of antioxidants and caffeine than white and green tea and more than black and Pu erh tea.

Taste, flavor and aroma of Oolong tea are really great in comparison to other traditional tea varieties. Oolong tea is said to have more weight loss properties than other tea brands. Oolong tea has different varieties. Some important varieties are

  1. Da Hong Pao or Big Red Robe
  2. Iron Buddha
  3. Ali Shan
  4. High Mountain oolong

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Black Tea

Black Tea

Black tea is fully fermented and stronger in flavor than the other tea types like white and green tea. The level of antioxidant in this type of tea is almost zero because of full fermentation. The most popular types of teas in the Western tea culture like sun tea, sweet tea, iced tea or other blended teas are typically made using black tea as base tea. Even the famous English breakfast tea, Irish Breakfast tea and Earl Grey tea are made from the premium quality black teas produced in Assam, Kenya, China and Sri Lanka. Like other teas Black tea has many varieties. Some of its important varieties are

  1. Congou or Fujian Black Tea
  2. Lapsang Souchong
  3. Keemun Black Tea
  4. Assam Black Tea
  5. Darjeeling Black Tea
  6. Ceylon Tea
  7. Kenyan Tea
  8. Rize Tea

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pu erh tea cake

Pu erh Tea

Pu erh or Pu’er tea is a special kind of tea produced from large-leaf variety of Camellia Sinensis plants that grown in Yunnan Province, China. This is the only tea variety which improves in taste and flavor along with age like finest quality wine. So, sometimes, it’s also called as aged tea or living tea. More aged means more in-depth taste and distinct flavor.

Important varieties of Pu erh tea are

  1. Pu-erh tea cake – raw / unfermented pu’er tea
  2. Ripe/ fermented Pu’er tea

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flavored tea

Blended/ Flavored Tea

Blending tea is a 400 years old tradition. It started first in the Fujian Province of China. Flavored or Blended teas are those teas which  have additional flavors added externally in natural or artificial ways. Tea Blending is a process to produce one final product with well-balanced flavor by combining various teas and herbs. Here are some world famous blended/ flavored teas for you.

  1. Earl Grey Tea
  2. Japanese Genmaicha Tea
  3. Irish Breakfast Tea
  4. English Breakfast tea
  5. English Afternoon Tea
  6. Russian Caravan Tea
  7. Kombucha Tea
  8. John Daly (cocktail)
  9. Prince of Wales tea blend
  10. Vietnamese lotus tea

Herbal tea

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea is not produced from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis trees. Herbal Tea is a beverage made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water. Find below the most popular Herbal Tea brands of the World.

  1. Chamomile Tea
  2. Hibiscus Tea
  3. Peppermint Tea
  4. Ginger Tea
  5. Echinacea Tea
  6. Rooibos Tea
  7. Sage Tea
  8. Lemon Balm Tea
  9. Rose Hip Tea
  10. Passionflower Tea